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A Concert for George (PG) 00. (David Leland. L'K/L'S. 2003) Eric (‘lapton. Ringo Starr. Tom Petty. Patil McCartney. Ravi Shankar and friends. 104mm. Moving tribute concert to (ieorge Harrison. And doesn't (icorge's son look like hitn‘.’ ()deott ll'ester Ilailes. Edinburgh. Edinburgh.

The Cremaster Cycle: Part Five ( 15) .0”. (Matthew Barney. L'SA. 1997) l'rsula Andress. Matthew Barney. Joanne Rha. Norman Mailer. Susan Rha. Amy (‘hiang And so it begins (the wrong way around naturally ); American artist Matthew Barney‘s films have taketi a long time to come to Scotland. but if you like your cinema served with a slice of madness and lashings of avant garde stylisation then this is for you. These films are based around a certain testicular muscle (hence the title) and in the course of these films it becomes quite clear that it is the particular muscle that helped produce little baby Bjork. Like it really matters. but just for the record ('remaster 5 is a tragic love story set in 19th ('cntury Budapest on a campin operatic set. Truly bonkers but unforgettable. Selected release. The Cremaster Cycle: Part Three (15) 0... (Matthew Barney. LS. 2002) Richard Serra. Matthew Barney. Aimee Mullins. Paul Brady. Terry (iillespic. l79min. This is the key film in this divinely mad series of installation films: part gangster film. part Zombie pic. ('remaster .i’ explains as much as it hides. A masterpiece of a kind. (TA. Glasgow.

The Cremaster Cycle: Part No (15) 0... (Matthew Barney. l'SA. I999) Norman Mailer. Matthew Barney. Anonymous. Lauren Pine. 79min. ('remaster 2 is a gothic western that somehow links murderer (iary (iilniore and writer Norman Mailer. If you care. these films are actually all about the creation of America and its many historic rencgades and characters. Selected release. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (12)”...(Ang'hina/l'S. 2000) Michelle Yeoh. ('how Vun-l’at. [hang Ziyi. (‘hang (‘hen. l20min. Jane Austen meets Bruce Lee in Aug Sense And Sensibility Lee's astonishing martial arts period drama. In a fictionalised version of early l9th century (’hina. a world of heroic warriors and deep philosophical values. Lee seamlessly interweaves the stories of two sets of lovers. and a revenge tale with a feminist twist. The light scenes are groundbreaking. as choreographed by expert Yuen \Vo Ping. At once breathtaking and beautiful. ('roia‘liing 'li'ger‘s also a cinematic landmark: its fusion of the best elements from liast and West cinema has created something wholly new. ('ameo. lidinlnoglz. The Cuckoo (Kukushka) ( 12A)

0.. (Aleksandr Rogo/hkin. Rtissia. 2003) .-\nni-(‘hristina Juuso. Ville Haapasalo. Viktor Bychkov, Aleksei Kashnikov. Mikhail Korobochkin. l00min. Veikko (Haapasalo). a young l‘innish sniper. is on the run from the invading Rtissian forces in WW2. He eventually holes up at the farm of a resourceful Lapp woman Anni (Jusso). who is running a virtual free love commune for other soldiers on the run. (ientle chamber piece which pays a warm tribute to the values. rituals and traditions of Lapp culture. Glasgow l’ilm 'I‘lteatre. Glasgow; ('ameo. Ifdinlnirg/i.

Divine Intervention ( 15) O...

(lilia Suleiman. l‘rance/Slorocco/(iermany/ Palestine. 2003) Like many a recent film concerning late 20th century ethnic skirmishes. this movie made by the acclaimed director of (‘lironiele ofa Disap/u'amm‘e looks at the lsraeli/ Palestinian conflict and plays tip the absurd over the politically po-faced. A Palestinian (Suleiman) living in Jerusalem is in love with a beautiful young woman (Khader) from Ramallah. Btit their relationship is fraught with as much external tension as internal desire. Willi his understandably melancholy disposition. Suleiman's character is unaware that the best you can do is absorb the absurdity. feel a bit of humanity and try to keep the mind and soul intact. It's this that makes the film especially interesting. lidinlnojg/i I’llm Guild. lz'dinlnogli.

Doctor Who and the Daleks (PU) ((iordon l-‘lemyng. L'K. I965) Peter (‘ushing. Bernard (‘ribbins. Ray Brooks. Andrew Keir. Roberta 'I'ovey. 8lmin. Dr Who and his companions arrive on liarth in the year 2150 AI). only to discover that the planet has been invaded and its population enslaved by Daleks. The time travellers join the human resistance to stop the Daleks' plan to mine the Earth‘s core. Classic. if fairly ropey. big screen franchise of Terry Nation's brilliant creation. Thankfully Nation shared the script-writing duties so there are just enough ‘liX'l‘liRMlNA’l'lil's to see you through the flabby bits . . . ((14. Glasgow.

Donnie Darko (15) 0000 (Richard Kelly. (S. 2002) Jake (iy'llenhaal. Drew Barrymore. Patrick Swayze. 1 13min. Kelly‘s debut feature is a mesmerising science fiction fable that pushes the concept of cinematic time travel into a whole new dimension. Its somnambulant teenage protagonist scetns to slip into a parallel universe. where a giant demonic rabbit called Prank proclaims that the world will end in 28 days. 6 hours. 42 minutes and 12 seconds. Set in 1988. this genre-bending film is not only an intriguing meditation on time travel and a deeply disturbing horror movie. it is also a John Hughes-style coming-of-age movie and a black comic satire on Reaganite greed. individualism and ('bristian fundamentalism. Selected release. Down With Love ( 12A) 000

(Peyton Reed. IS. 2003) Renee Zellweger. liwan McGregor. Sarah Paulson. David Hyde Pierce. l0lmin. Very likeable pastiche on the old Doris Day/Rock Hudson romantic comedies. Barbara .\'ovak (Zellweger) has written a book that instructs all women to give up on love and treat men the satne way they treat women. (‘atcher Block (McGregor) is a supercool star journalist who wants to get the real story on .\'ovak. bill he gets a whole lot more than he bargained for. This is not half as clever as Haynes' Far From Heaven btit it does look a treat and contains a few nice iii—jokes. Things move along at a fair clip as well. which is always a good thing. Above all. though. the art. set and production designers deserve every award going. ()deon ll'ester llailes. lidinlnogli. Ifdin/mrg/i.

Dracula: Pages From a Virgin’s Diary ( l2) “0” (Guy Maddin. ('anada. 2002) \Vei-Qiang Zhang. Tara Birtwhistle. Dave Moroni. ('indy Marie Small. Johnny A Wright. 75min. (iuy Madden is ('anada‘s best kept cinematic secret. and since I986 he has been producing a body of tilmic work with his brilliant producer (ireg Klymkiw. His best known works blur the line between fairytale storytelling. camp commentary and performance art. He is to cinema what (‘indy Sherman is to photography; his films are difficult to source but well worth searching out. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that this movie is getting a half decent distribution. Madden has basically taken Mark (iodden's Royal Winnipeg Ballet production of the Dracula myth and given it a thorough cinematic listing. The result is remarkable. dreamlike and altogether entrancing. Selected release. The Elephant Man ( )5) (David Lynch. (S. 1980) John Hurt. Anthony Hopkins. Anne Bancroft. l25min. Moving story of real-life Victorian freak John Merrick. brilliantly played by Hurt under a grotesque make—up job. and his appalling mistreatment by society before he finally received the medical attention he deserved. Fascinating period detail and rich monochrome cinematography make this a real treat from a slightly unexpected filmmaker. Iz‘dinlmrgli I'ilm Guild. Ifdinlmrg/i.

Elf (PG) 0.. (Jon l‘avreau. l'S. 2003) Will lierrell. James ('aan. lidward Asner. 96min. Buddy (bench) is a big lilf who. though accepted in his lilvish community in the North Pole. manages to wreak havoc on a daily basis. l’ed up and confused by his charge. Papa lilf (Bob New-hart) sends him to the (S in search of his true identity. Hilarious and puerile Yuletide comedy from the star of Swingers. General release. Eternity and a Day (PG) 0000

(Theo Angelopoulos. (irccce. I998) Bruno