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I Go on your own. (io with pals. Do something. Do noth- ing. Immerse yourself in the Scottish Highlands. liscape Lodge. Be the first to know. www.cscapelodgc.cotn

I Glasgow female 34, slim. shy. not working. Likes cinetna. theatre. history. don't like clttbbing. Seeks sincere male to go out and about with. Photo please. (Box no: P/487/l)


I Friendly, outgoing, gay female (38) looking for fun. friendship. romance and lots of laughter. I enjoy good conversa- tion. eating ottt. travel and the cinema (Box no: P/487/21


V I saw you 'l‘onto. with your heart of gold and unique dancing moves - keep smiling gorgeous - you're my inspira- tion! [.7487/1

V I saw you Sareena you sexy beast giving tne dirty looks in Blackfriars on Tuesday night. llalf 3 front gate. [7487/2

V I saw you Alan S of the Sunday I’m! in Brel on Sat Dec 13th. How cute. Luv frotn lilaine. [7487/3

V I saw you (‘hris from out- side (ilasgow a couple of months ago itt the ('athouse. twice in the same weekend cel- ebrating your tnates B-day'. Haven't seen you again. sexy. Pity. (‘arla. [7487/4

V I saw you walking down Fergus Dr Mon 15 Dec. [' R sooo hot!! I wanna kiss all the freckles on yr face. Hope u have a (3R8 Xmas and a very happy New Year. Love Blond Vixen. [7/487/5

V I saw you Tinderbox David at the Ilalt strutting your stuff. . .Yoti can strum my (i- string any time!! [.'/487/(i

V I saw you drinking fresh water from a tarpaulen! (ionny no tell anyone about it. [7487/7 V I saw you blonde Arches bombshell bella regal/a of Woodlattds. Wanna get fruity"! You look tnolta carina in busi- ness clothes you fox - don't thank me. Spank me! [7487/8 V I saw you red Austin specs. tucking into your fajitas. You tnade tne swoon in my trousers. baby! ('an I be your lientbot'.’ [.7487/9

V I saw you Steve (‘ outside the ('athouse and you followed the in. I was a bit girlie & rude. Btit I'd love to see you again gorgeous! [.7487/10

V I saw you ya roaster lap- ping ttp the wonder that is River (‘ityz In the name of the wee titan! Iinjoy your shift at Di Maggios! [7487/11

V I saw you sipping your cappa in Tinderbox. ciggie in hand and bald head shining in the moonlight. ('oooo what a babe! ('arl is it'.".’ Let's boogie! [7/487/12

V I saw you Bla/in' Squad reject. one broken lamp to rule them all! Wattna see you work it baby! .‘vlcphee on the wire- less! [7/487/13

V I saw you tall. dark + handsome with sideburns to die 4 - I'll knit yourjumpers! Xxo. [7487/14

V I saw you buff gtty who was in Idlewild. You cart be my rock centurion - gay metal blade. [.7487/l5

V I saw you 321)]) with your hand down the pan and a tear in your eye. [7487/16

V I saw you red Ionghair & beard plait David (Deivil in ()ptimo. .\'ext time I see you I'll kiss you. You'll read this too late and that's the beauty of it. [7487/17

V I saw you 'I'I.\'(}LIi you were so beautiful I thought you were going to float through ['niversal. 'I'ingle you tickle all that is good and bad. See you at the Liquid 'Street Life' Lounge. [7487/18

V I saw you looking all grumpy liwan .\Ic(' - could you not find your .‘vlarie S‘.’ [7487/1‘) V I saw you "when lover love. with eyes the eyes gaze. A touch touches touch as two skins graze. Will you be my jel- lyfish‘.’ [7487/20

V I saw you funky chick Linus gig (perfectly practiced) not a 'l'reckie. your piercings 8; spotty jewellery match perfect- ly. Wanna meet for discussions about politics. religion 8; sex‘.’ [.7487/21

V I saw you on the door in Barfly. You all pierced & mean. .\le'.’ ('urious to see your tnost intimate piercing! [7487/22

V I saw you Waterstone's wonderboy tss) tall. skinny. short black hair. You're gor- geous. Hope you don't disap- pear any time soon. [7487/23 V I saw you 'l'inderbox David strumming your g-string ill the llall...Rock tit!!! Lots of love ‘.".".’ [7487/24

VI saw you Billy B on Dec 27th outside Borders. going to pub with pals minus (iandalf. [7487/25

V I saw you cra/y lady in the 13th .\'ote (ale. 1 like the way you wrestle. [7487/26

V I saw you in the back of the van. .\1r '1'. I aint no fool sucka. Will you join my A- team. [7487/27

VI saw you in Note Big (iay Al. I love bum mud on toast do you'.’ [7487/28

V I saw you I)ougos espe- cial. my olive eyed sexy bum- ble-bee. Big smiles scrumptious bttttt. [7487/2‘)

V I saw you at the 13th Note and vontittcd at your beauty. You can Dunlop (ireen l-‘lash me anytime! [7487/30

VI saw you in Brel I8/l/t)4. Have I told you that you are beautiful yet today '.’ R xx. [.7487/31

V I saw you outside the (i171' filming interviews 4 BBC filtn reviews on (ioodbye Lenin which "I couldn't do" fancy a reinterview‘.’! [.7487/32

VI saw you looking shocked in the ('ity ('entre Solid Rock 30/1/03. Thanks for still being there when I got back from the loo! 1 love you ('hris. Jen x. [.7487/33

V I saw you Benny-Boy. 1n 'l'inderbox. frothing my skinny latte. You can drink from mine any time!!! [7487/34

V I saw you Manny from Primal Screatn getting out of a taxi ('arling Academy 17th Jan. [7487/35

V I saw you cosy man. l()yrs ago. standing outside Burtons. ()f turning my b-b-belly' to jelly you are guilty. m'lad! Love u forever xxx [,7487/36

V I saw you looking for Scott .\1ayle. .\Iet you all those years ago at r(a tt bttt we have lost contact. Would be nice to catch tip. Jen x. [.7487/37

V I saw you elegant in long red top. blonde and gorgeous. in Babbity Bowsters Saturday 24th Jan. 1 had short hair and couldn't help looking back. ('iao bellissima. [.7487/38

V I saw you in school Sitnba. It took me a while 2 realise btit now or my love. always ur .\'alah xxx [7/487/3‘) V I saw you sexy SJ(i. The most amazing man I've ever met. Ilappy Valentine's Day!! 1 can't wait until our weekend in the wilds with the big ole trees. Love from. LittleB ['/487/4() VI saw you & #8230; act- ing like you were all legitimate. Time for school!!! [7487/41

V I saw you Big Nicky with your short hair. almost a year ago now! 1 was going to Bennets. you were going home. I-'ancy a drink to catch tip some- time'.’ X [7487/41

V I saw you (iarry up from London in Polo 10/]. You kiss- ing boy with spiked lip - kiss tne instead! [.7487/43

V I saw you having fashion dinner with my friend behind my back. Why. I'd slug you were your skin not so seduc- tively baggy. [7487/44

V I saw you Meat Loaf. You showed tis you still Kick ass! Sli('(' 17th January. 1 can't believe I got paid to work at the show! Iloping to do it all over again next week. Iloping to be working the after show knees up! [7487/45

V I saw you on the 23.23 train to l)rumgelloch. ’ou were looking electroclash. l was looking scruffy. You left at ('oatdyke. I thought you were beautiful! I'd like to get in touch :) [7487/46

V I saw you. To Stuart who catne 2 my flat in llyndland last 'I'uesday. I lost your fone num- ber. Would really like to meet tip tho!! V'hairi xx [7487/47

V I saw you. To the guy who gets on btts 44A ((ilasgow). sure I've seen you before at Fury .\1urry's. Would like to meet tip sometime!'.’ You're hot!! [7487/48

V I saw you 'I'axi queue Byres Road loll/()4. You gor- geous stripy searfed blonde classics student frotn The Lakes. .‘vle older. bttt strangely alluring. boy advising Bamboo as next stop. Please call and make an old man very happy. [.7487/49

V I saw you working in The ()deon cinema. [.' specky bttt sexy (badge said (iary). tne busty n horny and Ijust love geeky men!! Wanna get sonte Ilagen Dal it get down it dirty!!! [.7487/50

V I saw you Sarah. working in Mcphabbs. 1 see you most Fridays after my work where I sometimes catch your eye. you always catch mine. 1 think you're lovely. [7/487/51


V I saw you in the Basement Bar on Sunday night. Our eyes met but you didn't look too impressed. You were wearing a military green jacket. smoking a cigarette and looking ravish- ing. [.7487/52

V I saw you with your rip- pling six pack and your very sexy red jumper and trendy squash shoes. When our eyes met. my heart melted. [7/487/53 V I saw you wearing a tartan scarf and adidas tracksuit. Blond curly hair - tall and lean. l'tn a brunette and want to be your brown-eyed girl.


V I saw you in the Royal Dark at year and a half ago. I'm glad that I bumped into you again in the Venue. Your brown eyes - wow! [7487/55

V I saw you blonde bomb- shell: foxy blonde in yellow (i()s coat and leggings. It ain't

what you do it's the way that you do it! ('all tne. [.7487/56 V I saw you and spoke to you at the .\'ew 'l'own Pub on Saturday 27th December 2003. Asked for my number bttt had no pert and no paper. Wish to see you again. [7487/57

V I saw you (ihosh! Dream on - you owe tne L‘lt)! Payment - cash only! (iood to see you - keep itt touch! PS You love titti- corns! [.7487/58

V I saw you in the Pear Tree. 1 was adtniring your thighs - do you play rugby"? Perhaps we could meet some- time. say. at a jauy knees up'.’ Xxx .IB [.7487/5‘)

V I saw you wanna be posh bird from Berties. l have a structure for you. It wears a yelly jacket! [7487/(it)

V I saw you lovely girl Debbie. You're a - thank you for making tne smile. (iet in touch again attd let's do this tnore often! I love you x [.7487/ol

V I saw you btit you never saw me because you didn't have your glasses on. Start wearing. stop swearing. ['ndying love. [7487/(33

V I saw you Dave in the Pear Tree. not writing messages to yourself. What's tip. got cramp‘.’ [7487/63

V I saw you Blondie in Somerfield XXX [7487/o4

VI saw you (iemma. pulling perfect pints at the Pear Tree. 1 found you're going home with a gtty in tow. Please don't leave. I think I... [7487/65

V I saw you in the Pear Tree. You are a cross between (‘hristine Ilamilton and Kristin Scott—'l'homas. ('an I meet you. gorgeous medic'.’ [7487/(io

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