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V I saw you being curly in yottr publishing house. Can I borrow your black and white striped jumper please'.’ [7487/67 VI saw you Biggles Jacket in the Pear Tree. Friday after- noon. I'm sexy butterfly top. you cottldn't avert your eyes. ['/487/(i8

V I saw you "Oh Paulie. you came attd you found me a turkey. on my vacation away front workie. [7487/69

V I saw you across the room - I got a wee tingling down my left leg (oh wait. I have arthritis in that one). Love to chat you up anyway! [7487/7()

V I saw you accessorising like nobody has accessorised before. . .keep it plain lady. Love Koist and I"i xxx [7487/7I

V I saw you gorgeous. Irish. blue-eyed stare with curly hair. sittittg on the dock of the bay - is it your birthday? Waste some of my tinte big boy! [7487/72 0 I saw you at the Lego l)isko looking like cool kids on the block. Hope we all click and lit again. [7487/73

V I saw you at the muttering pub. you snotting into Winnie the Pooh beer tattooed girl's drink. tne laughing at you! Love the camouflage Mr Snotty! [7487/74

V I saw you in a broom cup- board in Ann Street. lidinburgh. You ravished me then left. Who are you‘.’ [7487/75

0 I saw you beautiful boy in the Basement pub with a strength. red and black shirt. 'No Nukes'. you know what I mean'.’ [7487/76

V I saw you really really beautiful curly haired girl at Basement pub. I need to meet her again 'cause I love her arid she's the woman that I always dreamed. [7487/77

V I saw you hair tied back. black of Iiskimo jacket with grey fur around the collar. Attstralian flag tattooed on your chest. looking gorgeous. Sleep with me tonight. [7487/78

V I saw you yummy gtty in black leatherjacket at Fingers. You have a sweet tooth. I love a sweetie. [7/487/7‘)

O I saw you but didn't have time to chat. Mr Hill. you funny muggins. come back to Fopp when it's not so busy. llappy Xmas. lovely. [7487/90

0 I saw you Seotty W draw- ing on the pitch. drawing on a fag - looking below parts) ['/487/‘)l

O I saw you K 8; ’I‘ with the ever so courageous Lion. Tom. in the l"ilmhouse. See you both on the other side. M. [7487/92 V I saw you in all your mys- terious glory at last! Now I'm back itt your life. I feel very


"I'm really glad I came along. Where else can you go out and meet 25 single women in one night? You'd have to be stupid not to give it a go" -Matt Lawson, marketing manager, aged 34

happy. Cheers to the future kiddo. I'll be your friend. HJ x [I/487/93

V I saw you sexy and beauti- ful girl in the Filmhouse, Love the hat! [7487/94

V I saw you posing naked by the River lieshie. Your beauty stunned me then and amazes me still. Be my life model - for life. [7487/95

V I saw you rambunctious balls-farter. kicking the face off an otter. Perhaps you should have some self-respect. Love accelerated Jengold xx [7487/% V I saw you sexy bar staff at the Traverse. You float my boat. Keep it tip for me?! [7487/97 V I saw you wee sleepy girl in a knobbly jumper who didn't know who James Dean was. [7487/98

V I saw you cttte blonde bar- maid at the Trav. You gave me a nice frothy liightyll Learn to fly!! [7487/99

V I saw you Persephone at ldeall’artner. Edinburgh-based writer. semi-bohemian. funny. kind. intelligent guy into travel. cinema. arts and your words. WIII'M. We have loads in cont- mon! Same passions! Meet for good red wine'.’ L'/487/l()()

VI saw you in the Living Room on Sat 25th. You wore a stunning red blouse attd sat at the back of the bar with your friends. We smiled as I left. You have a line smile. [,'/487/l()l VI saw you three girls being bitten to death on Drummond Place... The wee vampires in your beds will miss you. [7487/ 102

V I saw you at All Bar One on Thurs 22nd Jan. You blonde angel in black. me dark stranger at bar. You laughed at my chat when offered a zillion choices at the bar. We spent the evening eyeing each other. how about a ntore intimate drink....‘.’

[7487/ l ()3

V I saw you Phoebe in Australia. but I'm still here. it probably wasn't you but you do have to collect that present Ms Weller. [7487/l()4

V I saw you. lley Pate-Man. [7487/105

V I saw you with your leisure shoes and fashion trews. Next time we meet maybe you cart stand on my feet! Look for- ward to sonte more banter! [7/487/106

V I saw you peeshed on Belgian beer. Happy Valentine's Bren - love you more than Kwak! Love. Jan xxxx [.'/487/l()7

V I saw you at the (‘itrus ('1th last Monday. You and your friends were the only ones on the dancefloor... You were prac- tically the only ones in the whole club! I watched you from

afar but was too shy to talk to you! You: pretty Indian girl in beige dress and cool tights. with all the right funky moves. ' L'/487/I()8

VI saw you Jane. no 11 bus to Ocean Terminal. Me. on way to see LOTR. You. blonde. very pretty with flowers. (‘an we continue our discussion over a drink? U/487/l()9

V I saw you Lady in Red?! Hi to the really pretty girl. blonde. red jacket. looking wonderful in jazz basement 80 Queen St. Edinburgh Sat 23/01. Wished I walked over. Text me‘.’ xx [I/487/I l()

V I saw you at Ocean Terminal on llogmanay. Forgot your name. you said you were from Perth Australia. now you live itt l‘alkirk. lts Rod frotn Aberdeen. please get in touch. [1/487/1 l l

V I saw you DJ (ice looking very sexy in ur sleeveless hoodie in Medina! Wot up baby‘.’ Wanna b my nol IXX)I)'I.USIIOUS home- boi‘.’ xx U/487/l 12

V I saw you John. Baby 1). Steve. Jo. Brett and T. all the way from Mexico. I'll be seeing you very soon. to vibe it like we used too!!! I miss lidinburgh! U/487/l I3

V I saw you nice blonde lady in black. working in Blackwell's music dept. Tall dark-haired music-loving gen- tleman. early 30s would like to take you on a date. U/487/l 14 V I saw you in Cloisters Sat 27/12 and l7/()l. With your goatee and winning smile. you tnade this timid chap's heart skip. [I/487/l15

V I saw you turn to this page first. Mr Todman? Now that you have been Seen. is there arty chance of a cuppa'.’ [3/487/1 lo V I saw you outside Henry's 3am Sat night after the Rumba (‘aliente gig. You were the stun- ning brunette with the red top. I asked ifl used to know you. you said no. [7487/I l7

VI saw you Asian girl. knee-high boots and denim

mini at Liquid Rooms l5 Jan. You danced all night with two girls and a guy and talked to every boy iii the room...except me! Wish I'd had the nerve to talk to yott. [J/487/l l8

V I saw you foxy Asian chick. dancing your little ass off at Snatch on 15th Jan. You looked like a cow girl in your brown shirt and kinky boots. l‘ancy shaking that booty for me in private sometime‘.’ I'll make it worth your while. [7487/1 I9

V I saw you. You big llairy Jeremy Monkey. I see you in the Zoo. in Brussel Sproots and in the Sinagog. [7487/120

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