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Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet

( l5) .... (Victor lirice. Werner ller/og. Jim Jarmusch. ls'aige (‘hen. Aki Kaurismaki. Spike Lee. Wiin Wenders. (iermany. 2002) 02min. Seven brilliant short films made by seven legendary filmmakers including Spike Lee. Wirn Wenders and Aki Kaurismaki. All for the price of one. Bargain. (inner), lat/inhurgli. The Last Samurai ( IS) .00

(lidward [\vick. l‘SA. 2003) Ken Watanabe. 'l‘oin (’ruise. William Atherton. ('had Lindberg. Ray (iodshall Sr. 150mm. Nineteenth century Japan. one fearless samurai who is still loyal to his w eak- vvilled. vulnerable emperor. Katsumoto (Watanabe) rebels against the ruling bureaucrats who then seek military aid from America. llelp arrives in the form of (‘ivil War veteran ('aptain Nathan Algren (('ruise). Algren is ultimately charged with bringing the renegade Katsuntoto to justice. Btit Algren. a bitter. cynical drunk since serving with (ieneral ('uster in his inglorious campaign to estinguish the Native American. finds he has more respect for the honourable samurai than the

w esternised way that previously sickened him in America. Hugely overweight rites of passage epic which has clearly been cobbled together as a vehicle for the (‘ruiseterz Director [wick keeps things very watchable. however. if a little simplistic. Fans of the wee man should approve but you may find yourself thinking that maybe Richard ('hamberlain did a slightly better job in Shogun. See review. (ieneru/ release. 0 Tokyo Story ( t ') ooooo (Yasuiiro ()ltl. Japan. 1053) (’hishu Ryu. ('hieko lligashiyama. Setsuko llara. llaruko Sugimura. So Yamamura. Kuniko Miyake. lioinin. lilderly couple Shukishi (Ryu) and 'l'oini (lligashiyama) leave their provincial home to visit their two married children in post-war 'l’okyo. 'l‘heir offspring. however. are too busy with their lives to look after them properly and send them to a noisy spa

resort. Realising they are a burden. mother and father return home. with only their widowed datighter-in-law Noriko (llara) having shown them any real compassion. Then an unexpected bereavement reunites the disparate family members. ()lu's brilliant seminal meditation on age and the generation gap was always one of cinema's post war masterpieces; here in its new reissued cleaned up form it is breathtaking. If you haven't seen this before then miss at your peril. See review. Seleeletl release. Touching the Void ( IS) .0000 (Kevin Macdonald. (‘anada. 2003) Nicholas Aaron. Brendan Mackey. Simon Yates. Joe Simpson. l0omin. Brilliant cliff—hanging

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34 THE LIST 8 9? .Jan 200-:

reconstruction feature documentary of the terrible events that overtook mountaineers Joe Simpson and Simon Yates when they tried to climb a Peruvian mountain in I985. Macdonald pulls every trick out of the bag to make this as heart—churningly scary as a real climb in blizzard conditions. it is. as they say". quite a ride. (ienem/ release. The Travelling Players ( 18) 00.00 (Theo Angelopoulos. (ireece. l‘)75) 230mm. A true masterpiece by the winner of the 1998 (’annes Palme D'()r. As a troupe of travelling players move all over (ireece. the political backdrop changes from the outbreak of World War Two to the election of Papagos in 1052. l-ilm/muve. Izilirt/iiujeli.

Triggermen ( IS) 0 (John Bradshaw. ('anada/l'S. 2002) Neil Morrissey'. Adrian Dunbar. Pete Postlethwaite. Michael Rapaport. Donnie Wahlberg. ()(ittlill. lixcreable fish-out-of- water comedy thriller in which two small time eons from the {K get mixed up in mob business in New York (‘ity. About as enjoyable as gruel. ('(i(' Rerifi'ew .Slreet. Glasgow. Glasgow: ('(}(' ('inenrux Iz'diii/mrr'li. lit/inhmjr’li.

The Trouble With Girls (PG) 00.

(Peter 'l’ewksbury. (SA. 1060) lilvis Presley.

Marlyn Mason. Nicole Jaffe. Sheree North. lidward Andrews. John ('arradine. 105mm. Presley pot boiler from the end of his movie career. Not half as bad as some of his other movies. this involves Presley as the manager of a travelling tent show who has to work out whodiddit when a murder takes place aniongt his minions. Who cares. the way he moves his hips down to his fingertips you could tell the King was heaven bound. (i/(Ivemv I'i/m 'I'lieulre. (i/us‘cmv.

Mist ( (8) (Jacob ’l‘ierneyf. ('anada. 2003) Joshua (‘lose. Nick Stahl. (iary liarmer. James (iilpin. Josh llolliday. Mike l.obel. Max Mc(‘abe. l'pdated. very dark take on Dickens‘ Oliver Twist. The film brings the messed tip psychotic character of Dodge (the Artful Dodger in Dickens' original). to the fore. A big hit at the 'l'oronto l-‘ilm Festival. the film has been described as 'gutwrenching'. You have been warned. Seli'elerl releuve.

Ulysses’ Gaze (t’( i) .00. (Then Angeloupoulos. (ireece/l-‘rance. 1995) Harvey Keitel. Maia Morgenstern. lirland Josephson. 180mm. Keitel plays an American filmmaker who goes to (ireeee in search of an early piece of undeveloped film. llis journey echoes the llomeric odyssey of l‘lysses but also moves Us deeper into the troubled heart of the Balkans. Angeloupoulos is a genuine master. and this ambitions film shows remarkable formal accomplishment and emotional power. The presence of Keitel and a script substantially in linglish should open him tip to a wider audience. Se/eeieil I‘l'll'UAU.

Cruise finally gets to hang out with the little people in The Last Samurai

Voyage to Cythera ( 18) (Then Angelopoulos. (ireece/t 'K/(ierrnany/ltaly. 198-1). Art and life merge as only they can in an Angelopoulos movie. as a director follows an actor to Piraeus. Here the filmmaker is due to meet his father. a resistance fighter returning home to (ireece after 32 years in Rtissia. film/muse. Izili'n/m/(e/i.

Wilbur (Wants to Kill Himself) ( t5) 0... (Lone Scherfig. Denmark/l'K. 2002) Jamie Sives. Adrian Rawlins. Shirley Henderson. l.isa McKinlay. Mads Mikkelsen. Julia Davis. llltnin. 'l‘wo orphaned brothers. Wilbur (Jamie Sives) and Harbour (Adrian Rawlings). run a musty old bookshop inherited from their father. Single mum Alice (Henderson) walks into the shop one night and interrupts Wilbtir"s rather ham-listed attempt to hang himself. Subsequently. the mother and her young daughter move in and come to form something like a family unit with the boys. For a time they‘re a haPl’)‘ enough unit: Alice and Harbour fall in love and Wilbur stops trying to top himself. Btit yet more tragedy awaits the oddball family. Tender. touching and funny. this beautifully-observed film plays like a feel-good melodrama that contemplates death and despair. 'l‘he laughs aren't always of the out loud variety. but the off-killer dialogue tickles throughout. l’till marks to former Dogme filmmakers Scherfig (Italian for Beginners) and Anders Thomas Jensen (.ilifime) for crossing the geographical divide with this. their first linglish language film. ('(‘A. Glasgow.

The Wizard of Oz (Sing-A-Long) (P(i) 0... (Victor l-‘leming. (S. 1939) Judy (iarland. lirank Morgan. Ray Bolger. Bert l.ahr. Jack llaley. Margaret llamilton. 'l’oto. l02min. 'l'his hoary old (‘hristmas classic gets the dreaded singa-longa treatment. hence the fact we have not given it a five star rating. Why ruin a good thing'.’ Melt. witch. melt. (i/uvumi‘ l-i/m 'I'lieuire. (i/us eon:

Young Adam ( 18) 0... (David Mackenzie. (K. 2003) liwan Mc(ircgor. limily Mortimer. Tilda Swinton. Peter Mullan. 03min. Macken/ie remains loyal to the dark. existentialist spirit of Alexander 'l'rocchi's l‘)5-1 novel about Joe. at nihilistic drifter Who seems only to find connection with the world through slea/y sexual encounters. Shot in seedy green and grey litres. the lilm opens on the (‘lyde where Joe (.\lc(iregor) is working on a barge owned by lilla (Swinton) and her husband (Mullan). The men are in the process of dragging a corpse of a young woman from the water. an act done with particttlar care by Joe. thus hinting at his complicity in her demise. A flawless and coherent adaptation of a dark and disturbing tale and a work of haunting beauty. ('(’I Iii/inlmrju/i. Izili'nlmrgli.