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0 It's All About Love ( IS) one (Thomas Vinterbcrg. L‘S/Japan/Sweden/L'K/ Denmark/(icrmany/Netherlands. 2003) Joaquin Phoenix. (‘Iaire Danes. Sean Penn. Douglas Henshall. 104mm. See interview. page 2‘) and review. page 30. Film/muse. Edinburgh.

Just Visiting (PG) .0 (Jean-Marie (iaubert. France/US. 2001 ) Jean Reno. (‘hristian ('lavier. Malcolm McDowell. 88min. When Medieval French nobleman Thibault (Reno) accidentally kills his finacee on the eve of their wedding he implores his potion-concmting wizard McDowell to send him back in time to right the wrongs. But the wizard mistakenly sends Thibault and his devoted servant Andre ((‘lavier) forward to 2 1 st century (‘hicago where they have ‘hilarious adventures' with indoor plumbing and electrical appliances. While the original. Les Visiteurs. exuded a certain Pythonesque charm with its petit bourgeoisie parody and schoolboy vulgarity. this slushy remake is saddled with an anaemic. witless script co- written by 80s teen flick director John Hughes ( The Break/as! ('luh). (i171: Glasgow:

Khakee Plan (12A) (Rajkurnar Santoshi. India. 2004) Amitabh Bachchan. Akshay Kumar. Aishwarya Rai. Ajay l)evgan.l)(‘P Anant Shrivastav (Bachchan) and his team have been assigned to escort a dangerous terrorist and double agent from (‘handigarh to .‘vlumbai. There is going to be a whole heap of trouble along the way. lixciting Indian actioner. far superior to .S't‘ll but that would not be difficult now. would it‘.’ (K '1. Edinburgh.

Lady and the Tramp it“) 000 (Hamilton Luske. (TS. 1955) With the voices of Peggy Lee and Bill Thompson. 75min. Disney’s first animated feature in cinemascope has mongrel Tramp helping pedigree pooch Lady out of a sticky situation and falling in lurve along the way. Richly drawn with hummable tunes and endearing characterisations. this is the classic [)isney mix as before. Lovely spaghetti-eating sequence. Nari/i Edinburgh A rls ('enlre. Edinburgh.

The Last Samurai ( I5) 000

(lidward Zw‘ick. USA. 2003) Ken Watanabe. Tom (‘ruise. William Athcrton. ('had Lindberg. Ray (iodshall Sr. 159mm. Nineteenth century Japan. one fearless samurai who is still loyal to his weak-willed. vulnerable emperor. Katsurnoto (Watanabe) rebels against the ruling bureaucrats who then seek military aid from America. Help arrives in the form of (‘ivil War veteran (‘aptain Nathan Algren (Cruise). Algren is ultimately charged with bringing the renegade Katsumoto to justice. But Algren. a bitter. cynical drunk since serving with General (‘uster in his inglorious campaign to extinguish the Native American. finds he has more respect for the honourable samurai than the westernised way that previously sickened him in America. Hugely overweight rites of passage epic which has clearly been cobbled together as a vehicle for the (‘ruiseter Director Zwick keeps things very watchable. however. if a little

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Quiet, you posh brats

simplistic. Fans of the wee man should approve but you may find yourself thinking that maybe Richard (’hamberlain did a slightly better job in Shogun. (ieneral release.

Laurel Canyon (18).... (‘holodcnktx (TS. 2003) Frances .\lc[)ormand. (‘hristian Bale. Kate Beckinsale. Natascha Mclilhone. .»\lessandro Nivola. l0—1min. l-‘rances .\lcl)ormand gives one of her best performances in years as the seducer. veteran record producer Jane. a sexual free spirit whose current. main squcc/c is a much younger British rock singer. lirotic sparks fiy when her puritanical psychiatrist son. Sam (Bale). and his equally uptight fiancee. Alex (Beckinsale) are forced to share Jane's house in the Hollywood Hills. Laid-back. mature and sexy entertainment. (ii-"II (ilusgmv:


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36 THE LIST 5-19 Feb 2004

rock steady rule from Jack Black

Life is Cheap . . . ( 18) (Wayne Wang. ['S. l‘)‘)()) Spenser Nakasako. Victor Wong. (‘ora .\liao. ('heng Kwaan mins. The supposedly simple delivery of a suitcase to llong Kong becomes more complicated when the Triad boss it was intended for refuses to accept it. Wang's portrait is of a city that becomes increasingly nightmarish and surreal the more our innocent hero is sucked into it. A lewd. rude and scatalogical antidote to the travelogue genre. Part of lilectric Shadows ('hincse Film Festival. (iltl.\’gUHl

Lilya 4-Everi 18) 00.0 (Lukas Moody'sson. Sweden/l)enmark. 2003) ()ksana Akinshina. Artiom Bogucharskij. Ljubov Agapova. l0‘)niin. Living on a dilapidated housing estate in an unspecified city of the former Soviet l'nion. 15-year- old Lilya (.-\kinshina) is first abandoned by

her mother. then moved by her aunt from her comparatively cosy fiat to a filthy hole and finally forced to turn to prostitution. Hope is given by Lilya's burgeoning friendship with another rejected child. but this is all-too short-lived as Moodysson digs deeper into the abyss. revealing his true purpose: a graphic expose of liuropean sex trafficking. With Sloodysson's unflinching direction and Akinshina's remarkable performance in the leading role. it packs a punch that leaves you reeling. (i157: Glasgow".

Looney Tunes - Back in Action (P(i) 0. (Joe [)ante. l‘S. 2003) Brendan Fraser. Jenna lilfman. Steve Martin. Timothy Dalton. Heather Locklear. 90min. See review. page 30. General release.

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King ( 12A) .0... (Peter Jackson. l'S/NX. 2003) lilijah Wood. Billy Boyd. lan .\chellen. (‘ate Blanchett. Orlando Bloom. \‘iggo Mortensen. ('hristopher Lee. 2 l0min. A remarkable end to a remarkable series of films. the journey of lirodo. Sam and (iollum is the piece de resistance of the trilogy. The tension-filled journey forces both (iollum and Sam to show their true colours as l-"rodo suffers under the burden of the ring. All around is war as Aragorn fights to reclaim what is rightfully his. Jackson's vision is awesome. The Return aft/1e King is some kind of beautiful. some kind of masterpiece. l'nmissable. (ieneral release. Lost in Translation ( IS) 0000

(Sofia Coppola. t'S/Japan. 2003) Bill Murray. Scarlett Johansson. Akiko 'l‘akeshita. Ka/uyoshi Minamimagoe. 105mm. Bill Murray plays it straight as an ageing movie star forced to shoot advertisements in Tokyo because they are so lucrative. This culture clash. fish out of water. pan-faced psctltlt) comedy marks Sofia (‘oppola's second outing as director. Part love story. part oddball lost weekend drama. Lost in ‘l'rans/anan underlines the continuing leftfield talents of Murray and (‘oppola and. of course. the precocious Johansson. (ieneral release.

Love Actually f IS) 0.. (Richard (‘urtis. LR. 2003) Bill Nighy. (iregor l’isher. Hugh (irant. ('olin Firth. .‘ylartine .\lc('utcheon. Liam Necson. limma Thompson. 1 10min. (‘urtis sets out to prove the fairly anodyne point that love is actually all around us in all its many forms. but to do this he indulges a huge cast and several different story strands. So we see a new prime minister bachelor ((irant) fall in love with a Number l0 tea girl (.\lc('utcheon). And then there is the story of the broken- heartcd writer (liirth) who falls for his liastcrn liuropean cleaner. On top of this limma 'I'hoinpson. Alan Rickman. Keira Knightley. Andrew Lincoln. Liam Neeson and Laura Linney all pop up to play out their roles as either object of. or giver of. the sweet gift of love. Lightweight and enjoyable. if a little over-populated. romantic comedy. This is actually fairly impressive considering it is writer (‘urtis‘ first time in the director‘s st‘ttt. (ieneral release.

A Page of Madness

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more than theatre... Directed by Teinosuke Kinugasa,japan (I926)

One of the most challenging and innovative of Japanese films. Deliciously weird and wonderful. Kinugasa's visually stunning film is strikingly modern. synthesising a number of stylistic trends seen in European avant-garde cinema.

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