WORLD INDOOR TUG OF WAR CHAMPIONSHIPS Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, Thu 19-Sun 22 Feb

On the pull

1 . Remember school sports days when everyone had to pull on opposite ends of a rope before the bossy kid at the back. who had the SAS StirViyal

Handbook. started shooting ‘9 . . . t3 . .


someone at the front fell over and

everyone else started laughing? l‘as is like that. only with people who know what they're domg and have national pride at stake.

2. It’s like the Champions League, the World Cup and the Boat Race rolled into one. Ihe il‘."(3 day f'estryt of rope yanking begins with a Glasgoy'r versus Fdrnhurgh battle of the ll'll‘.'(}l'SlI|(?S_ trier there are two days of club competition before the \l'y/orld Indoor (Zl‘a ni>2or‘.sh.p proper starts. Iwenty sides. including SIXII'T. Italy. the USA. Indra. (It‘it‘a and the Channel Islands are entered in

various \.'.'erghts.

3. The competitors don’t all look like undernourished rakes. Most sports'ner‘. and txrorr‘c-n are. let's he hor‘est. "at'ier (izftzciilt for the rest of us to

empathrse wilt. Bet.

.rhr‘e tug of war cor rpc-titors aren't exactly darts players ithe

top athletes tra 't s'x days a ‘.'.’(3(}i\’i. they r )at least look woman.

4. Scotland might win. the mer"s team y'ror‘. gold l". the (380m category and silver in the (300m category at the recent UK Charnt>ionships_ although l ngland, Ireland. the Netherlands. .Japan and Northern lrelar‘d are :key to tic-id strong tearr‘s. 5. Scott’s So-Easy Porage Oats is sponsoring the contest. “Scott's So l asy has all the goodness ot' Scott's Porage ()ats r". c<)r‘.\.=c-nrent. llll(I7'()‘.'.’£l\.’()£lI)I(3

sachets' And lest we forget. they. are {1(2‘.'(}tIlS(}(l by a ma" 1". a k'lt with no pants

and two an‘tised carter.

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication. Sports listings are subject to change, so please check in advance. Listings are compiled by Maureen Ellis.

.'..) .ltl‘, H l.


I Football: Hibernian v Rangers IIampden I’ark. I.etherhy I)ri\ e. (ilh ()IIIIII. Spot. In a repeat ol the Scottish ('up third round tie. Ilihs take on Rangers in the semi final ol' the ('IS (tip. Alter knocking ('eItic out ol the competition. Ilihs \y ill he hoping to make it an Old I‘irm douhle.


I Rugby: Bell Lawrie White Scottish Schools Cup Final \Illl‘i'ityllL‘ItI Stadium. Ri\L‘l'\tI;tIL‘ ('rescent. 346 5000. 7pm. Junior final l'eaturing Scotland‘s rughy stars ol lotttol't'oyy.

Outside the cities

I Horse-racing: Kelso Races ls'elsn Racecourse. KcIso. (II573 33470". I.50pnt. £10 (9.5; under lhs tree). National hunt horse racing staged at Britain's l'riendliest course in the most picturesque ot' settings.


I Rugby: Edinburgh Rugby v Cardiff Blues Meadow hank Sports (‘entre. 13‘) London 535 I. 7.30pm. L'I0 {I5 t£5 LS). StiII lairly huoyant in the (chic League tahle. Iidinhurgh play host to the onyly placed ('ardil‘l' hoping to ascend the tahIe.

I Basketball: East Lothian Peregrines v Glasgow Storm

w ".ot attend. dairies Stuart.

.\lusselhurgh Sports ('entre. Neuhigging. .\Itisselhurgh. (x53 (r367. Spin. (ilasgoyy trayeI cast to take on the Iiast Lothian side. hoping to end a poor run ol‘ lorm.


I Football: Partick Thistle v Hamilton Academical l-‘irhill. 8t) I-‘irhiII Road. 57‘) l‘)7l. 3pm. While the accountants \yon't \yeIcome a second

diy ision pairing. tans \inI e\pect the Jags to progress syy il'tIy to the quarter-finals.


I Football: Hearts v Celtic 'I‘ynecastle Stadium. (iorgie Road. 300 720i I). l 5pm. All eyes on Ty necastle as the No giants hattle tor a quarter-final place in the Scottish (up. (’eItic pttt fiye past the Jamhos in their first meeting. hut struggled \\ ith a l 0 “in in January. \ViII BBC cameras elicit another jittery pct'lot‘tttattcc lrom Martin ()'.\'eiII's men‘.’


I Athletics: Scottish Athletics Indoor League Kely in “all International Sports Arena. I445 Argyle Street. 357 3535. Regular athletics tneeting in the track and field calendar.


I Football: Spartans v Livingston (‘ity I’ark. I’erry Road. Ipm. Sold otit. With special permission lrom the council. health and sat'ety. the police and just about anyone \\ ith a clip board. the Spartans continue their dream cup run playing host to I.i\ \y. Are yye in tor a shock.’

I Swimming: Edinburgh Naturist Swimming Club \Varrendcr Syy im

('entre. 55 'I‘hirlestane Road. Marchmont. 07880 ()l8073. 4 5pm. £4 (£3). The club resumes its monthly meetings in the 25m pool in .\Iarchmont. ()yer IXs only. For more details go to I Ice hockey: Edinburgh Capitals v Dundee Tigers .\lurrayfield Ice Rink. Riyersdale ('rescent. 337 (N33. (th1}. £6 (£4l. S.\'l. ice hockey match.

Outside the cities

I Football: Kilmarnock v Rangers Rughy Park. Rugby Road. Kilmarnock. 01563 525IS4. 3pm. .Another all-premier pairing. Rangers could make it a cup douhle it they ease past Killie tor a third time this season.

Tuesday 10

Outside the cities

I Dundee United v Hibernian 'Iannadice Park. 'I‘annadice Street. Dundee. (H.382 S'33Ioo. 7.45pm. Bohhy \Villiannon and his side head north for a dil'ficuIt tie against a strong I'nited side.

Wednesday 1 1


I Football: Partick Thistle v Livingston I-'irhiII. 80 l’irhill Road. 57‘) 1971. 7.45pm. The SI’I. action resumes as the onyly Thistle try to lend (ill the attacks ol- I.i\ \ y.

I Football: Rangers v Kilmarnock Ihrox Stadium. Iidmiston I)ri\‘e. 0870 (100 l‘)‘)3. 7.45pm. Same teams. ditlerent setting. KiIIie head up the M77 hoping to clinch some much-needed SI’I. points.

I Athletics: Scottish Universities Athletics Trophy Meeting Kelyin IlaII International Sports Arena. I445 Arger Street. 357 2535. Students from Scotland’s uniyersities compete in track and field eyents.


I Football: Hearts v Aberdeen

Ty necastle Stadium. (iorgie Road. 200 7201. 7.45pm. With a home adyantage. the Jamhos really hate the upper hand as they take on the I)ons.

Outside the cities

I Football: Dunfermline v Celtic liast Iind I’ark. IItheath Road. l)unt‘ermline. (H.383 720303. 7.45pm. The I’ars are one ol~ the ten domestic sides to Wk“ 3‘”) Itoittts ol‘l' ('eItic this season lloIIo“ ing their leagtie-commencing 0 () draty l. .\lartin ()'.\'eiIl yy ants to ensure his side drop no more points it they ‘re to hold onto that record.


I Rugby: Edinburgh Rugby v Connacht .\Ieadoy\ hank Sports ('entre. I3‘) I.ondon Road. no! 535 I. 7.30pm.

{l0 £15l£5 £8). ()iin a text middling poittts separate the tyyo sides in the (chic League. Iidinhurgh's spirits should he high \\ ith Heineken ('up inon\etttcnl. so expect a positi\ e shoyy ing.

Saturday 14


I Football: Celtic v Dundee United ('eItic I’ark. Kerrydale Street. I’arkhead. 55l 8053. 3pm. (’an (‘eltic make it a \y hole season \\ ithout being beaten in the SI’I,'.’ Dundee l'nited aren't likely to threaten that potential.


I Basketball: Edinburgh Kings v St Mirren Meadoyy hank Sports ('entre. l3‘) London Road. ool 535]. o.3llpin. £5 tL'Z l. The 2003 Scottiin champions take on I’aisley opposition.

Glasgow I Basketball: Glasgow Storm v Falkirk Fury Scotstoun Leisure ('entre.

listings Sport

Danes l)ri\‘e. Scotstoun. 95‘) 4000. 3.45pm. (iIttsgtm 's season hasn't really taken off. \y ith more losses than u his. The Visit of I‘alkirk could raise flagging spirits. I Basketball: Scottish Rocks v Newcastle Eagles Braehead Arena. Kings Inch Road. 561 l I40. 5pm. £7 {l0 t£5 L'Sl: lainin ticket £20. The Rocks hayen‘t lulfilled their potential this season. A showing against New castle is needed to shoyy the home support the side are better than their placing suggests.


I Football: Hibernian v Hearts liaster Road. I3 AIhion Place. (mt I875. 3pm. The capitals tyyo loothall teams clash in another teIey ised encounter.

I Ice hockey: Edinburgh Capitals v Bracknell Bees .\IurrayfieId Ice Rink. RiyersdaIe ('rescent. 337 (i033. (rpm. U) ([4 l. I'iliNI. Ice hockey lletll‘L‘.

Tuesday 1 7

Outside the cities

I Football: Scotland U21 v Hungary U21 :\Itttond\aIc Stadium. Almondyale Stadium Road. I.t\ingslolt. (IISIIh 4I7()()(). 7.30pm. Rainer Iionholqs young side play a friendly against Iiastern Iitiropean opposition.

Thursday 19


I International: World Indoor Tug of War Championships Kely in Hall International Sports Arena. I445 Argyle Street. 357 2535. 0.30am 5pm. Scotland plays host to the international tug-ol-yyar championships. \yliich also incorporate the lidinhurgh \ (ilasgoyy challenge. Schools competition takes place Thu t5me and the (iIasgoyy \ Iidinhurgh challenge begins at 9.30am. Sat ZI I'IL‘I‘. SL‘L‘ pl'L‘\ IL'“.


I Climbing: Steve McClure .-\dyenture ('entre. South I’Iatt lIiII. Ratho. 333 h333. 7.45pm. £5. The t‘cnoyyncd climher giyes a talk on the highlights t‘rom his career. itnparting the dit‘l'iculties he laced trying to succeed at the 0a grade.


The media spotlight cast on John Hartson’s future at Celtic may well have dimmed, but you can bet that his name will be on the lips of every pundit and fan come mid-February. The Bhoys’ striker will have his loyalties firmly in the Welsh camp when he pulls on a red jersey to play in a friendly against Scotland. Facing up against team-mates Rab Douglas, Jackie McNamara and even new signing Stephen Pearson, Hartson could really put the frighteners on a shaky Scotland defence. Scotland and Wales both saw their Euro 2004 dreams evaporate on a fateful night back in November, so expect this tie to carry more weight than the friendly title might suggest.

I Wales v Scot/and, Wed 78 Feb. live on BBC Scotland.


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