Living 9 euro dream

As the sun sets on 2003 it’s never been easier to fly direct from Scotland’s doorstep to some of the finest destinations in Europe. We bring you the inside story on the hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Words: Anna Millar


At last the shopper‘s dream. complete with a metropolis of designer brands. is easily accessible from Scotland‘s fair shores. A quadrilateral of streets make tip the designer core and a good starting point is San Babila Metro station. the home of emporia such as l)&G. Diesel and Mitt Mitt. Don‘t miss the Via Monte Napoleone with its concentration of couture labels. Gucci. Versacc and Armani are all present and correct. but truly inspirational is Dior. Valentino. liendi. Iceberg and all those name-tags usually coveted in glossies.


More than simply the dope capital. Amsterdam is rife with cultural and architectural gems. Zeedijk. in the very heart of the city. boasts a real Buddhist temple. (‘heck ottt the roof tiles and characteristic ornaments flown in especially from China. Alternatively. architecturally. as the (‘ity of Water. bridges play a large part in the Amsterdam experience. with the city notching tip no fewer than 1.281 trestles. Since the l7th century a maze of canals has divided downtown Amsterdam into ()0 islands. Look out for the Skinny Bridge a pictttrcsque wooden drawbridgc built across the river Amstel in M70.


France‘s beautiful capital may be synonomous with glamour and style. bttt the flea markets on offer are among the most famous in the world. And their diversity is beautifully mirrored by the surrounding environs. with many located at the ancient gates of the city (porte de Vanves or Saint-()uen). Top tip: check out the Puces de Clignancourt market on the Rue des lintrepots (Sat-Mon from 7am—7.3()pm).

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As the bilingual capital of Belgium. this cosmopolitan city is rife with international llair. (‘harminglyx nothing seems to ltave a cohesive formation baroque churches unreservedly crop tip next to art nouveau department stores. and medieval street patterns are callously interrupted by boulevards introduced during the l‘)th century drive for ‘modernisation'. liven the Grand Place (accommodating the magnificently gothic Hotel de Ville) is as celebrated for its complexity of structure as it is for its sheer exuberance.


Generally referred to as Beauty on Water. this city is built upon l4 islands. Surrounded by Lake Malaren. and by the Baltic Sea. the city is a mixture of the aged and the modernist. (‘omely narrow lanes and charming modern broad streets provide an attractiveness rarely found elsewhere in liurope. Top tip: visit the archipelago by steamboat. or head in the other direction to Lake Malaren. Alternatively. take one of the canal boats and experience Stockholm from under the bridges.


Don’t miss the Palmengarten. a trust established by the citizens of l’rankfurt in l868. Situated over 50 acres. the gardens showcase numerous beautiful plants throughout the year. Housing a Tropicarium. which has one of the largest complexes of greenhouses. the plants showcased include orchids. bromelias. palms. ferns. and many others. arranged largely according to their natural habitats such as rain forest. mangrove. mountain rain forest. monsoon and trade- wind forest. savannah. thorn forest and different types of vegetation. In addition. there are an array of concerts. evening festivals and exhibitions throughout the year.

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