ix in the third room pla} ing part) anthemx and bar tunex.

I Tuesdays at Bamboo at Batnhoo. llpm 3am. £3 (£2). \Veekl}. l).l Miguel ix in the Red Room pla) ing the linext R&B and hip hop. and in the lounge “e have Rohin B playing laid hack xoullul gl‘thL‘x.

Glasgow Wednesdays


I Allure at the Tunnel. 1 1.30pm 3am. £3. Weekly. (ilttxgtm ’x nexx ext ga} night \\ ith the _\oung and \er) talented 1)] Darren Young pla_\ ing xonie xuperh tuneage to a line (an crmxd.

I Bennet’s at Bennei'x.

11.30pm 3am. £2.5(l (£l.5()). \Veekl). Sara takex control once more in the cluh lamotIx lor inadnexx and an. ahem. liheral chat-up polic}.

I Budda at Btidda. l lpm 3am. £thc. Weekl). Relaunched \enue hack on track with detailx \lill thc.

I Blaze at Bamhoo. l lpm 3am. £3 (£2). \Veekl). Scottie B lt‘ottls thix night ol lttnk luelled xoul and RikB. :\ great \enue that ix really working right non. I Boiling Point at Liquid Lounge. l().3()pm 3am. £3 (£2 ). \Veekl}. .\ next xtudent night lor thoxe u ho don't like the tixual cheexe on oller. \\ ith rexident l).l (ierard .\lininagh pla} ing xex}. lunk} houxe and ultra (\x ixted dixco.

I The Edge at the lidge ((‘imihridgel. l lpm 3am. £3 (lree). \\'eek|_\. l)J Jamex (‘urrie pla_\ ing all the hext part} lunex to an up-lor-it out-ol-tou i) croud.

I FAB at the Belo. l lpm 3am. l-‘rec helore 1 1pm; £4 (£3) alter. \Veekl). l’aul Rea. (iordon Miller and ('raig Kelman hlend garage. R&B and lunk} houxe. pla) ing to a drexxed—up croxx d \\ ho help to make thix one ol the huxiext inidxxeek nightx in (ilaxgoxx.

I Freestyle at Traxh. I lpm 3am. £thc. \Veekl). l‘ix tip. look xharp lor (ilaxgoxx 'x onl_\ lull} committed night ol l'rhan muxic. ('onie in Iron) the lieldx. )tllx'c‘lx,

I Fourplay at lin\_\. l lpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekl}. .\'e\\ night oldancctcria lor the (ilztxgtm \c‘l. ('amhridge SII‘L‘L‘I \\ ill rock.

I Jungo at Archaox. l lpm 3am. £2 lll'L‘L‘l. \\.L'L‘l\'l'\. Student L‘lHSSTL‘S. lntllL‘ tllltl L‘ltL‘L‘SL‘ ill'L‘ the order ()l [he (lit) ill llttx \x'eek'l} Wed.

I Joints and Jams at ('uhe.

l lpm 3am. £3 (£2). \Veckl). The auard- \\ inning cluh hringx _\ou the hext RikB. hip hop and will [)Jx in the cit}. Rexidentx Martin llexketh. John 1.}onx. l’uppa Shango and l).\l(i on rotation e\er_\ Wed. \Vith regular guext l)Jx and l’:\x. it'x no wonder that Jointx and .laiiix ix the longext running R&B night in (ilaxgim.

I New Flesh at l)extin_\. ‘)pin 3am. £4. \Veekl}. A night ol rock and nu metal - no“ hack at itx (‘amridge Street \enue that rcllectx the di\erxit) ol cluhhing at the moment.

I Retox at Bamhoo. llpm 3am. £3 (£2). \Veekl). Miguel (‘anipox pla)x _\()tl itito 'l‘hurxda} \\ itl) a mixture ol hip hop and R&B.

I Shackass at Shack.

l().3()pin 3.30am. £5 (£3). \Veekl}. The inimitahle l)J Toaxt xpinx the tinext in chart claxxicx. \\ ith a heallhx xmattcring ()l L'ltCL‘xc illxo. I

I Stud’essential at Jongleurx.

‘Jplll 3am. T‘rec. \Veekl}. l-rexli xtudent night at the L‘UlllL‘tl} cluh in the hig huilding. l‘ree entr) and a xhitload ol drinkx proniox mean that the crou d \\ ill he in line l‘L‘lllC.

I Traffic Light at Blanket llUl‘lllL‘l‘l} Bed). llpm 3am. £5 (£3). \Vcekl}. Stop at the Iightx and get into bed e\er} \Ved. There'll he intimate pillou talk it) the lront hedroom and xe.\} R&B and pop in the hack hedl'oolti. \Valc‘lt out lol‘ the trallic police who gixe lree alcohol to all thoxe \\ ho dare to xit in the car xeat.

Edinburgh Clubs

Events are listed by city, day, type, then alphabetically by name. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to clubs@list.co.uk, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Edinburgh listings are compiled by Henry Northmore.

Edinburgh Thursdays


I Audio Tourism at l’i\'o Bar ('luh. 9pm 3am. l-ree. \Veekl}. Start the ucekend oll nice and earl} \\ ith a xelection ol local talent.

I Daysleeps at ()pium. l lpm 3am. l’rec. \Veekl}. .\'u metal. thraxh metal. induxtrial metal and juxt ahout e\er_\ other I} pe ol metal _\ou can think ol.

I Departure Sounds at Medina. ltlpni 3am. £2. 8 Jan. The Departure Lounge team bring their unique \ ihe to a xmaller \enue l'or a more regular part). \Vith l)Jx :\xtroho} and .\Ir Zimhahxxe .xpinning old} the linext xelection ol electro (all. Latin rhythmx and lunk} glohal heatx. accompanied by li\e percuxxion.

I El Barrio at lil Barrio. lllpm 3am. l‘rce £5. \Veckl). Salxa and merengue

\x ith l)J .\'ano & The Latin l’oxxe.

I ltchy Soul Hi-Fi at the Venue. ll).3()pni 3am. £5 (£4). 22 Jan. .\li\ing up rootx. reggae. duh and platex direct lroin the Itch} Soul xtudio. plux li\ e percuxxion lt‘olt) TX I.

I Jungle Magic at the Hone} coinh.

l lpln 3am. £8 (tree to ticket holderx lroni Dec). 15 Jan onl_\. ('hrixtmax laxlx a hit longer lor drum & haxx alicionadox ax Jungle Magic hoxt thix one oll xpecial

\\ ith [U H) pe returning lor a two hour xet

alter inixxing hix flight and mixxing the (’hrixtmax xpecial in Dec. Tree to ticket littldCl‘x lt'oltl the Dec \lttm.

I MIB2 at ('ax'endixh/l)i\'a. lllpni 2am. liree helore midnight: £3 alter. Weekly The hext in LS hip hop. ragga and R&B lrom Tee-TNT and Mr H. Back \\ ith the xanie niuxic )ott all lo\ed xo much ax the} take o\'er thix new \enue.

I Nexus at Studio 24. ltlpm 3am. £l. Weekly. A hen night that inixex the hext ol rock. metal. induxtrial and goth \\ ith a touch ol cheexe. l-"rom )ollt' hoxtx Smell}; Kynon. Ba/ and Roxx.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge.

l()pni 3am. £3. \Veekl}. ('laxxic dance anthemx and lunk} \ocal hotlxe lroin JT. I Sanitarium at Suhu'a}; Spm 5am. l‘ree. \Veekl}. .\'e\\ rock night lronl lidinhurgh Rock. l‘eaturing lixe handx and interactive l)Jx (_\'ou can text )our requextx and there w ill he hig xcreen \ ixualx) plux plenty ol drinkx promox.

I Say Samba! at (‘aharet Voltaire. Returnx in Mar.

I Skintight at ligo. l(l.3()pm 3am. l’ree helore l lpm; £3 alter. \Veekl}. l)Jx Jimm} l-'unk and (‘harlie Sunxhine pla} ing lunk and dixco all night (it hat elxe could the} pla} \\ ith namex like that?)

I The Snatch Social at the Liquid Room. l().3()pm 3am. £3.5()(£3). \Veekl). A nexx era heginx at the new I} re-hranded. lilth-li\atcd. lunk} dixcii-culn-caharet. comicall} coinpered h_\ Tap Water .-\\\ard “inner Ton} ('arter and Hair} :\ln\\\t)t‘lll (aka Perrier Nexicomer \\ inner (iartli (.l'llll'xSllillllKl hack lrom the dead. |)eck manipulated in a cod lunk and hip hop .xt_\‘lee h} Bahex and Trend} Wend) (inonthl) rexident ).

I Still Moving at ('aharct Voltaire. llpm 3am. £4 (£3). 15 Jan. .\ hip hop and drum & haxx I)J hattle lrom xome ol lidinhurgh'x hext up-and-coming l)Jx plux a tour deck xliimcaxe lrom hoxtx I)J Sk}e and Larr} l’.

like. i

Nic Fanciulli joins Progression, Sat 17 Jan

listings Clubs


I 30 Jan is the time when most people can‘t be bothered to drag their sorry asses to the nearest danceteria. but with 3D you get three top notch clubs for the price of one. So why not make the effort for P090 Vogue. Manga and Headspin (9 Jan) and Obscene. Dogma and Funkeymagic (16 Jan). The Venue, week/y Fri.

I Dogma Further enticement to get yOLl down to clubland comes in the form of Dogma's annual freebie. Cool techno and underground sounds from the resident roster for the bargain price of sod all. Studio 24, Fri 9 Jan.

I Jungle Magic Unfortunately DJ Hype (pictured) missed a plane and couldn't make the Jungle Magic Xmas party in Dec. But no worries he's back with a back 2 back set from G Mac and DJ Kid as warm-up. Also free to get in if you still have your tickets from the original date. Christmas comes late or very early indeed depending on your point of view. The Honeycomb. Thu 75 Jan.

I The 60-60 The best in 60s garage and surf trax with special guest David Stone laying down some of the finest funk and soul. Ego, Fri 76 Jan. I Bio-Rhythm A scuzzed up take on dance beats from this night of eclectica as the Lo Fidelity Allstars join the Merry Pranksters on the wheels of steel. The Honeycomb, Sat 7 7 Jan.

I Give It Some! DJRedG hosts this night of funk. soul. rare groove. breaks and classic kung-fu down the newly invigorated Bongo. The Bongo Club. Sat 77 Jan.

t3, 1’? Jill) L’tltl-‘a THE LIST 69