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Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, until Sat 24 Jan .00.

Any childhood that incorporated working class weddings, funerals or bah mitzvahs will relate to what happens in Philip Howard’s revival of the second part of The Slab Boys trilogy. Diverse aspirations between partners, macho rivalries between men, disillusionment among the elderly - someone’s bound to finish up being twatted, you just hope it won’t be you.

It’s the firm dance on the night of Phil’s (Paul Thomas Hickey) sacking as a dye mixer at the carpet factory we encounter in The Slab Boys. He and pal Spanky (lain Robertson) are cruisin’ for a bruisin’ at the firm dance. Phil’s desire for Lucille (Molly Innes), ‘every Slab Boy’s dream’, is frustrated by her posh boy date


9 lTniyersity Avenue. 330 5522. Return to the Forbidden Planet Tue 20- Sat 2-1 Jan. 7.30pm (Sat mat 3.30pm). £8 £12. Loosely based around The 'Iivnpvst. this rock'n'roll intisical is revived by the Pantheon ('luh.


297 Bath Street. 240 llll. Ill. \\'('. WA) Sleeping Beauty l‘ntil Sun l8 Jan (not .\lonl. lpm & 7pm (Fri Sun &

Tue Wed mat 2pm): Sun 5pm.

£4 U750. Some of the biggest names

in Scottish comedy. namely (ierard Kelly and lilaine (‘ Smith. tread the hoards with this popular tale. 'I'ailored around the music hall panto formula and less the over-indulgence of references to popular culture this has eyerything you want from a ('hristmas show.


() (iranyille Street. 08-15 3M) 3501. Ill. 'IT \\'('. WA]

The Wizard of 02 Thu 15 Sat l7 Jan. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £8 (£6.50). .\liner\a Youth Theatre perform the \Vi/at'd of 0/.

Anne Marie Timoney, Dawn Steele and Molly lnnes bop till they drop

Alan (Grant 0’ Rourke), while Lucille’s friend Bernadette (Dawn Steele) is escorted by Terry (John Kazek) a psycho who thinks he’s Elvis. You know there’ll be trouble, and you know that nerdy Hector (Alan Tripney), the ultimate victim, will suffer the fate of boys who love too much over his besotted desire for Lucille. Meanwhile, an older

generation looks on. The ex-serviceman Willy Curry (Michael Mackenzie) has his hands full avoiding the frustrated spinster Miss Walkinshaw (Anne Marie Timoney), while Sadie the tea lady (Una McLean) tries avoid both Curry and

the pain created by her insensible footwear. Howard’s production in front of Neil Warmington’s grand bathroom and terrace (complete with atmospheric Christmas trees) design is a slightly bumpy ride early on, perhaps in part because of the necessary expositional

period farce requires, but the piece warms up to a grand climax. Allusions to the iconography of the 505 keeps the

nostalgia level up, while each character’s view of the Paisley Cathedral and graveyard that the terrace overlooks demonstrates the myriad perspectives of broken dreams and aspirations that haunt the characters.

There’s a really memorable set piece rock’n’roll close to the first half, and some lovely moments, with Robertson

and Hickey’s decision to choke each other out of pure boredom and sexual frustration a highlight. Most of all though, there’s a pathos which we can only get with hindsight about the characters, adoration of the land of the free across the pond. The performances are all strong, but I think the older generation take the honours. Una McLean’s proven capacity to take an audience between thumb and forefinger and place them delicately in her handbag, from which they’ll stare up at her adoringly is demonstrated yet again, while Mackenzie’s bullish old bugger charms beyond all reasonable expectation. Go see. (Steve Cramer)


l3] RL‘llliCld Street. 332 IS-lf). II). \\'(‘. w..\|

Pinocchio l'ntil Sat 3| Jan (not .\lon & Thu). Illain. l..‘~()pm & 7.30pm; Sun 2pm & 6.30pm. L'll L'l.‘ (£0.50 tillll. That naughty little puppet who can't help but tell a few porkies is the main man in this year's annual panto. The Krankies. Derek Lord. :\llsoll Douglas. ('hristian. (iarry llolly wood and a host of others are on hand to get the party started. if nothing strikes you as more hilarious than a grown woman dressed as a small boy making fart noises. then hook your seat now.



A Life in the Theatre Tony Cownie's production of this early David Mamet promises all the humour and shocks we've come to expect of this writer. The splendid cast of Jimmy Chisholm and Joe McFadden will add gloss to the evening. Roya/ Lyceum theatre. Edinburgh, Fr/ 9 - Sat 37 Jan.

Cutting A Rug Philip Howard's production of the second part of The Slab Boys trilogy contains some superb performances from a strong cast. and several glorious set pieces. Humour and warmth radiate from this production. Traverse theatre. Edinburgh. until Sat 24 Jan.

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