As enchanting a name as it is a holiday location. this beautiful town boasts attractive architecture and tree-lined streets. Two Pony lixpress stations. at sod house museum. and a lake located in the north part of the town are considered the attraction highlights. while sand volleyball. swimming and non-motor boating are major attractions at Lake Helen in the warmer months. Top tip: true romantics should head for a carriage ride in lihmen Park.


listablished in 1876. the Oslo Museum of Applied Art hosts Norwegian and international applied art. fashion and design from the sixth to the 2()th century and is the perfect place to while away a few hours. In between capturing some cultural fare. sampling the Norwegian food is a must. which follows the northern liuropean hearty template of red meat. fish. mild herbs and spices. A keen sense of tradition means you can enjoy a bit of real Scandinavian culture. Reindeer has to be sampled: a subtle. succulent cut usually dished up with a berry sauce.


As if it weren‘t sufficient that Barca play host to some of the best bars in liurope. it also showcases an impressive harbour. a beach. an olympic stadium. a wide array of fashion emporiums built to make you purr like the proverbial kitten. and a truly wonderful array of galleries and museums. liven if you‘re too busy tippling for anything too culturally taxing. make sure you spare the time to visit (iaudi's Sagrada Familia. With eight spires soaring to a height of 100m. and a spectacular main facade. it is a true architectural masterpiece. Take the lift up one of the towers for some breathtaking views of the city. Also check out the (iaudi Museum inside the temple which illustrates the fascinating life of (iaudi himself. Top tip: don‘t order a coke on La Ramblas unless you fancy having to re-mortgage your house. Stick

with the booze. it‘s cheaper.

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2003 was rife with best-selling books, fictional and non- ficuonaL showcasing Scotland at its very best. To celebrate this literary kudos, The List recommends Robin Noble’s prose as the perfect reading for 2004.

Arare gem

if you want a place to start bettering your understanding of Scotland's beautiful Highlands. yOu've found it wrth this rare gem. Robin Noble writes With the unmistakable zest of a man who has lived in and studied the Scottish landscape for the last 30 years. The book is well packaged and innovative. and he casts his enwronmental expertise over the wilderness of the west. focussing on anoient ruins buried deep within the bracken. undiscovered ice pools and rocky hillocks perfect for a Sunset tipple.

Wilderness novices can benefit from Noble's direction on the best vantage points from which to check out golden eagles. seals. spring flowers and forgotten burial grounds.

Not so much a guide as a reminder to venture beyond the familiar and experience Scotland's grislier. comely routes. A passionate. accessible read. Highly recommended.

(Anna Millarl

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