Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleurs. l'(i(' Building. Renl'reu Street. ()87() 787 0707. 8pm. £ l 2. See Thu l5.

0 The Stand The Stattd. 333 \Voodlandx Road. 0870 ()(ll) ()(l55. 9pm. £7 (£6). llaxing edttcated lcSllHtl audiences in the manners ol gentlemen. scholars. acrohatx. cakes. ale and apex that got luck). cereht'al heanpole ('hris Addison cotttL‘S to (ilaxgtm' to share lll\ good htttnour. Support comes from \ll)“ hurtter l)a\ id Ka). l'ormet' cahhie l’aul .\lc.\'eill and hmt Susan \lot't'tson.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleurs. ()mni ('entt‘e. (it'eenxide Place. 08707 870707. 8pm. £12. (ienial lrish cotttic liddie Bannon \xeleomex to the stage l)a\ e \Villiantx. guitar-totting pop ptttidit Sand)" Nelson and Mark llurst.

The Stand The Stattd. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £7 (£(i). llailing originall) from Kansas ('it_\. \ariel} entertainer Rex Boyd comes to da/Ile \\ ith his ph} \ical cotned}. Support comes from John (iillick. Andrew Bird. .'\llen (’ltaltnet'x and llthl Jane Macka}. The lmproverts Bedlam 'I'lieatre. llh Bristo Place. 225 9893. 10.30pm. £3 (122.5”). See l'il'l 9.


The Vault Comedy Club The Vault. l I ll) l’olloksltaus Road.

Shim lands. ()4‘) ()()()7. 7.3()pm. £8

(£0 £7). See Hi In hut with compere Alan :\lttlct'\()lt.

Jongleurs Comedy Club .longleut'x. l'(i(' Building. Renl‘t'eu Street. (LS-ll) 787 0707. 3pm. L l 3. See Thu l5.

0 The Stand The Stand. 333 \Voodlalldx Road. ()870 ()(ll) ()(l55, ()pm. £8. See l‘ri l() (ml) with Jane .\lacka_\ in the compere \lot.

Madcap Comedy Club State Bar. I48 llolland Street. ‘)4() ()28‘). 9.30pm. £5 (£4). ('omed} [tttuL‘l'llUllSL‘ Ra} tnond Mearnx \\ ith an extended set.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleurs. ()mni (‘entre. (it'eenxide Place. 08707 870707. 8pm. £ l 3. See lit'i l().

The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. ()pm. £8. See Hi In hut \xilh compet'e Stlxttll Morrison.

Sunday 18


The Vault Comedy Club The Vault. l l l() l’ollokxhaux Road.

Shim lttlltlx, ()4‘) ()()(l7. 7.3()pm. £4 (£3). Token Scot Jane} (iodle} heads a cast of mirth merchants which includes Bruce 7”. Sitnon .\lcl\'inne'\. .\lac Star. Kiet'on Butler. Ashle) lirie/e and Barr) l)otltl\. Michael Redmond’s Sunday Service The Stand. 333 \Vootllitlltlx Road, 087” ()(ll) (30.5.5. 3.30pm. £4 (£3 l. Bedroom popxlztt‘ Sand} Nclxotl headlines. u ith support from Andre“ Bird and deadpan Irishman Redtnond.


Whose Lunch is it Anyway? The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. lptn. l‘ree. See Sun I l.

CD Chris Addison Special The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8.30pm. £4 (£3). The thinnest man in coined}. with a line litte in cltixe-to-the-hone gttgx. l'liex \()l() in this |i\e special. l‘tlllx cat) also catch the l'ormet' I)Ul(‘(IHl(’(/_\‘ presenter in The Department on Radio 4 this tttottth. itlotlgxldc his comed} chums And} [alt/man and John ()|i\ er.

Monday 1 9

Glasgow The Comedy Quiz The Vault. I l l()

l’ollokxhaux Road. Shim lands. ()4‘) 0007. 7.30pm. £l. See .\lon l2.

Open Mic Night The liquid lounge. ()4 West Regent Street. 353 (i333. 8pm. l‘ree. See Mon 12.


0 Daniel Kitson the Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8.3()pm. £0 (£8). Boaxling a limp ()ttl Best l’et‘l'ormance gong. a multitude of ('hot'tle keepsakes. a Ilt'rttlt/ Angel arid the ultimate liol} grail of coined}. the l’et‘rier. llll\ stuttering. ltt_\optc. comed) genius is “end. \xonderl'ul. and \llllpl} hilarious.

Tuesday 20


“8d Raw The Slztlttl. 333 \Vootlltllltk Road. 0870 ()(ll) ()(l55. 8,3(lpiit, £2, (ieordte gag rec) cler Ton) ('artet' and headliner ('olin .\lc(illl Slit)“ the stand— up newcomers hou it's done.


0 Daniel Kitson the Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 0pm. £0 (£8). See .\lon l‘).

Wednesday 21


WWF Benefit The Stand. 333 \Voodlaltdx Road. ()87() ()(l() ()ll55. Upltl. £6 (£4 ). :\ gala\} ol' local stand- up \tarx turnout (or this L'ttltlctl} henel'it night.


A Kick Up the Tabloids The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £5 (£4). Breaking news from around the \xorld l\ ll'L‘éllL‘tl \\ tllt L‘llcck. ll‘l'c\ et'ence Ltlltl hlatant contempt itt some side-splitting topical satire from acting political polemicixts l’aul Sneddon. lirankie

Bo} le. Sttsan Morrison attd .lohn Him. The Comedy Cave Nichol liduat'dS. .\'iddr_\ Street. (l7‘)()5 (H5573. 9.30pm. £2. See \Ved l4.


Jongleurs Comedy Club longleurx. l'(i(' Building. Renl're“ .Slt‘ch 0870 787 0707. spin. £7. li\pect a harrel load of laugh in the cotttpan} ol' comed) \l;ll\\;tt‘l\ .\like Milligan. Michael Redmond. ()\\ en O'Neill and Richard .\lot'ton.

G Laughing Horse New Act of the Year 2004 Heat The Vault.

l l Ill l’ollokxhaux Road. Sltau lands. ()4‘) ()()()7. 8.3(lpm. £4 (£3). Laughing llttt'SL‘ roadtestx a clutch of ne“ comedians in llllx llt‘xl heat ol' its annual cotttpetition. lintt'antx pl} their trade on stage iii the hope of \xalking a\\a_\ \\ ith a package \tot'th £2()()().

The Thursday Show The Stand. 333 \Vootlluntlx RlNltl, ()870 ()(ll) ()(l55. ‘lpttt. £() ( £5 l. \Vild-ltait'cd :\tt\tt'alian l'ttnn} lad} Kilt} l-‘lanagan headlines. The ‘Tltick’ \lulltl-llp lS \tlppmlL‘tl l7)

listings Comedy

Craig Campbell lvlaking many a punter go weak at the knees with his foot-long wooky sproutings. this Canadian gagster returns to Scotland without his Dinky companions. The Stand, Edinburgh. Thu 8 Jan; the Stand. Glasgow. Fri 9 8 Sat 70 Jan.

Chris Addison Another comedian who's found strength in numbers. Chris Addison gets back to the live circuit to talk up his Radio 4 comic co-operative The Department. The Stand. Glasgow. Fr/ 76 61 Sat 77 Jan: the Stand. Edinburgh. Sun (8 Jan.

Daniel Kitson (pictured) Denby Dale's loose cannon with a heart of gold tires on all cylinders for two low-key evenings of whimsy and swearing. The Stand. Edinburgh, Mon 79 8 Tue 20 Jan.

Laughing Horse New Act of the Year Comedy competitions come and go. but this one has got bells on. See the brightest new acts in Scotland compete for the chance to compete again in the semis. The Vault. Glasgow. Thu 22 Jan.

l.eith’s (’olin Ratnone. the hear \\ ith a bite Tedd}. l)an \Villix and conl'rontattonal host Ra}mond .\leat'n\.


Big Word Performance Poetry The Tron. 9 Hunter Square. High Street. 220 (N3 l. 0pm. £3 (£2). lidinhut'gh \ldlll chantpion Milton Balgoni joinx lilspeth .\lttrra_\. Richard .\ledrington. lillie Walton attd compere .lent Rolls lor the l'ortttightl} cahat'et.

Duck Downe The Laughing Duck. 24 Mon e Street. 07905 045573. 0pm. £3. See Thu 8.

The Thursday Show The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 0pm. £0 ( £5). The darkl) comic l’art'ot headlinex. \\ ith .lohn l‘iint. .lohn McBride. .lo .lo Sutherland and host lirankie Bo} le.

The Snatch Social The liquid Room. 0c Victoria Street. 225 2504. lt).3(lpm 3am. £3.5(l (£3). See Thu 8.

.l.l" .".iv.‘. THE LIST 61