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Re: Hot 100

I was really impressed with The List's Hot 100 article. There were loads of people in there who I never would have expected. but were truly deserved. espeCially Chris Paterson who rocks Scottish rugby. However. there were also a couple of disappOinting omiSSions.

Firstly. Catherine Lockerbie. director of Edinburgh's incredible and ever-expanding Book Festival. Although some might say that this year she has not developed the festival as much as in preVious years. it still has the most amazing variety of events and authors on every imaginable topic. In addition to this. it also has excellent provisions for families. disabled peOple and the elderly. which is something not many festival venues can boast.

Secondly. where is Don Paterson? He is one of the most prolific and acceSSible of Scotland's poets has won numerous prizes for his previ0us collections and brought out the excellent Landing Light earlier this year.

It’s a tapestry of IUSIICG . . . Leah Carr Edinburgh


Re: Hot 100

Loved the Hot 100. Funny. entertaining, plausible. and generally a very good overView of the people who are making things happen in Scotland today. But I've got a couple of major iSSLies With the list. First. why no artists in the top five? It's been one of the best ever years for Scottish art on the ii’iternational scene. espeCially With the successful showmg at the Venice Biennale. And second. why on earth did you leave Simon Starling off the list? Of the three artists showing at the Biennale. his protect was the

most successful: and to top that.

he had a series of shows elsewhere in the world. If there's one artist who is leading the way

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for Scottish art at the moment. it's Simon. How the hell did y0u forget him?

Katie Robbins



Re: Hot 100

Much as I applaud your Hot 100 (especially Fi Buchanan!) there was a notable error in my opinion in that you missed out Glasgow's most consistently excmng retailer. Gordon Wagstaff at Dr Jives. When magazines from London talk ab0ut how brilliant his shop is and how he has set fashion trends rather than followed them it seems a shame that he doesn't get the respect that he desenies locally. Next time perhaps??

Laura Jerome



Firstly. fair play for your attempt to acknowledge the work of those you deemed to be creative. As the article says. it is very difficult to compare the variety of entertainment and art in terms of their creatiwty.

However. I must take exception to y0ur IIICIUSIOH of Rangers football manager. Alex McLeish. and to a lesser extent Frankie Poullain. the bassist from the Darkness. I w0uId be interested to know what 'creatiVity' McLeish has shown in the last year. His achievements are certainly not creative ones.

My own View on Poullain is that he is there by virtue of being in a band With more hype than a new Beckham haircut and who are deemed to be ‘different'. Woohoo. Playing the same chords on a bass guitar most nights wearing a bandana makes you the second most creative Scot?!

ObViously one can be creative in a great number of ways and there are many venue managers eg at Heriot Watt Student Union who are among the most creative and hard working peOple I know. Indeed. if you want to give praise for genuine

creatiVity then your list should be rammed full of nursery and primary teachers who have to be inspirational and creative day in day Out.

Graeme Easton (BigDave)

via email


Re: Hot 100

It gets better and better every issue the hot 100 is great and will definitely cause some controversy. which is no bad thing. I also like the presentation of films to watch out for it seems more substantial.

Paul Sweeney


NEO IS JESUS Re: Matrix Revolutions We have just been to see Matrix number three and w0uld like to add Our own analysis to y0ur already very prescient review:

Jesus Christ it's Neo! The Matrix Revolutions reveals what the former two episodes of the


and breaks scene.

of only white. straight. middle class people.

Oh. and another thing as a woman it's really tedious and disappointing to see the only women on the stage there to look pretty and hold a trophy! Come on man. if this is the future of Scottish hip hop then we're fucked. Meggan Jameson Glasgow

I love hip hop 8 am well chuffed that we finally seem to be getting some progression in Scotland in the hip hop. MCing

So you can imagine my disappointment at hearing bigoted views coming from Jinx of Scotland Yard at the last MC battle at SOLiI Biscwts. It’s interesting that Jinx felt it was all right to call people in the crowd 'faggots'. When one of my pals pulled him up he stated that he thought “sodomy was a sin'. Would he have been mouthing off like this about ethnic minorities? l dinnae think so! So why is gay bashing all right? They are another section of society who face discrimination and bigotry. Surely we should be using platforms like this to promote diversity in every form. I certainly don't want to go to clubs full

& Australian Wine at its best

trilogy were already not so subtly hinting at: whatever multiple cultural references the stOry evokes. the main plot has a decidedly Christian twist. The Architect God created the Matrix. The Oracle the Holy Spirit breathed life into it. And Neo. the poor fellow the One and only Jesus Christ —has come to save humanity and perish in the process anounced by who else but Morpheus. ah. John the Baptist. And to foil all this. of c0urse. Agent Smith the Devil himself! Anyone missing? Trinity! What was her purpose? Why did she die? Her name reveals it; she was not so much a person as a mission to bring together God the father. the son. and the holy spirit. Mission fulfilled. she dies. Amen.

Good Lord. are we now to be fed Christianity surrepitiously through soi-fi?

Rodrigo Brito Verena Koch Tania Walther



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