Monday 16 February - Sunday 21 March

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Scotland’s international festival of live arts

Some of the most audacious, thought provoking and influential artists on the world stage today... THEATRE ROYAL I TRAMWAY | TRON | THE ARCHES I LIGHTHOUSE

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Benicio Del Toro

Powerful, intense and emotional, 21 Grams is one of the best films of the year. The List spends an extraordinary hour with Benicio Del Tom, the movie’ brilliant, brooding co-star, in a smoke filled room in London.

There’s plenty happening in Fife, but nothing quite as arresting as the Fenc Collective - a group of self-confessed n ‘musicians, chancers and slackers’ whose records are among the best coming out of Scotland today.

The Riot Group

The Riot Group’s theatre performance, Pugilist Specialist had the critics in raptures at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Now, the San Francisco company is returning to Scotland, and The List catches up with the team.


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