Greene‘s novel excised the book‘s critical comment on America’s early involvement in Vietnam and Greene hated it. This new version retains the comment. so it'd be interesting to see what he would have made of this film. smartly scripted by Brit Christopher Hampton. impeccably directed by Aussie Phillip Noyce and featuring a career best performance by ('aine. In fact. Caine. whose performance is remarkably restrained and beautifully modulated. based his part. Thomas l’owler. a jaded British newspaper correspondent in Saigon at the end of the French lndo-(‘hina colonial period. on Greene himself. ()deon at the Quay. Glasgow. Glasgow.

Reservoir Dogs ( 18) .00.. (Quentin Tarantino. I992) Harvey Keitel. Tim Roth. Michael Madsen. l00min. A gang of hoods. known only to each other by colour- coded nicknames. meets at an abandoned warehouse to figure how out their rigorously planned heist went so drastically wrong. The best debut in years from writer- director Tarantino. whose stylish violence seduces the audience into complicity. Brilliant in every sense of the word. ()deon. Edinburgh.

Romeo and Juliet ( 12) 00000 (Bax Luhrmann. Australia/L'S. l‘)‘)()) Leonardo DiCaprio. (‘lare Danes. 120mm. The Strietly Ballroom director's treatment of the Shakespeare tragedy is a magnificent riot of colour. action and sexy teen romance. without any need to sacrifice the text. To call it ‘MTV filmmaking' misses the point that the camera tricks and in-jokes don‘t in any way distract from the fact that l.uhrmann has completely grasped the issues at the centre of the play. An intoxicating. breathtaking mix of (‘atholic iconography. high camp and street violence that's both deliciously feveriin and studiedly cool. C(‘A. Glasgow.

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (l') 0.. (Stig Bergqvist. Paul Demeyer. US. 2001) Voices of (‘hristine (‘avanauglL Susan Sarandon. Debbie Reynolds. 77min. The antics of those diaper-clad under-5s. Tommy. (‘huckie. Dil. Phil and HI. and tormenting big cousin Angelica. make a great kids cartoon. Better than its predecessor. Rugrats in Paris has the gang descending on liuroreptarland (read Eurodis'ney). where conniving Angelica fixes up motherless (‘huckie and his gttllible father. (has. with the villainous (‘oco La Bouche who hates children. To save ('huckie the kids hijack the giant robotic Reptar and race for Notre Dame to stop the wedding. Lively. well-paced entertainment for younger children. and just smart enough for most adults. Nortlt Edinburgh Arts ('entre. Edinburgh.

Runaway Jury ( 12A) .00 (Gary Fleder. ['S. 2003) John ('usack. (iene llackrnan. l)ustin lloffman. Rachel Weisl. Bruce Davison. 127mm. Jury man Nicholas Easter ((‘usackL together with his accomplice Marlee (Weisl). is working a scatn to secretly hold a jury to ransom in a multi-million dollar trial. With the jury led by a blind man. and both the prosecution (Hoffman) and defence (llackman) in thrall to his power. liaster soon sets about manipulating his fellow jurors to his own ends. Above average (irisham adaptation with strong. if slightly hatnrny. playing to the gallery and some really great twists. General release.

Scary Movie 3(15) .0 (David '/.ucker. [S 2003) Pamela Anderson. Jenny McCarthy. Marny ling. (‘harlie Sheen. 84min. Third outing for this increasingly anaemic horror film spoof series. This time Ring. M Night Shyamalan's Signs. Matrix Reloaded and 8 Mile all get a juvenile riffing. The pleasure that you will derive frorn this film depends entirely on your knowledge of previous ‘Scaries' as the film's brief moments of interest rely on this to fill in the gaping holes. lfnbelievably. Sr‘ary Movie .3’ took over $l00m at the [S box office. There is no accounting for taste. General release.

0 The School of Rock (PG) .00. (Richard Linklater. l'S/(iermany. 2003) Jack Black. Mike White. Joan (‘usack. Sarah Silverman. Joey (iaydos Jr. Miranda

('osgrove. l0‘)min. See feature. page I: and review. page 27. General release. Scooby-boo (P( i) O. (Raja (iosnell. LS. 2002) l‘reddie Prin/c Jr. Sarah Michelle (iellar. Matthew l.illard. 87min. Scooby the movie starts well. pitching itself somewhere between tribute and send-up of the llanna-Barbera cartoon. The casting is astute: best of all is Matthew|ard as stoned slacker Shaggy. liven the computer- generated Scooby himself isn't lacking in charm. But Seoolrv-Ihio sadly fails to live up to the promise of its opening reel. Admittedly. the film's bold playpen colours are fun and there are some clever gags that will score with the show ‘s pothead following. But the jokes soon wear thin. (,'('I. (‘ly'debanks ('('I. Edinburgh. Shakespeare in Love ( IS) 000. (John Madden. l'K. 1998) Joseph l-‘iennes. (iwyneth Paltrow. Rupert liverett. 120mm. Joseph l‘iennes. a pair of breeches and a few moody verses: a league of women will leave the cinema wondering why they never figured out at school that Shakespeare is sex on legs. Tom Stoppard's script is exuberantly confident. irreverent and witty. All the characters are sent up arid Will Shakespeare is the butt of so many jokes. it's a wonder he retains his romantic gloss. ('(i(' Reirli'ew Street. Glasgmv: North Edinburgh Arts ( ‘entre. Edinburgh.

Something’s Gotta Give ( 12A )

.0 (Nancy Meyers. l'S. 2003) Jack Nicholson. Diane Keaton. l‘rances .Nlcl)ormand. Keanu Reeves. Amanda l’eet. 128mm. See review. page 27. (ieireraI release.

Stone Reader (t’(i) (Mark Moskowtt. t'S. 2002) IZSmin. After reading Dow Mossman‘s The Stones of Summer. Mark Moskowit is puzzled the author (who wrote one enthralling novel). seems to have disappeared off the radar. Moskowit traverses the country to meet acclaimed literary critics. editors and authors who might have some answers. in an aw ard- vvinning documentary that is a wistful and powerful affirmation of the bond that literature can create among Us. Part of the Sheffield International Documentary l-‘estival ()n Tour. Gl‘ili Glasgow:

Stuck on You ( 12A) (Bobby liarrelly/ Peter liarrelly. IS. 2003) Matt Damon. (ireg Kinnear. liva Mendes. Wen Yann Shih. Pat (‘rawford Brown. l 18min. More wicked sickness from those naughty l-art‘elly brothers. This time conjoined twins and sliovvbusiness are in the firing line. You have been warned. Se/er‘ted release.

Sylvia ( l5) .0. ((‘hristitte chfs. Britain. 2003) (iwyneth Paltrow. Daniel

index Film

Movies, sex games and communal baths in The Dreamers

(‘raig. Jared Harris. 1 10min. ()r Sylvia and led: 'l‘lte I'nauthorised l'ilm Biography as documented by talented newcomer (‘hristine Jeff (Rain). l'nfortunately this is a fairly conventional biopic of British poetry's first couple Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. lt trots

out most. but not all of. the crucial details of

these famously unhappy lives. Problems were clearly caused by the complete lack of co-operation from either family but either way there is little to draw you into the internecine nature of their relationship. Selected release.

Teenage Kicks - The Undertones (l5) (Tom ('ollins. Northern Ireland. 2001) 72min. Documentary about the Northern Ireland punk band. combining footage of John Peel's visit to their hometown Derry with archive material. The film‘s producer Vinny ('unningham and l'ndertone Damian ()‘Neill will introduce the film. (il’ll Glasgow.

Temptress Moon ( IS) ((‘hen Kaigc. llong Kong. 1990) (iong l.i. l.eslie ('heung. Xhou Yemang. l30min. ()pium addiction. incest and raging passions are the highlights of this complex love storywhich mirrors the fate of a changing (‘hina during the l‘)20s. The film shares the visual luxury of Kaige's Farewell My ('onr'ubine. btit sacrifices clarity by attempting to tackle a mountain of issues. Rich in period detail. this emotional storm of political and personal passion is perhaps too confusing for those unfamiliar with (‘hinese history. Part of a (‘hen Kaige season. Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

Ten Minutes Older: The Cello ( IS) 0.. (Various. Germany. 2002) ('laire Adamson. Amit :\l'l't)/. lldiko Bansagi. Bibiana Beglau. Valeria Brtmi 'lcdeschi. Daniel ('raig. 105mm. See review. page 28. (11". (ilasgrm:

10 Things I Hate About You ( 13) O... ((iil Junger. l'S. l‘)‘)‘)) Jtilia Stiles. Joseph (iordon-lcvilt. Heath Ledger. 08min. [1 could have been horrible. But this high school-set reworking 0f Shakespeare's llte lirtning of the Shrew is not only faithful to its source. but is a funny. charming and enjoyable liltn in its own right. Purists may be aghast at the hijacking of such a literary

jewel. but films like this offer easy access to

Check out the

Great Offers

on page"

great stories. North lz'din/nirgh Arty ('entre. Edinburgh. The Matrix Reloaded: IMAX ( 15) 0... (Andy Wachowski/Larry Wachowski. l"S. 2003) Keanu Reeves. Laurence liishburne. (’arrie Anne Moss, Monica Belluci. 138mm. Big in fact huge screen edition of the second instalment of the Matrix films. Prepare to feel like you are really part of the action. IJIAX. Glasgow. The Matrix Revolutions: IMAX ( 15) 0... (Andy Wachowski/l .arry Wachowski. l'S. 2003) Keanu Reeves. Laurence liishburne. (’arrie Anne Moss, Monica Belluci. 138mm. Big. in fact huge screen edition of the second instalment of the Matrix films. prepare to feel like you are really part of the action. See Rough ('uts. page If). IJIAX. Glasgow. This is Spinal Tap ( 15) .0000 (Rob Reiner. l'S. 1983) (’hristopher (iuest. Michael McKean. Harry Shearer. RJ Parnell. lid Begley Jr. 83min. (’ertainly the most itigeriious. accurate and funny of all spoof rockumentaries. with wonderfully spontaneous dialogue. convincing fly -on- the-wall camera work. self-penned heavy metal parodies. and of course the amp that goes to l l. (‘aineo. Edinburgh. The Three Marias ( IS) 0. (Aluisio Abrattches. Bra/il/ltaly. 3003) Mariela Severo. Jtilia l.emmert/. Maria Luisa Mendonca. l.ui/a Mariam. (‘arlos Vere/a 89min. See review. page 27. (ll-“l. Glasgow. Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

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