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TONY HADLEY hasn’t lost his interest in personal grooming since making hearts flutter as the debonair frontman for 80s pop swooners Spandau Ballet.

If you had one day to live, who would you choose to spend it with?

Frank Sinatra ‘cos he's the best and we could sing some songs together.

Tell us the punchline to your favourite joke? YOu‘re not here for the hunting. are you?

Which time in history would you have loved to have lived?

A 14th century knight.

What’s your favourite biscuit?


What song would you hate to be played at your funeral?

'I Will Always Love You‘ by Whitney Houston. How big do you tip in restaurants? Depends on the service.

When did you last laugh out loud while reading a book?

The latest book on Michael Jackson my publishers gave me a copy to read. they are releaSing my autobiography in may this year. How do you think Spandau Ballet would have fared if they were around now?

No idea!

What’s your least favourite country?

I don‘t have one. I love travelling

Who would you like to play you in the film of your life? Who do you actually think

would play you?

Johnny Depp and Ralf Little

When did you last cry? What was the reason, and how long did the tears run for? Watching Love Actually but I've no idea how long for as I didn't time it.

What’s your lucky number?

Number 2 it's the day I was born and it reflects how a lot of things go in life ie: shit.

If you won a million pounds, what is the most expensive thing you’d buy?

A Jaguar XK8

What’s your biggest regret?

I wasn't a better footballer as a child. I'd have loved to have played for Arsenal.

Are you a cat or dog person?


Your house is on fire and your pets and family are safe. You can go in a rescue one item. What would it be and why?

My tin of hair-spray.

Who is the best dressed British celebrity? Jonathan Ross. I love his sense of humour and his hair!

What’s your all-time favourite sitcom?

The Royle Family . . . it's life!

What’s the longest time you’ve slept soundly in one go over the last five years? Not a clue.

Have you ever exploited your pop star status to get something you really shouldn’t have? Was it worth it?

No and yes in that order.

Is Anne Robinson the scariest woman in Britain? If not, who is?

All women can be pretty scary!

I Tony Hadley appears with Peter Cox at Usrier Hall, Edinburgh, Sun 8 Feb; Royal Concert Hall. Glasgow, Mon 9 Feb.

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