Clubs listings

Edinburgh Fridays

I Fnuk at Big Joint. Soutlt Street. Next date the.

I Fresh at tlte Polo Lounge.

l lpm—43am. £5. Weekly. Micltelle attd Andy take charge of the musical duties in tltis delicious. ittixed Merchant (‘ity eluh. Whether you‘re iii the Trophy Rootit or

on the daneelloor. the tunes will fuel your


I Friday Feelings at ()smos‘is. Jantaiea Street. 7pm—ntidnight. Free. Weekly. The Ruhadtih collective. Baz. Jason. Dait attd Scratchmaster Jack warnt ye hordes up for the weekend with tltis superior quality post-work tltrowdown. I Friday Funk at Liquid Lounge. l()pm—3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Residents Aaron Petrie aitd Michael Rafferty ptit the hall ittto play with some ftiitk. sotil and broken heat cuts at the upstairs club. I Fridays at Blanket at Blanket (formerly Bed). 1 lpm 3am. £6 (£4). Weekly. The big back roont ltas an R&B flava every Friday when Raymond Woods. Naeem attd Stuart Mc('a||tim take it iii turns to take you on a trip every week while Billy Milligati brings some Motown fun ntixed with party classics iii the front room.

I Friday Street at Liquid Lounge. Next date the.

I Fuel at Fuel (Bisltophriggs). l().3()pm~ 2am. £4. Weekly. New cluh vetttttre frottt the (11 group. which is attempting to expattd the average (ilaswegian's idea of what weekending means. Pattl Rea plays cluh classics. R&B. ftiitk and anythang with a groove. Southside attd Nortltside it's starting to get like London iii here. A wee hit.

I Full On at Privilege. l().3()pm 3am. £9 (£7). Weekly. Tom Wilson. (iekkohoy. Stewart (ireen. William Daniel. (iav Houston. Stu llirst attd (iio Ferri are your hosts at this weekly dance night down on llope Street.

I Funhouse at Barfly. l lpitt 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. A night ofcltied-up punk arid cathartic indie pop nonsense. It's pogo-a-gogo with Radio l's \"ie (ialloway. Mr Patil Needles attd [)J Alplta Mitchell.

I Funk Friday at the Liquid Lounge. lt).3()pm~3am. £5 (3). Weekly. Funk. soul. hip hop. jitzz. aitd hrokett beats with residents Aaron Petrie arid Micltael Rafferty.

I Funk Room at the Arcltes.

llpiit 3am. £tbc. lb Jatt. Monthly. lixplosive fttitk to get your ass sltakin' like you can't stop. Simon Bigbeat aitd Andrew Divine wattt to see you tip attd getting down. For this date only A-Ijst card holders get half/trier entry lie/ore midnight.

I Goodfoot at the Riverside Social. Next date the.

I Glasgow Spy Kids Reunion at Blackfriars. Next date the.

I Heads Up at Stih (’luh. Next date the.

II Love 1970 at Stratltclyde Student‘s Association. 9pm 3am. £tbc. Weekly. As the name suggests funky ftiit 70s classics all night long.

I lmpromtu at Ad Lih. l lpnt 3am. £tbc. 16 Juli. (iordon Reilly ((iroovexperiment) takes the tunage iii a funk-soul-house direction with a little help front his percussive compadres and DJ support front the Ad Lih. You. presuntahly. get on your feet attd daitce. I Kinky Afro at the Stih (‘luh. Next date the.

I LiveVEvil at (ilasgow School of Art. Next date the.

I Latin Fever at llavatta. 9pm 2am. Free. Weekly. DJ Keith I) spins tip some (‘olumbian. (‘uhan. New York arid African salsa. adding a twist of Latin chart. R&B and global heats to the rltythntical stew. Tasty.

I Lite at the Corinthian. |()pm 3am. £tbc. Weekly. The ('orinthian facelift gets into ftill swing. with the Lite bar and cltih taking over weekly proceedings. This club will ltave regular appearances front

66 THE LIST B-Q? Jan 7004


Subculture at the Sub Club, Glasgow, Sat 17 Jan

You could argue that God has always loomed large in house music. It has a deep, spiritual message at its very heart. Besides, the Creator himself must occasionally find His foot tapping on a Saturday night when Subculture’s in full swing, or whenever a record like Terrence Parker’s ‘The Question’ gets

an airing.

After a gap year or two, during which he found God and got himself baptised, Detroit house master Parker has put DJing back on his agenda, and this time he’s spreading the word. Happy clappy or not, there’s something you can’t deny: praising the Lord has never sounded so good.

The Subculture faithful, never shy of a little euphoria, are a broad-minded bunch and Harri and Domenic are used to taking the average club experience to a new level. The Sub Club’s recent birthday events were a reminder of just how much the place has opened Glasgow up to underground club culture worldwide. Parker popping by on a cold January evening is a mark of just how special this night is. He might be the latest champion of Gospel House, but he’s been DJing since 1982. Thankfully he’s found a new lease of life. Amen to that. (Kenny Hodgart)

all of those who make the (31 parties go with a swing.

I Manga at Stih ('ltih. Next date the. I Medicine Wheel at the Sub (‘Iub Next date the.

I Midi Hi-Fi at the (ilasgow School of Art. Next date the.

I Moda at Moda. 9pm 3am. Free. Weekly. Darren Dunn eases his way

through the night with the fittest iit house.

garage attd R&B.

I Music for Pleasure at the Arches. Next date the.

I The National at The Arches ('afe Bar. Next date the.

I National Pop League at the Woodside Social. Next date 3() Jan.

I The N00 Groove at the l'itiversal. Saticltieltall Lane. Next date the.

I Numbers at Ad Lih. Next date the. I Nurture at ('luh (if). Next date the. I Offset at ('uhe. l().3()pm 3am. £8 (£5). Weekly. Dance classics and ttiff house front residents including Sim Millettititit (iirl and former l’luy/tov centrcfold Rehckkalt Teasdale. She gets a little support (lta lta) front Simon Foy. (iary ('tirley. Jint Da Best aitd Rieltard Levinson.

I Off the Record at Ad Lib. Next the.

I Opus at ()ptis. Split 3am. Free. Weekly. DJ Patil drops some smashing tunes and takes the ()ptis set iitto the

morning with his Wicked Sounz.

I Pressure at the Arches. Next date the.

I lied and Gold Room at Arta. l()pm 3am. Free before I lpm; £7 after. Weekly. DJ Michael ()‘Sltea pops up to spin only the fittest salsa attd Latin tunes to a very well-heeled Arta crowd.

I Rockit at Bamboo. 5pm 73am. £7 (£5). Weekly. ()ne rootit house. one room soul and funk and some cltillotit iii the lounge. Ait imittensely popular night with litosl shades of opinion.

I Scottish Bastard at Nice'n'Sleazy’s. Next date the.

I Second Nature at the t'niversal.

l lpiti 3am. £5 (£3). 9 Jait. Monthly. Tom ('lturchill arid Andrew Pirie are joined by Rtiss (iahriel for the launch of his album The Other Side I’rojt't't \olmm' ()m' which is hotly tipped to he rockiit' danecfloot's this Winter. This is very much a ’joiniitg-tltc-dots' night. with deep jazz. ftittk. house.hip hop and quite a lot else going ittto the puzzle.

I Stateside at Liquid Lounge.

|()pm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Residents Aaron Petric aitd Michael Rafferty drop some funky shit. including funk. soul.

jazz. ltip hop and hrokert heats. (iet yer

arse Stateside.

I Subscience at (‘Iub ()9. Next date the. I Sub Tropical at (‘uha Norte. Next date the.

I Super Scientists at (‘Iuh 69. Next date the

I TFI Friday at the The Barony Bar. Strathclyde Student‘s Union. 4pm~3am. £2 (£1 ). Chan. cheese arid audience humiliation with DJ Phil.

I Tidy at the Sltack. l().3()pnt-3.3()am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Let that infectious Fri feeling take hold of you while DJ lain Hanlon takes control of the dance floor. I Tiger Tiger at Tiger Tiger.

l lpiit 3am. £6. Weekly. This hugely popular bar. club attd restaurant goes wild after hotirs with a selection of commercial dattce attd R&B for all those stunning ladies attd swanky boys.

I naxx at The Souttdhaus. Next date the.

I Tronicsole and Tracktion Sessions at MAS. l lpm-3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Residents (iordon Logan. Maslt aitd (‘ltris Harris spiii at this great trippy house party.

I Under the Hood at Sub (‘lub. Next date the.

I Unity Reggae at Soundhaus. Next date the.

I Urban at the Tunnel. l lpm- 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Art R&B session courtesy of Paul N’Jic at this newly relaunched. classic (ilasgow venue.

I Urban Beat at Blanket.

I Vacuum at the Riverside ('luh. Nest date the.

Glasgow Saturdays


I Bachanal at Soundltaus. Next date the.

I Bailamos at llavana. 9pm 2am. Free. Weekly. DJ Keith I) brings you a world selection: salsa. R&B. Latin chart action attd whatever else moves you.

I Base at the Tunnel. l().3()pm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. (‘hris attd Martin llesketh. along with (‘hris llarris arid Al Kent. weave a line fabric of funky house aitd R&B at Mitchell Lane‘s fittest dance emporium.

I Bebado at Riverside (‘luh. Next date the.

I Bedlam at Queen Margaret L'nion. Next date the.

I Bennet’s at Bennet‘s. l l.3()ptit»-3am. £5. W 'ekly. Feel the goddamn funk as Shaun and Annie give the Bennet's party posse exactly what they want: commercial dance mixed with a selection of 70s. 80s attd 90s hits.

I Bombafusion at the Soundhaus. Next date the.

I Boogie Wonderland at linvy. llpm—3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Big night of disco for those who like their booze cheap attd their tunes funky. Straight ftitt and you know what that's like. y'all.

I Boutique at the Arches. Next date the.

I Break Yourself at Liquid Lounge. l()pm 73am. £7 (£5). It) Jatt. Quality house ftittk aitd disco night frottt (iianni arid Barry Reeves. For this date only A- LIS! card holders I'(’('f(’l'(’ [3 ({fft’llll'tlllffl priet’.

I Budda at Budda. l lpiit 3am. £tbc. Weekly. Big tunes aitd sexy house grooves with residents AJ aitd lait Thompson. Btidda looks to be getting back on track after the re-launch.

I Caledonia Soul at Woodside Social. Next date the.

I Chakra at Soundltaus. Next date the. I Club Bossa oit New Street. Paisley. l()pm-~3am. Free. Weekly. DJ lain Kennedy hosts this promising new night with a romp through the latest R&B. hip hop and dance.

I Club Budda at (‘luh Btidda. Duntbarton Road. I lpm—3am. £tbc. Weekly. Budda's newest venture takes the party to (‘lydehank Vance front Boulevard is behind the decks.

I Club Cuba! at ('uha Norte.

9pm 2am. Free. Weekly. (iet iit touch with your Latin spirit at this classy night of dance. The fittest Latino beats are supplied by Duncan. Faralt and Shannon. Make sure you arrive early to guarantee entry.