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VI saw you last titne in the Scotia. being blonde and beautiful. You said I was a bonny loon. but a ken yer the bonniest loon of em aw. Happy New Year! [7485/I

VI saw you (iolden blond girl with the sweet lips and lots of freckles at Starbucks Sauchiehall St. I asked what titne you were closing....would love to hear from you....merry xmas x [,7485/2

VI sawyou .\'lil.l.! .\'ell (iwynne? Yes. you! At Disco X~ I-‘actor ( I3/l 2)... not only were you most delectable lady there by far. btit I was also astounded to note that you had the most anachronistically kewl retro- natne. too! You ruch And you said I smelt wonderful! Thank you so much! I only wish I'd had the energy to chat to you further. you inlinitely wonderous woman. you! [7485/3

VI saw you ('ara on the beach in Barcelona! You helped tne get home. (iet in touch so I can pay you back. Forever in your debt. Rory [7/485/4

VI saw you That 'I'eamy wears no pants. I thinks he gets very cold. so I sent an army of big ants to save his massive xxxx [.7485/5

VI saw you sleeping in the Sub. Makes a change from your usual light [lashing ;) linjoy your lirst Period on the I7th! l)irty (iirl! [7485/6

VI saw you outside Watt Brothers. (ilasgow on 2(i/l l/77. you were all dressed in maroon and kinda cheesy. I miss your dreamy dirty kisses. [7485/7 VI saw you Very 'I'iny. Totally Ilot. black hair & bright smile working at MusicWorks. Nordoll Robins liyent Ill/ll) [7485/8

VI saw you jiyin' Jehoy‘ah with your ladies legs. you l‘lap liend at the Monkey. See you in l'enicular railway"?! [7485/9

VI sawyou Janet .\' in Brel on l3/I 2/03. Iinjoyed our glass of wine?! Jamie. [,'/485/l()

VI saw you eating pix/a. dinner in (‘olorado next time'.’ [7/485/l l

VI saw you Hi Suzanne. met u at the Placebo gig 25th Aug (‘orn lixchange. Maybe the van blew tip. but u changed my year. It would be great it I heard from you again. [7/485/l2


108 THE LIST fir-22 Jan 12004

tel: 08702 430 935. - WWW.SPEEDDATER.CO.UK

VI saw you Scotland and it was loye on the lirst sight. .\'ow I would like to settle down in (ilasgow/Iidinburgh. Who can help tne (native (ierman) to lind a job there'.’ [7/485/l 3

VI saw you on our work night out. Peter. You were Very. yery drunk. Snigger. Louise. VI saw you diamond gee/er. in the 13th Note. sitting at the bar. wearing a blue t-shirt & denims. Me: red hair and pink top. Our eyes met & you smiled. [7485/l4

VI saw you walking into the ladies bathroom at the (il’l' on 'I'hursday. Maybe next [true I can join you‘.’ [7485/I 5

VI saw you in Brel. You borrowed my pen and didn't bring it back. I think your name was .\'eil and you were wearing specs and a red jumper. (‘all tne please. [7485/Io

VI saw you woll'man - what a shambles? Keep your ears peeled for the clink ol' the chains! [7/485/17

VI saw you last night at the pichers you were seeing Finding Nemo. [7485/18

VI saw you Derek l'rom chocolate shop! Your eyelashes tell the you want me? Let the know. [7485/I‘)

VI sawyou in my linglish lecture t2.’\) at (ilasgow ['niyersity. You're the bloke with the sideburns and the dark- ritnmed glasses and l'tn too shy to talk to you? [7485/20

VI saw you looking all sexy at your first Pressure and you know I do. \K. [7485/2l

VI saw you w hen you worked in the ('ul I)e Sac. A year since we met I still lancy yotl. [7485/22

VI saw you Derek l‘rom chocolate shop. I w ant your socks hig style. Yeah so you think you're straight - yeah? Whateyer? [7485/23

VI saw you you had on that flamingo suit. Ijust loye what you did with the leathers. [7485/24

VI saw you koogie. Kano n bear! But no suf How come'.’ (iet your act 2gether girls - why no more I’t'iday nite boogin'.’ [7485/25

VI saw you Jamie Mcl) at Brel on 6/] 2/03. “as nice to catch up with you ...I still like you?! [7485/26

VI saw you (0 ()ptimo losing ur pill cherry? Hope you had fun while widow! [7485/27


VI saw you Santa drinking happy hour Miller at the ('ity (are. [7/485/28

VI saw you Becca jiying at the Rydell IIigh disco. I'm going to miss you stlgat‘ptlll. You rock my socks oil! I’.\' [7485/29

VI saw you Bex. all sparkly art student. Broody men in Doctors: 27/] HO} - wanna see my chicken legs'.".’ [7/485/30 VI saw you sexy Warren behind the bar at HI I. I loye to watch you shake your booty, love your ever laithl'ul shimmie xx [7/485/3l

VI saw you my wee pal Stu at the computer lab in Napier. Thanks for the (' and R. your loying wile. Satn x [7/485/32 VI saw you IIuntress. I see you all the time and hate to hide my feelings. (‘an't we tell everyone what happened that night‘.’ l)x.\'.\ [7485/33

VI saw you wee Mikey at IiIIl eating banol‘li pie. You were sitting on my coat but I don't mind. See you at Snatch for a slow dance??? [7485/34 VI saw you at the Tray Mr Mc('unel You were on the right side of the bar for once! Happy Birthday. love the bar girls (and (‘hrisfl [7485/35

VI saw you in the Tray. You were filth. Your name is Katie. I love you. [7485/36

VI saw you at the Traverse Jean and Delores. don't you loye ('hris' new names for the bar girls here'.’ Love Moira x [7485/37

VI saw your sexy mono brow at the 'I'rayerse. I know you from the past. Sam. ('all me... [7485/38

VI saw you and you saw me. ('ally sample rooms. Sat ()[Il I)ec. Me: dark haired clubber boy. propping up the bar. you: blonde haired clubber girl. propping up your sleepy pals. Make the sleepy. [7485/3‘)

VI saw you ginger slag? Stop le/xing oil with my llatmate? Love you! Beard}? Xx [7485/40 VI saw you Lucy. well that is your 'I'.\'. name. in the 'I'rayerse bar. I am looking forward to the new series ol‘ Jeopardy... I see you're old enough to drink. [7485/4l

VI saw you Laura Y at the Roxburgh afternoon disco. I've been wanting to tell you how I feel for ages. but couldn't lind the words. . love always. Richie xxx [7485/42

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