Carl Cox, Roni Size, Jeff Mills, Tiésto and . . . Chas’n’Dave or is that Cockney Rhyming slang? Words: Henry Northmore


la": l‘ixei‘ts will. as usual. be

leading the with some of tie

most exciting nights in (‘i‘asglouzz Pressure promises line tips that :r‘clude Carl Craig. Derrick Carter. Yotiset'. Richard Villalobos. Plu'np DJs. DJ Sneak and Jeff Mills over tne next few months. There“ be some old taxourites. as well as some of the best up and coming talent around. and they assure us that no one is going to be pinned (i()‘.'.'.". to one particular genre. Even b'np obs(‘:ssed Detroit techno king Jeff Mills ‘27 leb has dug out some old hens:- and funk to bend seamless into hrs techno set. And. of course. the, be hosting the Slam Tent at this year's T in the Park. probably the best dance tent at any iC‘Sil‘.’le :t‘ the UK. And .f the line up is anyx-rhere near as good as last year's. they'll blow the roof off.

Staying at the the Arches. perhaps the biggest name is Tiésto as Inside Out lll‘.'liC [)J F/i’t’iga/ine's poil ‘.'.’|llll(3l' back tor a night under the bridges (it Jan». And Colours kick off their first night of 9003.. 7 Febrtiar‘,c with one of the biggest DJs ill Carl Cox land a oar" licensei. The Sub Club continues its new lease of life at Jamaica Street: some of the big

the world

names planned for flagship night Subculture include Ralph l a‘.'.’son's 20:20 Vision SOLll‘iClSySiCl'i 1.1 l chi and l abric's Craig Richards i2i' Man. Meanwhile. Obti'no keeps it real in. the world of the surreal.

If it's drum & bass ou're after though. LiveVEvil keep the flag flying ll‘ Clasgo‘.'.i with the Matrix '0 l oh and l ox, 8. liik -:’> Man But the big news for the (filasgo'.'.r scene is that Manga are starting a 'nonthly residency at the Sub. Back in their home tor/n of l dinburgh things are

still gOing strong ‘.‘.’lill their eighth birthday

kicking off with Doc Scott at the Honeycomb i755 Jani. the.“ expect Roni

Musician and comedian Sandy Nelson offers his optimistic predictions for the coming year.

UK and US properly implicated for arming Saddam. Frank McAveety to show the same courtesy to Scottish populist arts as he did MTV. The M77's $500,000,000 spent on a better public transport system. !

Size, London Elektricity a ‘.(l MC Tali all going live throughout the yeai.

The Honeycomb .aunches a 'breaks. beats and beyond' night ‘.' the .ikes of l’hit llartnoll ‘()»'i)li£l". Plti'np DJs. Stanto". \.'.’arriors and Adam F "(3t)'£l"-(l. l‘he Bongo Club m;ght na'.'e a be: right C()"ll.'lg .i‘to ef‘ect to compleoier‘t its already solid steel roster. .'.'t"i 100% Dynamite brhging their reggae to the capital on a sev'ii regular b; s s. The Venue it be gosng strong .'.'itl‘ Optimo Lookng at a t)t>r"";iri-::-".t night ar‘d l '-::-d ‘l emon .lefi.‘ DCEEKL" hr vigii‘g Impotent Fury back for one nigl‘t ot' iiisanit‘, some 2‘1 January. Nuklear Puppy at ' go are also k(}(}l)ll‘tl hard dance strong in 21113-1 with Mauro Picotto and l esto bong ;ust two of tne names pertczlled

The Liquid Room l‘ax'e s<:"te a'na/ing guests lined up. John Digweed ,ioiiis Colours ii" March and there are exe" "uniou's o‘ Richie Harte and Dayc- Clarke l.'.'(} "7lX iig thugs up at the "ouse haven. Keeping it housey. Layo & Bushwacka! are gonna drop i)‘, at Progression and Deep Dist "1;th exe" beco'ne thetr t'.'.’lti(} year", residents. Low Gravity are concentrating on 'i‘.e guests -such as Rai‘don‘ l actor. Miss K tten and Krattg. Kut/ . '.'.'illl(} Evol are l". talks 22th l-rol Alkan. But haze to end on a high.

note it looks like Snatch haxe ‘iitalln, secured the sen. ices of Chas’n’Dave. Roll out that barrel indeed.

Jeff Mills


Brace yourself for the finest fancy-ticklers Bill Bailey, Tommy Tiernan, Dara O’Briain and Daniel Kitson. Words: Maureen Ellis

ll those '.'.ihose memories of 80s

vnzisic extend past Cro sch

tops and trelcio sateen skirts ‘.'/Ill find a comic saviour in Gary Le Strange ' lhe lron. Glasgow. 19 Man. Jostling with l Eight of the Conchords for the title it ‘cult hit of last year's l'ringe. \."./aen Shepherd's new roinantic pastiche '.'.ias as well ot)ser‘.'ed as it was well attended. And so he transports his Polaro'd Suitcase o‘ bertect not) parodies to Glasgow ainizng to do for e'ectropoo what the Darkness have done to pseudo glans rock. loying al‘ect'oi‘atei; ‘.'.'it"i the peacocked <i()"‘(}£t"();."f3 of Can, Nun‘an. Duran

Duran. Spandati liallet ; i‘d tne ilk. this

‘t-titxi'eticailg, oinn sexual being' encapsuiates the "EtiC‘,()l‘. days of the

80s n.‘ore astuteiy than leg'.'./ai'iners.

l :ttle surprise. then. that it earned Le Str’a";ie the Demo Neu'xcoii‘er Award. A clutc" cf ‘eiiox; nominees tor the main gong a'sc be back l‘ tox'ri‘. ll‘: 200:1. Reginald D Hunter l){t"i(}‘,'8 on the subject of '\.'\.""..te \"Jo'hen' at the Stand triii‘burgn. end J; in and the lron (‘iiasgolzz 18 Mar , ‘.'.'llll(} sole British nominee Howard Read and his 'n‘ini "ie'. t ittle 'i loya'a'd gtiest at the Vault i(,‘i?asgo.'.; ‘0 Ma" . 200’} ‘.‘.’tl‘.ll(}l' Daniel Kitson nakes 't {1(l()tll)l(2'.'.’lill appearances at the Stand 'end Jam and the Cotter Clasgo'.'.'. 1.1 Mayi. while tornier Ne\.'.'coiner manner and professional controversy courier Scott Capurro returns to niake more shocks/axes Stand. ldnburgh. February i.

Reso'utely coined) competition free. the t;(3(2()t‘(t Glasgow International

Comedy Festival is set to throw up as many gems as in its inaugural instalment. Taking place from 17 March-3 April. it promises to run the gamut of comedy from Shakespeare to Sadowitx. Already confirmed are masterful lrish storyteller Tommy Tiernan iCottier. t & 2 Apr). the lady With a lot of love to give. Tina C (the Tron. 20 Man. Live Floor Show host Dara O’Briain (Stand. Mari. Pub Landlord of olde Al Murray iCarling Academy. 20 Mar; and a quadruple Scottish lineup of Craig Hill. Des Clarke. Frankie 80er and Reverend Obadiah iCottier. 27 Man.

Meanwhile. Glasgow's newest comedy venue. the Vault. continues to cement its roots in the Southside with Visits from big-haired humorist Andy Zaltzman i6 8. 7 Febi. surreal genius lan Cognito t t3 8. M Febi and Canadian charmer Tony Law 412 & 113 Man. Similarly. Big Word Performance Poetry Just keeps getting bigger and more verbose With ViSliS from New York slam king Taylor-Mali. new-formalist Canadian Adeena Karasick and Vancouver poet Bill Bisset. Regular meetings of the chaotic cabaret resume fortnightly in Edinburgh at the Tron mid- Januanr. nvith monthly outings to the Vault in Sliav-rlai'ids.

Stand- tio's answer to the Duracell bunny. Adam Bloom. Will head a cast of comedians in a gala spectacle at the Assembly Rooms Edinburgh. 27 Apr). Elfin beauty Lucy Porter and Phil Jupitus-aiike Andre Vincent will also stand up on the George Street stage to be cOunted. And finally. Bill Bailey iPaVilion. Glasgow. 9 Juli is on the lookout for more biliy goats gruff as he heads out on a national tour with his 2003 festival show. Part Troll. Can the B/ack Books star make it two years in a row as the proud owner of the funniest gag of the year?

Tommy Tiernan

3% 7? Jan 21113-1 THE LIST 21