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Edinburgh Galleries


l5 Rtrtland Sqttare. 22‘) 7545. Mon Fri ‘)am 5pm (except local bank holidays). Exercises in Timber Patterns: Space and Form t'ntit Hi to Jan. An exhibition of photographs. drawings and models of recent buildings and projects by Robin \Vebster with works by sculptor Alan Watson.

Transformations: The Artist and the Foundry Meet Mott t‘) Hi 30 Jan. Paintings by Iirnma S/ilagyi resulting frotn a project at the furnaces of (‘ l.airtg & Sorts in lidinburgh with local children at Broughton Primary School.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnyerleith Row. 552 7l7l. Daily

l()am 3.30pm.

Inverleith House is closed for refurbishment until Strmtner 2004.

All Wrapped Up - The Christmas Craft Collection l'ntil Sun I l Jatt (lixhibition llall ). .-\ selling exhibition of original Scottish crafts featuring textiles. basketry. jewellery. paper. woodwork. studio glass attd ceramics. :\I’tlsts include Iilaine Allison. Philippa (’rawford. Lorna Fraser. Neil Martin. ('raig Stuart and Katy West.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings (iallery. l()() Princes Street. 225 l5()l. Mon Fri l()am (rpm. Christmas Show t'ntil l'ri lo Jan. Paintings. prints and drawings by past R()Sl. exhibitors including Matthew Burrows. Bella liaston and ('hristopltet' (iilyan-('artwright.


The Mound. (r24 ()2()(). Mon Wed ck

l-‘ri- Sun ltiarn 5pm; Thtt 10am 7pm.

0 Degas and the Italians in Paris l'ntil Strn 2‘) Feb (lower galleries). £6.50 (£4.50). The second exhibition deyoted to Impressionism iii the refurbished RSA building is the first to explore the connection betweert French painter Iidgar Degas and a number of ltaliatr artists in Paris who were greatly inspired by his experimental techniques and his ability to capture modern life. There are oycr ‘)() works. 5() by Degas including oils. pastels. drawings attd sculpture depicting his famous ballet dancers. nudes. wornett washing and drying themselyes arid early portraits. See llitlist.

The Society of Scottish Artists L'ntil Wed 2| Jatt (Info: 220 3‘)77). Sirtce 1892. the Society of Scottish Artists ltaye been exhibiting at the RSA. To celebrate its return to the refurbished space is art exhibition of works ranging frorn paintings and prints to video arid sculpture by selected and im ited artists including Katayoun l)owlatshahi. ('at'ol Dunbar. ('raig Mackay. Ruth Montada. Ann Shaw. (‘harmain Pollok and Stephen llealy' plus works by the Queen‘s painter tilt/abeth Blackadder.

Visual Arts Scotland Annual Exhibition {Tritil Wed 21 Jan (Info: 07906 9402 l 8). Annual open exhibition presented by Visual Arts Scotland. a contemporary art society which represents the line and applied arts. This year‘s exhibition features works by invited artists including Jake llaryey'. (‘alttm (‘olyin. Shona Kinloch and ten recent graduate jewellers. attd a suite of lithographs by Nelson Mandela. drawn by him while he was a prisoner on Robben Island. See review.

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lb Dtrndas Street. 558 I200. Mon I~'ri l()am (rpm; Sat l()am 4pm. Deirdre Edwards Thu 8 Jart Wed 4 Feb. Paintings by Deirdre lidwards inspired by two recent trips to (Trina. NEW SHOW.

William Kirk Thu 8 Jatt Wed 4 l-'eb. New silx‘erware by William Kirk featuring formal. ceremonial and domestic pieces.

Nicholas Rena Thu 8 Jan wed 4 l’eb.

A new body of sculptural ceramics exploring reclining \‘esscl forms and trsing a palette of w ltite.


Reiach and Hall .-\rchitects. (r Darrtaway Street. 225 8444. Mon l’ri 2pm 5pm. Beyond Nature, The City? Mon l2 l‘ri 2.3 Jan. A mixed show introducing new artists to the gallery space. x\t'llsts include Karen Breneman. Katahiro lwaski. Meng ('hang. Paulina Sandberg and .-\su/a Sakata. NE W St TOW.

SMITH AND JOHN GALLERY l5‘) (ireat Junction Street. I.eitlt. 47o 7l3t). \‘iew ing by appointment. Jamie’s Faces t'ntil Thu IS .lan. ('ollaborating artists Bogac/ ck ('oy le present a large \ ideo projection onto the gallery window irt this new show at this new gallery.


58 Ratcliffe Terrace. («37 WM). Mon Sat ltiam (rpm.

Christmas Show t‘ntil Sat 3| .lan. .\ festixe selection of paintings attd prints by \ariotts artists.


23 ('ockburn Street. (r22 (r200. Daily llattr (rpm.

New Europe and the Balkans Sat l7 Jan Sun l4 Mar. Breda Bebart cttr'ates this touring group show of work by eight contemporary artists from the Balkans who work in photography. performance and \ ideo. Ni W St l()\.‘.’.


2| l.ismorc ('rescertt. Parsons (ircert. (i2() 3344.

Karen Loughridge l'ntil Hi () t-eh. Iidinbtrrgh artist Karen Loughridge show s work frotrt her recent residency irt lceland.

TALBOT RICE GALLERY l'niyersity of lidinbtrrgh. South Bridge. (r50 22“). Tue Sat Illarn 5pm. OJanice McNab Sat 17 Jan Sat 2! l‘eb. Janice McNab follows tip her paintings of chemical poisoning Victims arid the (ireenock Factory Project which was shown at Tramway irt 2002. with a

series of new works. lixploring themes of

freedom. isolation and closed spaces. the

exhibition includes photorealist studies of

abandoned aeroplane cltairs and flotation tanks. See preyicw and llitlist. Nl W

St l()V.-’.

Louise Hopkins Sat (7 Jatt Sat 2! l-‘eb (rotrnd room). New paintings by Louise Hopkins w ho transforms pre— existing surfaces ranging frorrt maps. sheet music arid lined paper.


3o Dundas Street. 55o (r3oo. Mon l‘ri llarti (rpm; Sat [0.30am (rpm . Christmas Exhibition t’ntil Sat in Jan. Mixed show featuring oy er 7() gallery artists with jewellery by Slteana Stephen. John Lowrie Morrison Sat t7

Jan Sat 7 l-‘eb. Recent paintings by Jolortto.


3 Br‘istt) Place. 220 4.533. l);lll_\

noon I()pni.

Working in a Way Sat It) Sat 3| Jatt. Painting. photography and site-specific projects by fottr emerging artists from tlte North West of lingland. Lorraine Berry. (iail Dow ttie. Rachael Kearney attd Pattl Startley.


lb Strtltlt l'ittl'l Street. 47S 73“). Mon Sat llartt H.45me Sttn l2.3() l l.45pm. Peepshow t'ntit Sat (7 Jan. Benchtours theatre company celebrate their tenth annixcrsary with a collection of photographs by Marc Marnie of the company ‘s last l3 plays inclttding 'I'lrt' Brit/2v ( l‘)‘)4 l. l’t't'px/IHH‘ ( l‘)‘)()) and IlilH‘ (‘lrt'rry ()rt‘lrtu't/ ( 2002 ).


4 Dundas Street. 558 ‘)544/5. Mon l‘t'i Itiam opm1Sat llartt 4pm.

Mixed Show Mon 5 Sat 3| .lart. .\

selection of Scottish sporting. military and landscape paintings.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh Life, page 83.


42 High Street. 52‘) 4|42. Mon Sat ltlam 5pm.

Season’s Greetings t‘ntil Sat 3! Jatt. .\ collection of Victorian and earl} 2()tlt century ('hristmas and New Year cards.


2 (‘ltarttbers Street. 247 421‘). Mon Sat ltlarn 5pm (Tue 8pm); Strti noon 5pm. Mao: Arts for the Masses 1950-76 t'ntil Sun 4 .~\pr. The forrttation of(‘ontmunist ('hina is brought to life through a priyate collection of titasterpicces rrtade between l‘)5() l‘)7b. acquired dttring artd immediately after the ('ultttral Rexolulion.

The Making of a Museum: Photographs by Niall Hendrie l'ntil Sat 28 l‘eb. Photographs by Niall llendrie documenting the creation of the Museum of Scotlartd.

Christmas Art Competition Exhibition Strn l8 Thu 2‘) Jart. Selected entries front the ttttisetrm's NMS ('hristmas art competition on display.


l.ady Stair's llotrse. l.ady Stan's ('lose. 52‘) 4‘)()l. Mon Sat lilam 5pm. Dorothy Dunnett (1923-2001) l'ntil Sal 2b Jan. A focus on the life and work of atrthor Dorothy Dunnett who penned [Arno/til ( ‘lrmnir/t'x. King Ilt’l‘t'tl/lt'l'. ill/Iv HUHH' HI .VItt‘n/u tltttl tltc .lnlrlrsmr .lulr/rwrr dctectixc series.


l‘niy ersin of Dundee. l3 Perth Road. (H382 345330.

Common-Place l'ntil Tue D Feb. .1\

Photographs by Freddy Tornberg at the Danish Cultural Institute

look at ltow buildings are conceiyed artd deyeloped focusing on nine Scottiin projects including lidinburglt’s Dance Base and a shelter on Tiree.


152 Nethergate. ()l382 ‘)()‘)‘)()().

Tue Wed. Sat ck Sun lt).3()am 5.30pm: Thu ck l-‘ri lt).3()am 8pm.

Plunder l'ntil Strn l l Jart. .\ major group exhibition which takes a fresh look at collage from the paper \ariety to digital media. sampled sound and mm ing image. The show features Kurt

Scltw itter‘s paper collage made in l‘)2 I. Peter Say illc and Jamie Reid's influential work for record coyers in the late 70s artd 80s and works by Douglas (iordort. Roderick Buchanan. Pierre lluyghe. Jitn l.arrtbie. Sarah Lucas. liduardo Paolo/Ii. ('athy Wilkes arid many more. lASl

(it lANCt: l0 SH".

Craft at DCA l'ntil Strrt ll Jan. Hand- crafted crafts inclttding jewellery. ceramics and textiles by some of Scotland's top makers.

Joanne Thompson Tue I3 Jart Sun 7 Mar. Jewellery by this lidinbttrglt ('ollege ()l' .-\t't graduate.


Alba-t Sqttare. (H382 432084. Mon Wed ck Fri Sat 10.30am 5pm: Thu

It).3()am 7pm: Strtt l2.3() 4pm. Etching in Dundee l't'l to Jan Sun 2()l't‘l1.'\ tllspldy UT 25 etchings front the museum collection juxtaposed w ith 34 new prints by 17 etches currently working in Dundee.

Outside the Cities



l2‘) Muir Street. ()l(r‘)S 328232. Mon Sat ltlam 5pm: Strn noon 5pm.

Weaving Stories Exhibition Sat t7 .lan Strn 28 Mar. ('ontempor'ary crafts by ten innoyatiy e designers exploring the tttarty forms of w eay irtg.


METHIL HERITAGE CENTRE The Old Post Office. 272 lliglt Street. l.ow er Metltil. ()l 333 422 ltltl. Comics l'ntil Sat l7 .lari. Tiger Tim. Korky the Kat arid Biffo tlte Bear are some of the characters featured in this exhibition of comics.



35 The Stirling Arcade. ()1 78b 47‘)3(t l. Wed Sal l lam 5pm.

Pallas t‘ntil Sat 24 Jan. The (il;lsgtt\\~ based artists explore the context (if the gallery both irt its physical setting and its wider cultural perspectiy e. l'sittg drawings. \ ideo arid sculptural work they form a series of responses w itlt oyerlapping themes.