li‘xievi/s, gossip and GliriitiIJ‘

John Peel to write T List

Our controversial comic strip recruits DJs and comic legends for a special series. Words: Ruth Hedges

op DJ acts are to team up with Scotland's finest cartooning

talents in an exclusive series for The List. Glasgow

Fabulous. the strip that has caused unceasing controversy since it first started affectionately mocking Glasgow's notoriously

preCious clubbing scene. is to hand over the rents in a series of four

guest Illustrated written panels. In a coup that will fuse the worlds of Glas Fab. John Peel has agreed to write with Glaswegian comic illustrator. Dave Alexander: Slam will shack up with The

J Ar/egian's creator Lucy Sweet: Harry and Dominic provide words for The List and Vi/ legend. John Fardeil. while T‘.‘.’lI(Iii IOEill‘ up with X—Men's Grant Morrison. The original artwork is to be auctioned on Ebay to raise money for drugs rehabilitation centre. the Phoenix House Glasgow Rehabilitation Service.

It is testament to the Success of the original strip that such salubrious names have agreed to sign up for the project. All the comic professionals are really keen to be involved in it." says Daniel Jackson. one half of GF. 'Our comic out-sold the X Men in Glasgow. And the big holy grail in the comic world is to get non-


Paul Wagner plays God, Inc

sighed contracts.

had fa' ed to be addressed.

4 THE LIST ‘3- 2?}? Ja" 1/231

f ‘;.<>.i believe the p iolic'ty. there '5; a hev.’

force to be reckoned witl. at this year's Edinburgh l-‘ringe. Pau? \’.’aghei. who has woe eight l'mmys for his '.‘.'t).’K o" US children s televis on hopes to parachute into the l)'(}.'l‘.l(3r league of l- ri'ige veme itiahageineht. Accordmg to the ‘.'.’(Ei)fSlIC. '.‘.".'.r.'.'.co.‘xgatecoir‘. ‘.’.’agner plans to provide 7:30 seats in the gap left by the

‘.'.i:ll provide the nucletis to a series of gre'xies based around Blair Street. incleding the Qt,

Cafe and V‘f‘lKiO House with much he has

Hosxeve' a spokesperson for Ed 'ii;;.rgn University. who owns 20“; of the gap site. said: 'lhe University has had no request for the use of the site next Extimn‘eh' The spokesperson

also confirmed that the thaw reason pans sutilii‘ier .'./as because heaftl‘ and safety ssties

I" (roan-oh \. .agne' is also i',|l‘.t} tr, secme lt‘e

comic readers the guy from Forbidden Planet told me it was only us and the Power-Puff girls who are selling to non-comic readers.‘ Even (30-year-old granddaddy of DJs. John Peel. enjoys it. ‘l'm led to belie/e that once he understands [GH he finds it very amusing and he likes the pictures." says Daniel diplomatically And in an interesting twist of fate. the John Peel show have asked the boys to do a strip for them to give out to people who send in demo tapes. "They want a humorous cartoon strip about John Peel wading through piles of demos ~ so it's a reciprocal thing'. he adds.

But what of the other DJs will they be able to turn the satiric pen on their own kind? 'DJs being self-obsessed men enjoy any mention of themselves in glossy publications." Daniel says. All publicity . . as they say. It is an exciting project. bringing together talents and knowledge of people more used to creating their own sound and visual worlds alone.

The first strip appears in the :3 Feb issue of The List and features the work of Slam and Lucy Sweet. Watch this space . . .

rages for key Fringe venues

US performer aims to control sites near Cowgate. Vi/ords: Tim Abrahams

Caves. 'l hrs venue was used .ast ear t)‘, the (Sided Ba:loor‘ but it would give his compiex of venues more seats than the Assertiny Rooms ll‘ a bigger area. l laser szth. spokesperson for Gided Balloon. admitted that they were competing for the contract with \"Jagner. 'I don t know if Mr Wagner knows how expensive it will be to eg.iip l‘he Caves. Plus productir " and

fire o‘ December He hopes that the space maiketing staff are :oya to the team they were

worku‘g to" the year before. It is incredibly hard to dexelop the experience to run a Frnnge xenue.‘ he said.

V'.’agner came to the Festivai last year with his one man show Go 1. Inc. a satire er‘ the (:omhiercialisation of region. He also produced and presented US Comedy Invasion. Descrbi'ig the [1(ilt‘ilxlrgl‘. Fringe. he said: its a place .‘itvere chapash 3d seif promotion is essehtai.

for a \.'er‘..ie oh the site were re,ected last lt‘s "of a peace to rest on any laiirels or

exper'. E'YCO. You come to the E dinburgrt l ringe lestrx'a? naked it your craft and notoriety

I Further infer/nation at '.‘.".‘./‘.'.’.(I()i‘./§](Ii(3.(I()/ll

Not coming soon

I Fans of Buffy may be distraught to hear that Sarah Michelle Gellar has turned down the chance to make a guest appearance in a pair of future Angel episodes. ‘She feels it‘s not the right time.‘ wept Slayer creator Joss Whedon . . . More gnashing of teeth and hand hair pulling must be going on down Wes Craven's way. HaVIng finished work on his hotly anticipated werewolf movie Cursed. he took a long, hard look and concluded that it was not quite what he wanted. Rather than tweak. he's opted to scrap the project and reshoot from the beginning. The film's star Christina Ricci were last seen howling with frustration . . . Never too slow to have a go at US foreign policy, George Clooney erI star in a movie based on the memoirs of a former seCret service agent. He'll play Robert Bauer (no relation to Jack) in Syriana, which tells of the ClA's failings in the post-Cold War Middle East . . . While Channel 4 viewers get into the third series of Six Feet Under. news that Mena Suvari wrll appear as an art school buddy of Claire's in the fourth season will no doubt have midlife crisrs- ridden men getting very hot and bothered. She will team up with Alan Ball for the first time since being covered in petals in American Beauty.