abottt tlte artform. tlte Jerwood Drawing Prize is the ottly competition dedicated to promoting drawing as art itttegral part of contemporary art practice. .\'ow itt its eigltth year. tlte exhibition showcases the winning work aitd that of the liiialists. See llitlist.

100°/o Cotton Mon 5 Wed 2l Jait (Atrium (iallery ). A collaborative project between the fiber and materials studies departntent at the School of Art Institute of (‘hicago arid the textile department at (ilasgow Scltool of Art. Tlte exhibition aims to redefine a universal article of clothing. the T-shirt. NEW SHOW.


I82 Batlt Street. 333 l‘)‘)l. Mon Fri 10.30am 5pm1Sat l0.30am lpiit. Christmas Exhibition l'niil Sat 3t Jan. A festive selection of contemporary. l‘)th aitd 20th centttry paintings.


‘) ll (ieorge Street. 552 202-1. Mon Sat 9am 5pm.

Eric Doig: Glasgow Tue 6 Sat 3t Jail. lil‘ie Doig presents his View of the city of (ilasgow in bold colour.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY t'niversity of(ilasgow. 82 llillhead Street. 330 543l. Mott Sat 9.30am 5pm: Sun 12.30 4.30pm.

A Hundred Objects for 100 Years l'ntil Sat l7 Jan. A unique opportttnity to see the iitosi important works acquired by the gallery over the years with the support of the Art l-‘und. including such diverse works as l.ucien Freud's Alter ('lirtt'rliii (2000) aitd Alexander Naysmith's “flirt/turn"! ('ustlv um/ 'Iitti'ti wit/i Ben Lamond ( l8l6). 20th Century Painting from the Permanent Collection Moll ll)

Jan l‘ri 3| Dec. A selection of the llunterian‘s line art collection of British art front the 20th century.


l8 King Street. 552 25-10. Mon l‘ri

10am 5pm.

Camera Obscura Mott It) Hi 30 Jan. An exhibition of work by artist group Artl'orm. who include Stephen llealy aitd Jen Beattie. attd various service users. featuring photographs made with a pinhole camera. NEW SHOW.


ll Mitchell l.ane. 22l 6362. Mon.

Wed Sat l0.30am 5pm; Tue llant 5pm: Stilt noon 5pm. £3 (80p).

Nature of Healing Art l'niil Mott 5 Jan. A focus on recent key hospital projects across the [K and Japan.

It’s Snow Time l'ntil Stiit ll Jan. Twenty artists and designers have been invited to design their very own snow dome featuring works by Bell (iraphic. Blue Marmalade. One Foot Taller aitd 'l‘ititot'ous Beasties.

The Bird That Never Flew t'niil Stiit 25 Jan. (ilasgow-lxised graphic designer Susan Roan reinterprets (ilasgow's (‘oat of Arms fora series ofT— shirts.

Glasgow Bridge t‘niil Wed 28 Jan. Ait exhibition revealing the controversial winning desigii of a new pedestrian bridge across the (‘lydc. designed by Richard Rogers. The £40m footbridge has been criticised for being unoriginal though (ilasgow ('in ('ouncil described it as iconic. Make your own mind up in this display of Rogers’ bridge atid the live runner-ups.

Glasgow Style t'niil Sun I l-‘eb. A focus on the celebrated designs of (‘harles Rennie Mackintosh and his associates. collectively known as the (ilasgow Style.

Lightness at the Lighthouse l7ntil Stiit l l‘eb. Students front (ilasgow School of Art‘s Product Design course look at ways to imagine a lighter way of living.

Maggie’s Exhibition t'niil Sun 8 Feb. A focus on the Maggie's ('eiitres

which aim to help people to adjttst to liviitg with cancer. Some of the world's best architects have desigited these buildings including l-‘rank (iehry’s new building in Dundee.

White Light Sat l7 Jan Sttit l 1 Apr. Finland’s leading textile designers. mother attd daughter partnership Riitta l.iisa aiid Anna Riitta llaavisto. present a site-specific installation which explores ways of tisiiig different papers as diverse

materials. NEW SHOW.


Station Road. Milngayie. 578 88-17. Tue Sat l0am lpiit & 2 5pm. Summer Flowers to Studio Interiors t'iitil Wed 1 l l-‘eb. Still life paintings from the gallery's perntanent collection.

Louise Annand: A Retrospective 1942-2002 Sat to Jan Wed l l lieb. A retrospective exhibition focusing on the work of Scottish artist Louise Aitnand featuring paiittiiigs. book illustrations and art educational films. NEW SHOW.


I58 Bath Street. 33l 4060. Mott Thu noon lam; Fri Sat noon 3am. Shapes of Things t'ntil Wed 4 l-‘eh. The Shapes oli'lihings is it series of exhibitions highlighting the work of recent graduates atid students at (ilasgow School of Art and other art colleges. .\'ina Miller and Sarah llobstettcr show work from 8 2| Jan followed by David liustacc (22 Jan 4 Feb).


322 & 324 Duke Street. Dennistoun. 556 7276. Tue Sal noon 6pm.

Blink l‘ri ‘) Sat 3] Jan. The third iii a series of three window -based installations in the gallery space featuring the work of

Ally Wallace. NEW SHOW.


270 Sauchiehall Street. 565 4100.

Mon Sat l0am 5pm; Stilt noon 5pm. Art Treasures of Kelvingrove l'ntil .\'ov 2005. As the Kelvingrove Museum & Art (iallery has now closed its doors for major refurbishment. over 200 paintings from the Kclvingrove collection take tip residency at the McLellan (ialleries. Tltc display includes Thomas Faed's 'I'ltt' Lust oft/iv ('luii attd Rembrandt's A Matt in Armour. pltis work by (‘harles Rennie Mackintosh. Dutch aiid l-‘lemish art.


47 Parnic Street. 552 5627. Tue Sat 10.30am 5.30pm: Sun I 5pm.

Festive Exhibition Sat 31 Jan. A mixed show including ceramics by Olivia Brown. woodtttrning by Scott Irvine aitd paintings by gallery artists Pat Semple. James llawkins. (ierard M Burns atid lleleti Denerley.


73 Robertson Street. Suite 6. floor I. 248 37l 1. Tue l-‘ri noon 5pm.

0 Padraig Timoney l-‘ri ‘) Hi 30 Jati. .\'ew work by Padraig Timoney who featured in The British Art Show 5. The Derry -born artist tises a variety of media and materials iii his work including photographs. painting attd installation. See llitlist. NEW SHOW.


22l West (ieot‘ge Street. 248 9755.

Mott l-‘ri l0am 5pm.

Christmas Exhibition t'niil Mon 1‘) Jan. A mixed show featuring new paintings by David Sinclair RSW.


High Street. 88‘) 3 l 5 1. Tue Sat

l0am 5pm; Stilt 2 5pm.

Look at our World 3 t'niil Sun l8 Jan. Annual showcase of creative art attd design by children atid young people iii Renfrewshire.


(‘entre For Developmental Arts l8 Albion Street. 552 2822. Month l0ant 5pm.

A Squigeg Map of Scotland Fri 16 Jait Fri 20 Feb. Adults with learning difficulties explore the geography and landscapes of Scotlatid iii this exhibition of paintings.


6 Burtifteld Road. (iiffnock. 638 I200. Mon Fri llams 6pm; Sat l0am 530me Still noon 5.30pm.

Christmas Group Exhibition t'niil Sat 31 Jan. Affordable paintings aitd sculpture by over 30 artists including works by Pat Kramek. lan lilliot. Bryan livans. Joiiatltait Shearer. Kirsty Wltiten atid Peter .\'ardini.


26 King Street. 552 2l5 1. Tue Sat

10am 5.30pm.

Louise Crawford and Stephan Gueneau l'ntil Sat 3| Jan. Photographs of (ilasgow and Paris by night as documented by Louise ('rawford aitd Stephan (iueneau. who ltave worked collaboratively sittce l‘)‘)2 iit film aitd photographic works. See review.


28 Kittg Street. 552 4813. Tue -Sat 1 lam 5pm. Henry Coombes and Sarah Smith Sat I7 Sat 24 Jan. Sculpture by (ilasgow School of Art graduate llenry ('oombes and a sound installation by Sarah Smith. NEW SHOW.


l8 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon Fri

10am 5pm.

East West Dialogue l-‘ri l6 Jan iii 20 l-‘eb. Members of (ilasgow 's Project Ability atid lidinburgh's Stepping Stones explore the stigma of mental ill health in this collaborative sculptural installation.


(iovan. 41‘) 929‘).

Path of Light l'ntil Sat l0 Jan. l‘rom disused cinemas to roads. (iovan's overlooked btiildiiigs get illuminated iii a series of lighting works created by artists frotii (ilasgow aitd Turin.


I I3 West Regent Street. 22l ‘)l0‘). Tue l-‘ri 10.30am 5pm.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil l-‘ri 9 Jan. Paintings. drawings and prittts of (ilasgow. Dumbarton. Perth. St Andrew s arid the liast (‘oasl by various artists.

General Stock Tue l3 l-'ri 30 Jait. A selection of 19th aitd 20th century paintings.

Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow Life, page 82.


The (‘ross. Kirkintilloch. 57801-14.

Tue Sat l0am lpm & 25pm. Scottish Photographic Circle Sat l0 Sat 3l Jan. An exhibition of members' prints displaying a range of styles. techniques attd subject matter.


2060 Pollokshaws Road. 287 255”. Mott Thu tk Sat 10am 5pm; liri tk Sitii l lant 5pm. Whistler and Burrell t’niil Sun l8 Jan. Ait exhibition ol'over 20 works by Whistler. collected by Sir Williant Bttrrell.

Whistler in Venice t’ntil Stiit 18 Jan. An exhibition of around 50 etchings and pastels by James Mc.\'eil Whistler. created during his l-l-month stay in Venice in l87‘). l-‘inding himself in dire financial straits. Whistler along with his model and mistress Maud Franklin took refuge in the Italian city. Here he produced ait extraordinary body of work which captured the magnilicence of the ornate palaces to scenes of everyday life.

listings Art

Janice McNab From abandoned aeroplane chairs to flotation tanks. Janice McNab explores themes of isolation and alienation in this new series of photorealist paintings. See preview. Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Sat 77 Jan—Sat 27 Feb

The Jerwood Drawing Prize Proving that drawing is not just pencil lines on paper. the Jen/vood Drawing Prize returns to Glasgow with an exhibition of the winning entries. Glasgow School ofArt, Glasgow, Wed 74 Jan—Sat 27 Feb.

Travels with Edward Lear Author and illustrator of Nonsense Verses Edward Lear was also an outstanding watercolourist who specialised in topographical and natural history studies. Over 30 works which were gifted to the gallery go on display. See preview. National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh, Fri 9 Jan—Sun 27 Mar.

Padraig Timoney A solo show for Derry-born artist Padraig Timoney who employs a variety of media and materials in his work. The Modern Institute, Glasgow Fri 9—Fri 30 Jan.

Degas and the Italians in Paris Over 50 works by the great French Impressionist painter Edgar Degas. together with works by four ltalian artists who were greatly inspired by his ability to capture modern life. Royal Scottish Academy Building, Edinburgh, until Sun 29 Feb.

Cindy Sherman A major survey of the work of influential American photographer Cindy Sherman who since the mid 708. has used her own body to explore media-induced female stereotypes. See review. National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, until Sun 7 Mar.

David Sherry More humorous musings on the human condition from performance artist David Sherry which includes hanging around in shops close to closing time in an attempt to outstay his welcome. See review. Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, until Sun 75 Feb.

8722 Jan 200-”. THE LIST 77