Sophisticated comedian about town Miles Jupp hopes civilised sport will be truly appreciated in 2004

i think that this will be the year that cricket really takes off in Scotland. At least I hope so. Otherwise the loneliness will continue.

Scottish Ensemble

f/ie / is? mouse be more than happy to see Beck, Richard Ashcroft, Kings of Leon and. most of all. Outkast hit the north. and of course we would be delighted t the White Stripes could make tip for the i no she‘s: last year. Well. you can aways dream . .

But more pressing =s a yisit ‘rom Lambchop. who reiease two albums on the same day before making a trip to i (ilf‘iXiittt‘ ’2va Mar: to explain it all to LlES. while Kraftwerk play their frst Il‘.’(3 f3i‘.()‘.'.’ ;n Scot and for years to Man. Keep an eye oat too for Metallica, Shellac and the Mars Volta. who will


keep the side up for real duality rock music ill the face of stiff competition. \i‘t/ithout a centrepiece like the Ring Cycle last year. the 900". international lestiyal is determined to bring in a yaried selection of international i‘ames. ihe proyisional l:st includes performances by Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, Leopold Hager and Herbert Blomstedt. Also on a classical front the Scottish Ensemble have confirmed the world



premiere of a cello concerto commissioned from young Scottish composer Stuart McRae. which comes around in lebruary.

Jarvis Cocker's been quiet since the demise of Pulp. releasing the Relaxed Muscle album under the pseudonym Darren Spooner. Expect a proper solo record from him towards the end of the year. but done. as always. in his own inimitable style.

Albums Wise. at least two long players from the Coral. the return of Air, Janet Jackson and the diffuse ramblings of Courtney Love will get an amng. But word has it. as rock'n'roll as her persona is. Love’s solo debut Will be downright poppy in comparison with her better outings With Hole. Others With albums in the pipeline include PJ Harvey, ldlewild, Faithless and U2 iall eariy summer). Live dates are bound to follow for at least scrne of these acts. Keep a heady one out for the return of Chicago's finest sons Tortoise. whose

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timer? 12.7%"

Performance poet Jem Rolls shares his politically fantastical hopes and dreams for the coming year

President Chomsky's inaugural address to announce initial 90% cuts in the US military, and outline anti-trust laws forcing all multinationals to similarly downsize. Blair to become his poodle.’

new album is due in March. and their

appearance at All iomorrox-r's Parties alongside Mogwai, Sonic Youth and Steve Malkmus. lhe likelihood is they'll all pay us a Visit on the way to Camber Sands.

But what about iii Al pop music Gimmicks? (.‘iimmicks. hear you cry? Well. what about a BL sted spin off band? Yes McFly are the S Club Juniors of the punk pop world. lo add insult to injury. the Beddingfield famin have another of then progeny to force on us. Daniel's wee sister Natasha is set to make her debut release early in 9004. Oh. and expect Charlie from Busted to be either iill()'.'.il‘. out or pushed only to go and become the new Robbie Williams. But not as (:lOying or smug.

it 2)? Jan 2003. THE LIST 19