His 35 year career is no stranger to fluctuations in fortunes, but that doesn’t stop the legendary KRIS KRISTOFFERSON feeling surprised by his current renaissance. Words: Ninian Dunnett

t’s four in the afternoon. and

Kris Kristofferson is

comfortably settled in the Scottish hotel that is home during his latest movie shoot. and looking forward to getting in front of an audience which has been rediscovering a musical legend.

‘I love it here.‘ he says. 'lt‘s cool enough to go otit and run in the park. which my wife and I do every day before work. and I love Glasgow because of the reception my band and I always had here. going back many years.’

Across the water. Wes (‘lark is stepping tip his campaign to secure the Democratic nomination to run against President Btish in the November American election. monitored keenly from here by the 67—year-old musician and actor. Kristofferson has been a questing left-of—centre activist for many years. spending time in Nicaragua and releasing little-known political albums on a journey which has taken him far from the expected life of an Air liorce (ieneral's son.

He believes (‘lark is well worth 'a shot‘ at the presidency. and backs contemporary (‘otintry stars the Dixie (‘hicks in their anti-(iulf War comments though the furore which followed them came as little surprise.

‘More power to them for not backing down. and I‘m well aware of what it costs yoti.‘ he says. ‘I remember Bill (iraham. the promoter. saying Jackson Browne would be a big star if he wasn‘t out saving the world all the time —- and Jackson telling me my position was even more precarious. because I had a conservative (‘ountry audience. Btit you get to a point where you jtist have to tell it like you see it.‘

The 80s and 90s found Kristofferson increasingly diverted from a career which had hurled him to stardom in 1970. when 'Stinday Morning (‘oming l)own’ became Country Music Song of the Year. A succession of bop evergreens like ‘llelp Me Make it Through the Night‘ and ‘Me and Bobby Mc(iee‘ tumbled forth. along with drink problems. a dalliance with Janis Joplin. and a fruitful screen career which was heading further skyward until the Michael (‘imino epic Western

Heaven's (;(lI(’ a film still remembered as one of

Hollywood‘s great disasters.

Yet in a new century. with the rise of .»\mericana and respect for the troubadour tradition. the Texas native has found himself »— to his great surprise running into a deal of overdue recognition.

‘lt sort of snuck tip on me.‘ he says. ‘There was a time back at the beginning. we were accepted

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everywhere we went. Then I guess in the 80s. things got a little hard: my record company went under. and Ilt'ui'r'ii's (iritt' happened. the biggest bomb of all time. my marriage broke tip. my manager got sick and died. and my agent too and we were working everywhere. we just weren‘t making any money. And then all of a sudden I‘m finding I‘ve got an audience again.’

Kristofferson has a remarkable (‘V however you slice it. encompassing a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford. years as an army pilot and all-star tours with his friends .lolinny (‘ash. Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. And though his craggy. laid—back style remains in demand by filmmakers. it‘s on his days off from shooting The .ltlt‘lvt’l here that he will get to squeeze in the real artistic love of his life: his songs. liven if that means the discipline of solo acoustic performance.

‘lt’s not as much fun as it is playing with my band. btit it ptits a focus on the songs that is interesting.~ he says. And I know my show is going to be too long. because I always feel I have to make tip in quantity what I lack in quality -- btit I love the songs like I love my children. I'll cut it down to about 30. and it's really tough. I‘ll think oh no. there's about live more I should do ~ and some of the audience are going to have to go to the bathroom.’

Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Sat 14 Feb; Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Sun 15 Feb.

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