I Colours at the Arches. Next date 7

Feb. I Concept Theory at Yang. Next date tbc.

I Cook DJ at Massif. ()pm- midnight. £5. Weekly. This is a great early club idea. based on the premise that l)Js get loads of free food. and can make the odd meal. They play their funky records. they cook you the food. and yoti just lauin your head off and enjoy the whole experience.

I Cube Class at (‘ube. I lpm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. ()ld-seliool house classics and tip-to-date anthems are the order of the day at this packed Sat nighter. thanks to main room man Matt le litink. In the back DMU serves up R&B.

I Dance Education at the Queen Margaret Students L'nion. Next date the. I Death Disco at the Arches.

l lpm 3am. £tbc. l7 Jan. Super-fly guy Mark Moore. he of bleep-and-sample pioneers S-lixpress. brings his DJing skills. pltis a bag of eclectic sounds to this monthly danceathon. See preview: I‘ill' [his date only xI-Us! r‘tll‘rl holders gel ltd/f price entry lie/ore midnight.

I Deathkill4000 at Barfly.

I lpm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. A bit of hair metal. a twist of breakeore and some banging techno. served with lashings of electropunk and a side of Scandinavian rock 8; roll.

I Digeridoo at Ad Lib. I lpm 3am. £4. Monthly. A night that's really beginning to take off down in the cupboard-sized venue. Dirty Larry (liskrima) and hot favourite l’ro-Vinylist Karim play cut and paste with glitch. techno, wonky house. hip hop. sotil and funk.

I Divine at (ilasgow School of Art (downstairs). I()pm 3am. £6 (£5 £4): £3.50 (iSA students. Weekly. l’ure class funk. (ills and 7()s grooves and a loyal crowd go into the mix on this very long running (ilasgow resident‘s night at the school.

I The Edge at the lidge. (‘oatbridge

l lpm» 3am. £5. Weekly. (iordon Miller and Paul Rea jUst can't help misbehaving at this night celebrating all that is debauched and ftiii. Have a frolic with them.

I Elektrik Sweat at Blackfriars. Next date tbc.

I Eskrima at (ilasgow School of An. lllpm 3am. £7 (£4 £6). Weekly. A great weekly. with rolling residents Jonnie Wilkes. Bil/y. 'l‘witch. and Martin (Rub- A-I)ub). who play once a month with new tip-and-coming l)Js Tom and ('lose. Brendan. Felix. and Dirty Larry.

I Festa Brasil at the ('arnival Arts ('entre. Albion Street. 8pm late. £3. l7 Jan. A heady Brazilian brew from one of (ilasgow‘s movers and shakers. Mr Tiff Peaches. lle’s partly responsible for Bebado and you can expect similar carnival goings-on here. There’s live music froin (are (‘arioca in a sort of Jorge Ben/('aetano Veloso style.

I Floorplan at Queen Margaret Students L'nion. Next date tbc.

I Freakmenoovers at (ilasgow School of Art. l(lpin 3am. £7 (£4 £6). Weekly. The best dedicated hip hop club in the city. in the melting pot at the Art School every Saturday.

I Freetorrn at Barfly. lllpm 3am. l'rec before I lpm; £5 (£4) after. Weekly. The Watt brothers present you with an eclectic mixture ofclassic soul. funk. ()()s beat music and Latin tunes. with a selection of

big hitters thrown in. You are just as likely

to hear obscure Latino voodoo and dark jiill. as Michael Jackson or James Brown. I Funktiteyeno at Q Bar. Next date tbc.

I Gojar at Ad Lib. Next date the.

I Groovejet at Trash. l lpm 3am. £8. Weekly. l’aul N'Jie presides over the city's most popular R&B and soul night. attracting a loyal crowd every week. Room I has the Brown Brothers playing vocal and commercial house and Rooiii 3 has Dave with the party anthems.

I Groove Seekers Allowance at Ad Lib. Next date tbc.

I Haptic at Liquid Lounge. Next date the.

I Higher Ground at Riverside (‘luh Next date the.

I Iii-Karate at Liquid Lounge. Next date the.

I Homecookin’ at the Belt). Illpm- 3am. l-‘i'ee before I lpm; £5 alter. Weekly. l)Js Stewart Mc('allum and Joe lliggins keep the music jammin' and the dance lloorjtiiiipin' all night long. Rt‘eB tracks mixed with the odd classic and old-skool favourites. A new venue concept. btit the same attitude to having a good time. so get on it.

I Homegrown at Bamboo.

I()pm 3am. £8 (£6). Weekly. Stevie Middleton. Dominic Martin. and Scotti B like to ptit on a bit of a show for the Bamboo masses on at Sat. litinky house music and some top notch Rth.

I Honey Trap at the (‘(‘A. Next date the.

I Inside Out at the Arches. Next date tbc.

I Jamboree at Reds. I lpm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. John Lyons and Martin llesketh of Velvet Rooms fame mix tip a blend of commercial Rth and sotil.

I Club Kinetic at Queen Margaret l'nion. Next date the.

I Kevin Austin at (‘anvas (Aria l. l(l.3()pm 3am. £7. Weekly. ('ontintic dancing to the main rooiii sounds of ftiiik. disco and cltib anthems while the live entertainment take a w ell-deserved break. I Kube at Blackfi'iai's Basement. Next date the.

I Life at Life ((‘orinthianl. lllpm 3am. £5. Weekly. A formidable night of ftiiik for those w ho like their entertainment mature. btit still jammin'. Ross Macmillan presents a selection of soul. ftiiik and disco augmented with original samples and loops to guarantee a new take on familiar sotiiids.

I Lite at (’orinthian. 9pm 3am. £tbc. Weekly. Modern new bar and cltib at this gorgeous Ingram Street mega-venue. They always ptit a lot into their venues. so try to make an effort. w ill yoti'.’

I Lush at the Polo Lounge.

l(l.3(lpni 3am. £5. Weekly. l‘eaturing Andy in the 'l’rophy Rooiii with hits from the (ills to the 80s. while Tom provides an tip-front dance selection in the main room at the city ‘s prettiest gay club.

I Mas at Mas. llpiii 3am. £8 (£(i). Weekly. Some of the finest house l)Js around ptit the boompity -hoomp into your Saturday night.

I Melting Pot at Riverside ('ltib. Next date the.

I Midnight Marauders at Riverside ('ltlli. Next date the.

I Misc at Lilli Note. Next date the.

I Mish Mash at The l'nivcrsal. Next date the.

I Moda at Moda. 9pm 5am. l-‘i'ee. Weekly. l-‘ine (ilasgow DJ (and footballer) Barry (iemmcl drops bombs at this beautiful bar in the gay district.

I Monox at the Soundhaus. Next date the. I National Pop League at the Woodside Social. Next date the.

I Numbers at Ad l.ih. Next date tbc.

I Opus at ()ptis. 2pm 3am. Free. Weekly. There's a live sw ing baiid from two. and then it gets funkier with DJ Paul from Wicked Soun/ playing tiiitil three in the morning. Oh yes.

I Outer Drive at MAS. llprii 3am. £8. H) .Iait. Disco. soltl and house-led grooves Willi lifeless (ilasgtm I).I. Billy \Vtititls.

I Papacool at Ad l.ih. Next date tbc.

I Rapture at Media. I lpm 3am. £tbc. Weekly. 7()s and 8(ls classics from James Rtissell. and guest l)Js every two weeks make this a fun night otit.

I Red and Gold Room at Ai'ta.

ltlpm 3am. lt‘i'ee before I lpm; £8 after. Weekly. Billy Milligaii mans the decks for a line night of Latin house. This will seriously spice tip your life. if that's w hat‘s required.

I Rub Down at Ad Lib. l lpm 3am. £5 (£4). l7 Jan. Monthly. Rtib your eyes cos the party music is back at Ad Lib for 3004. A lot of ltiiik. a lot of bass and a lot of love

from Boab. Dillion. Ntit Bros (live) and special guest l’ro-Viny list Matt (iallas.

I Saturdays at Blanket at Blanket (foi‘iiterly Bed). l().3(lpm 3am. £7 (£5). The funkiest R&B in the city rocks the big back bedroom on at Sat in Bed with the legendary Raymond Woods. Jim da Best and his musical antics keep you awake in the front bedroom making this new Sat night one of the tiiost popular in the city.

I Savalas at Ad Lib. Next date the.

I Seduce at Archaos. l lpm 3am. £8 (£o). Weekly. (‘harty dance and Rth. not to mention an unhealthy smattering of cheese on this litige Sat nightei'.

I Shack at the Shack. ltlfillpm 3.30am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Let your hair down and liven things tip on the dancelloor to the sounds of all your Shack favourites. play ed otit by Graeme l-‘crgtison.

I The Shed at the Shed. ll)..‘~(lpiii 2am. £o. Weekly. Demand is high for this one. so get there early. 'l‘uneage deploy ed by litian Neilson and Andy Robertson.

I Shine On at ('orinthian. l lpm 3am. £tbc. Weekly. (iordon Miller and Ross Macmillan rock the joint alter a session in the Lite bar. Lots of ftiiik and fun all round as the residents take in the genres they want.

I Seismic at Ad l.ih. Next date the.

I Soma Sessions at MAS.

I lpm 3am. £8 (£6). Jan 17. Bi-monthly. The Sat night Soma showcase continues

w itli top boy s Slam tip in the spot. It's a Freelance Science sct. st) L‘Xpeel to witness a le\\ ()l' their new est loops.

I Source at Q ('lub. Next date the.

I Streetlite Rewind at Liquid Lounge. Illpiii 3am. £7 (£5). 17 Jan. Monthly. Looseioints and Stev ic lilements always knock tip some very funky music and tonight. a first birthday celebration. should he no exception. Surprise guests and lllttsleill eclectica are the Slt‘eelllle staples.

listings Clubs

I Subculture at the Sub (‘luh

l lpm 3am. £l(). Weekly. Believe the hype it’s just the best underground house night

in the country. The tunes from llarri and

Domenic are even better than the music in

your head. The mighty Terrence Parker

returns to (ilasgow on Jan I7. See preview.

I Superfly at the Woodside Social. Next

date tbc.

I Syntax at Soundhaus. Next date tbc.

I Tiger Tiger at Tiger Tiger.

l lpm 3am. £o. Weekly. Join the party at

this beautiful bar favoured by those

wearing stiits and expensive dresses. The

music policy is commercial dance and the

ubiquitous Rt'tB.

I Tongue’n’Groove at Bloc. Next date


I Traffic Light Party at Arta. Next

date the.

I Traxx at Soundhaus. Next date the.

I Vegas at the Renfrew I‘erry. Next date

31 Jan.

I The Winchester Club at the

Woodside Social. Next date tbc.

I Wired at Asylum. ('aledonian

l'niversity l'nion. lllpm 3am. £3. Weekly.

(ilasgow 's longest running alternative

indie night with drinks promos aplenty.

I Upstart at the Liquid Lounge. Next

date tbc.

I The X-Factor at Soundhaus. Next

date tbc.

Glasgow Sundays


I APB at Soundhaus. Next date the.

I Bacchanal at Soundhaus. Next date the.

I Bennet’s at Bennet's.

l l.3(lpni 3am. £3. Weekly. In which we are confronted by a strange phenomenon. Tom play s tunes loved by IZ-year-old girls. plus some bangin‘ handbag. to equally appreciative gay men. l-‘tinny old world.



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