the verdict

We can’t help loving both cities. But if we had to choose our favourite city of all, would it be Glasgow or Edinburgh? We give scores to the best example of each aspect of life, and add up the votes.

trnarks out of ten for each item)

Louise Welsh. Sweet, 8 lrvine Welsh Globe- 8 couthy, crime Goth stomping radge laureate

literati: Old Firm. Carling-sponsored ball- New Grounds. Caring. Sharing 4 Sport playing behemoths 8 JambOS and Hibees? THE venorcr With an impressive 1 17 points, Glasgow is the . . tv j _‘ _t Michael Redmond, Irish import 7 Dylan Moran. Irish import now official winner of our Battle t V 1 A v , now embraced asa local thanks embraced asa local thanks to 7 Of the Ctttes_ Why? ‘1 i ' 1‘ r; 3 ~. to rambling, cynical mutterings. rambling, cynical mutterings. Because tt scores htghty ~ *7 v -- in all our categories Sweet Sixteen. Lack of rampant Shallow Grave. Rampant except for landscape. rt opportunity in coastal town leads 5 opportunism in the New Town leads 8 Edthhutgh manages a to deceit and tragedy. Grim. to deceit and tragedy. Trim. decent t 12 but with its Theatre [is Pit

The Tron 83“ The Spiritual heart of The Traverse Bar”. The spiritual heart super'or mUS'C Scene

Luwieland where deals are brokered, 7 of Luwieland where deals are 7 Shopp'ng and bar CU'tUre' careers are made. . . oh and they put on brokered, careers are made. . . oh G'aSQOW Shades the great plays too. and they put on great plays too. capital in several areas of

, . . everyday life. For many ‘Kids? No, they’ll Just wreck your Arnie 7 ‘Meet Tarquil, he matches my 6 Edinburgh residents, that Jacobsen chairs with their mucky wee polartec fleece perfectly.’

unbeatable landscape is enough to make up for any number of superior Mono, the Scotia, Bar 10, Strata, the The Pond, Hurricane, the Royal Oak, 8 football clubs and Amnes- Café ROYa'. PiVO- designer outlets but if you're a Glaswegian, you can sit back smueg and Ms? The Saracen Head, Lloyd‘s No 1, .7 The Penny Black, the Scotsman .6 be certain of what you Bairds, Lounge, the Whrte Horse. always suspected: Glasgow's miles better.


' t ,- -- . _ ' Naming your gallery so it sounds like 9 Naming your gallery so it sounds like 8 We're prepared to admit _ M ' t . ‘t I - -t - a band that once supported Joy a band that played at Woodstock. that our surveys of the V Division.

cities missed out most of the more commonly m 295 for a T-shirt? I’ll take two! 8 £15 for a suit? You robbing bastards! 5 S'sgh“::egdf:'§hr'§:}ss '

U U castle and Glasgow's

V A ~ V ' Ashton Lane: posh chipS. Broughton Street: Supeflative neCrQDOIIS. NOr dld we . t t funky cinema, good booze, 8 chippies, pioneering fashions. rocking 7 mention poverty, v v. ' . sophisticated music, moments of quaint sausages, general broadmindedness, sectarlanlsm. the sophistication. and organic wholesomeness. proliferation of Australian bar workers in Edinburgh,

. £20 for a taxi across the road Arab Strap. aSylum 9101‘” a tax' across t°w"' (unless its August, then its £30). 5 seekers. Ian Rankin. clubbing, Travis. all the

excellent food that


Draconian licensing laws but ample 7 24-hour drinking but nowhere good 8 doesn't have '53" and

“at. places to nosh noctumally. to eat at 4.30am. V'negar/Sauce 0“ '1.

Simple Minds, Scottish

" ' Opera, Partick Thistle.

Tum the Comer jand marvel at . ; . ? Turn the corner and marvel at . . . a 1 Denise Mina, Peter

W flY°V9fi a“ Shopping 09mm, 3 DUIIG'NQ 4 mountain, an estuary, a castle 0 Multan. the King-S Cate. Shaped “(6 an armadmo Trainspotting, or the fact

" ' g .. .7 that both cities are

7 Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson. Brilliant 8 HOW Adam Bril'iant but mOTlO'ithiC continual construction

'I O


but monolithic stone churches Stone houses sites.

80 now it's your turn. Send us pictures or words about the unexpected highlight of either city that we didn't include. and

Franz Ferdinand. Raised eyebrow + ldlewild. Furrowed brow + untucked neatly pressed shirt x clanging guitars / 8 shirt x growling guitar / crooning = 9 tuneful bellowing = success! success!

Salt and vinegar. That's how it was 10 Salt and sauce. Economising, 8

. . . , . . . . . . we'll feature the best of t _ t A. t. invented the tradrtonalists chorce. expenmentrng or Just plain weird? them in a forthcoming

Grand Total 117 112

24 THE LIST 5-19 Feb 2004