Warm up for the Olympics,

the EUEFA Cup, Six Nations rugby and . . . the World Indoor Tug-o-War Championships

Words: Maureen Ellis

003 provided a rollercoaster of

ernotion for Scotland's Tartan

Army -- the frantic iubrlation elicited by Faddy's wonder strike turning SOtlr six times over in Holland and so it is With optimism and regret that we must embrace the potential of Euro 2004 H2 Jun—fr Juli. Sixteen of Europe's best footballing nations descend on Portugal for three weeks of top-flight action. England are the only home country to be involved. playing their first game in Lisbon against France on 13 June. The Algarve is likely to be crawling with football colours. so best make this a televrsual feast rather than a live one.

European interest persists in domestic realms with Celtic transferring to the UEFA Cup. taking on Czech side ’leplice l26 Febl. Can talisman Larsson finish his Hoops career on native soil in the final in Gothenburg in May? For those of a Premiership i‘)ersuasron. the Champions League draws to a close in Germany on 26 May. Finally. our domestic cups are deCided in March iCIS Cup. 14 Man and May lScottish Cup, 22 Mayi at Harnpden Park.

On a global footbal stage. Scotland's qualifying campaign for World Cup 2006 begins in earnest on A September iopponents include Italy. Norway and Slovenia). while Scotland's women must make a good away showing against Ukraine ilO Apri and at their adopted Almondvale home against Germany i2 Mayi. Portugal 23 Mayi and Czech Republic (:3 Sepi if they're to make the finals of the Women’s European Championship in 2005.

The rugby and American football calendars continue in much the same vein as prevrous years. Don't expect a romantic enc0unter as Scotland's Six Nations rugby campaign begins against

20 THE LIST 8 22 Jan 2003.

Scottish Rocks

Wales on Valentines Day. llie (:‘él'y'WCfC-S are at it again in April and May. fine on', difference to this year's Nl l campaign being the unknown guantrties ol' Barcelona replacements Cologne.

As ‘.'.’lllt last year. Scott'sh Rocks '31. the flag for our basketbai- hopes. this time taking on Sheffield Sharks ". tne BBL Cup Final in Birmingham l‘ Jan l"‘-:: World Mountain Bike Championships return to l on \"ylilliani ‘cr '.".-:2- is. y'reekend in Jane. '.'.’ll?l() Clasgc'.'.”s Kenn“ llall hosts the World Indoor Tug-o-War Championships. 19 22 l elusag.

'lhe DHFIIClleil‘. ESp >r'tirtg calendar :5; similarly full to bursting: peoge your trainer leatner tor the eg..aliy causes supported by t"e Women’s 10k iii} Mayi and the Great Scottish Run :5) Sepr in Clasg< oi l dinbtiign‘s Marathon its Juni. Great Scottish Walk '20 Jun and Capital City Challenge l6) Sep..

Prince Andrev.’ is croissned captain of

\/ ti“.

the Royal and Ancient Col" Club to" its 2o0th anniversary in the year that the Open Championship returns to Scotland at the Royal lioon (‘ro'f Course iii) 18 Juli. And. finally. athletic royalty turns out in force for the 2004 Olympic Games. held in its birthplace of (‘rreece (13 9E) Augi.

Slam Events’ Crae Caldwell and Soma Records’ Jim Hutchison on the odd activities they have planned for 2004

We're simple men. with exotic tastes. So for 2004 we’re retreating to our picturesque lunar space laboratory. from where we‘ll continue to broadcast our legendary Magnetic North show. A bevy of nubile lovelies will keep us in beer and puzzles for the year, as we feel a revival in puzzles is long overdue.

Plastic surgeons, pickpockets and prostitutes head up the small screen this year. Words: Brian Donaldson

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‘.'.e'li co'ne b; ck to tne real so.iice :>‘ that reterence in a paragraph or two. bat the quote can st.ii be applied to Vic and Rob Mort 'ner‘. llayng ;e-::"'iir‘g I. been <:c"tent to '.'a"ib iét"lll|£t.'

r sly ga"‘e snows and daft iii-(is ghostly t:r'i"‘.e re.ny'en'.io'\.s. they "ye final'y gone out on another ll‘rll()'.’£lil‘.(‘: lent: reai ta'ne srtcom er‘tztied Catterick.

\.‘."I".icn may "take you think of a cross

. ‘.'.’!ill an new. six part.

bet .'.'een a racecourse and an eye disease. lither BBCS is dread to introduce a ne'.'.' set ot' characters fro": their 'ninds St)"‘.(}ll"l(} ll‘. the spring. '.'."lili C()"ll(2 help co'ning tro'n Matt I ucas. l\/loi‘.'.re'ir‘.a Banks. Mark Catiss. Julie l l."i.’allace and Reece Shears'nith.

All told. it 'nay be a quieter year in the cornedy ‘.'.'or'ld ‘.'."lll‘. Rack, (3eryats concentrating on '.'.’lllllitl kids books and ‘.‘.’().'l«|llt,l on a new lV 'idea' but the great Sean 1 ock and Benedict \‘y’ong return '.'.’lill a second series o* 15 Storeys High lliliCii. l ebI and lll"i()lllS a'sc aboand of new Channel .1 shoy'.'s fr‘o'n comic gods Peter Kay and Chris Morris.

British dra'na bad a small renaissance last year though the key to success appears to haye been lost as there‘s no l){t‘.l(l l/lorrissey to be seen .r‘ any of these: England Expects zliliC‘i. l eb has Stenen lvlackintosh playing a regalar laniiiy "tan ‘.'.’lt(> lliltlS Na/i and blaines all lliS '.'.'oes on asyitun seekers: Making Waves fScottish. Mai- stars Alex "lerr'ible lrexor' l er'ns as a Royal Nay“, C()l'l'll£lll(l()l in an eyeryda, story of nautical folk: Hustle rlilSCl. Mari features Robert Vaughn. Adrian l ester and Marc \"y’arien in an eyeryday story of con artists let loose on the streets of l ondon: and Sex Traffic 'Channer -'-. ()ct. takes on the ‘.'.'oi‘ld of enforced global prostitution It's ‘.'.i’llll(?lt by Abi Morgan. ill."i(}(l ll‘ Rornania and stars the ever splendid John Si'rir‘i.


list when the 'best of lists are knocked

.4: ‘c' an, ghee year. the r\"l~(}l'lC£tllS do .'.el an the (llél"‘:£i stakes. lhis years new Stateside offerings incitioe Las Vegas Sky One. Mar a stylish series about a".ellance team at a s‘.'.'anky hotel and staring the legendary James Caan. Rig bucks naye been lay-isiieo on Angels in America Channel -1. Apr the televised adaptation of ion, Knshner's cl; ssic Stls All)S piay. thought the,

'.'.itl‘. Ai Pacino i‘iust when you were out . . Meryl Sheep and l 'nrna lhoinpsor‘ beading a sensational cast. And Nip/Tuck :Sky One. l en; Channel .1. Jul apparently ‘.'l‘:;tl Six lee?

Unoe' did for under‘takers. But it's unlikely

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that anything ‘.'.'!ll 'natch the excitement surrounding the filth and penultimate series of The Sopranos il--1. Julx Will lony and Car'nela kiss and make up? Can the erratic Paulre Stl.’\.l‘.'(‘: the season? is rat Adriana going to get iti'nbied’? Does Silyio finally perfect his Pacino irnperschation’a‘ And will Ceorgie ever ‘.'.()ll< out the Bada Bing! phone system? No year ~.'.'ill e\.(3r be co'nplete ‘.'.'llll()lll some reality nonsense with the seat explanatory Fit Farm Channe 3-. Mari. Bollywood Star l Il‘annei .1. Jo'i. and Big Brother iChannel 3-. Jul all leading the lnere '.‘.'lll also be a aft of sho'.'.'s about iconic cultural figures; (loctiinenta'ies on Churchill rScottrsn. Mar and Charlotte Church Channel .1. Mar and drama about the young Hawking 'BBCQ. Aprl are the pick of that bunch. But there's one big guest‘on “tar”, ‘.'.’lli be asking: how ‘.'.I.ll a idiences react to naying their ilX of 24 broken up n. anyeits now that Jack Bauer and co liaye been nabbed by Sky ()ne’.‘ lt "ray be the

longest hour of their iiyes