Signs of a rushed job from Semi-Detached are no-where to be seen however, as this fourth LP consists of thoughtfully made. dark. melancholy and at times quite discordant guitar music taking in strings. keyboard squelches and political subject matter.

His growling vocals and experimental instrumentation make him akin to a Scottish Tom Waits and although too bitty and patchy in places to make for a truly great record. it's an impressive and at times rather lovely snapshot of what McAulay has to offer. (Camilla Pia)


Colours (FMR) 0000

Paul Towndrow has emerged as one of the most striking musicians on the Scottish jazz scene, and his quartet with Paul Harrison (piano). Ross Hamilton (bass) and Alyn Cosker (drums) has gelled into a genuine collaboration. His playing is passionate


and powerful as well as

technically impressive on both his main horn. alto saxophone. and on soprano. He has a s0und foundation in bop. but explores well beyond its conventions. and has absorbed the example of masters like John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman within his evolving personal vocabulary.

Paul Harrison is as impressive and inventive as ever on piano. while Hamilton and Cosker are equally crucial participants in creating the collective group SOUfld and feel.

(Kenny Mathieson)


Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You (Ipecac) .000

Californian laptop assassin Miguel Depdro.

aka Kid 606. launches yet another visceral assault on your synapses. brandishing many of the same sonic scimitars he waved on previous outings and a few new blades.

It's a hilarious. non- stop. rollercoaster ride from the moment opening track 'The lllness' busts out of the speakers and proves more than ever before that Depedro will not be nailed to a generic cross. as he turns his hand to and parodies many a noisy dance style. an insane grin lighting up his face. So. samples from the likes of punk mavericks X-Ray Spex jostle for attention among a rush of re- processed jungle break beats. ragga MCs. stomping hard house. revivalist rave motifs. gabba. and lush.


ambient electronica. against a backdrop of soaring electronic feedback. It‘s extremely silly and surely his most accomplished work to date: the kid done good. (Andrew Richardson)



The Runaway Found (Rough Trade) .0.

There's something quintessentially English about the Veils' SOLind. with the ghosts of a million influences stalking the ten tracks on this nevertheless promising debut. Remarkably assured for a young band the Veils are angsty and yearning. but show just about enough intelligence to prevent themselves being maudlin. So we get a whiff of the Smiths in opener ‘The Wild Son', an echo of Suede in

‘Guiding Light' and even a sniff of Oasis-style ruckus in the excellent ‘lvlore Heat than Light'. But it's the more considered songs towards the end - Such as the superb piano-led ‘The Valleys of New Orleans' - that suggest a long and fruitful career ahead. (D0ug Johnstone)

EMO ROCK JANUARY Motion Sickness (Must Destroy) O...

There are certain records that simply ooze sadness. Spiritualized's Ladies and Gentlemen . . . w0uld be one of them. as would The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash, and this second effort by January is right up there alongside them on the big weep stakes. ReCOrded during the breakdown of the band.


who split soon after. leaving Australian singer/songwriter Simon McLean to find a new line-up. Motion Sickness. is a truly haunting and quite beautiful rock record. Softly wavering vocals. graceful guitar strokes. strings and understated backing make for affecting listening and a truly stunning collection of etheral anthems.

Just hide any sharp implements and don‘t forget the kleenex. (Camilla Pia)



The Magnificents (KFM) O...

Self-belief can be unbearably irritating and. with a name that screams were something special‘ and a press release that

f)— 19 Feb 200-1 THE LIST 107