Shifting band rehearsals to the kitchen had a surprising effect on DDIHC


THE DEAD SOS coo FUSE 0. Venue, Edinburgh, Tue 27 Jan

I remember 1982 and, you know, it was just like this. Well, apart from Fuse, who thrash about in a grungy style like it’s 1992, with the vaguest whiffs of Muse and

Placebo thrown in for good measure.

Nothing so uncouth for the Dead 605, the Scouse foursome racing out the blocks in a running-on-the-spot ska style with unfeasible amounts of energy. Considering they’re not nearly old enough to remember the Specials and Madness the first time round, the Dead 60s do produce an amazing facsimile of their sound, but hey, the world can’t get enough skanking, can it?

And so to Dogs Die in Hot Cars. Yet more kids not old enough to remember the original, the Glasgow-based five-piece create a feisty, flashy racket remarkably similar to Kevin Rowland yodelling his daft wee heart out over a wadge of XTC beats and cheesy keyboard sounds. But while these musical ghosts are welcome enough in 2004 (see Franz Ferdinand), DDIHC are also rather worryingly stalked by the spectres of Deacon Blue, Love and Money and even, gulp, Hipsway. At their best though, like on forthcoming single ‘Man Bites Man’, DDIHC thrash about with enough youthful vigour to shake off such ghoulish visions, and make a decent case for a reassessment of the long- forgotten 80s elements of your record collection. (Doug Johnstone)

I Love feat Arthur Lee

Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. l‘) l‘eb; ('arling Academy. Glasgow. 2| lich.

I Black Eyed Peas (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 20 Feb.

I Shania “vain Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 22 Feb. SOLD ()l'T 8; 10 Mar.

I Jamie Cullum Royal (‘oncert Hall. Glasgow. 23 l‘cb. S()l.l) ()l'T

I Monster Magnet QML’. Glasgow. 24 Feb.

I Gary Jules (‘ouicr Theatre. Glasgow. 25 Feb.

I David Lee Roth (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 25 Feb. I Monster Magnet QMl'. Glasgow. 25 Feb.

I The Ataris Barrowland. Glasgow. 27 lich.

I Stereolab ()Mt'. Glasgow, l Man.

I Dropkick Murphys Garage. Glasgow. 2 Mar.

I The Libertines Glasgow. 2 Mar. SOLD OUT I Ozomatli ()Ml'. Glasgow. 3 Mar.

I Anti Flag (Hithouse. Glasgow. 3 Mar.

I Brian Wilson (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 4 Mar. I Counting Crows (’arling Academy. Glasgow.

6 SOLD ()l'T 8; 7 Mar.

I The Alarm Garage. Glasgow. 7 Mar.

I Yo La Tengo and Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci Arches. Glasgow. 9 Mar; l7s'her llall. lidinhurgh. If) Mar.

I Hundred Reasons and Biffy Clyro Barrowland. Glasgow. ll Mar.

I Travis Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow.

1 l & 12 Mar.

I Basement Jaxx (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 12 Mar. I Hundred Reasons Barrowland. Glasgow. 13 Mar. I The Offspring Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 13 Mar.

I Reel Big Fish Barrowland. Glasgow. 14 Mar. I Diana Ross Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 14 Mar.

I Kraftwerk ('arling Academy. Glasgow. lo Mar. S()l.l) ()l."I‘




SECC, Glasgow, Sun 25 Jan

Blanche have already secured their place in rock history. One of their gigs (back in Detroit) was the venue for Jack White's alleged assault on Jason Stollsteimer of the Von Bondies. But this certainly isn't fight music. more cracked country complete with Banjos and old school testifyin'. There is a palpable air of excitement before the Stripes take to the stage. And a slight trepidation can a two-piece really fill an enormodome such as the SECC’? A rattling ‘Black Math' and 'Dead Leaves on the Dirty Cround' soon allay any fears. their scorchineg raw sound filling every inch of this cavernous warehouse. How

f such a small act can make a sound so full is testament to the power of simplicity


i and musicianship. There are many highlights: the fury of ‘I Think I Smell a Rat': ‘Jolene’ reclaimed as an ode to heartbreak and sorrow: the frothing effervescence

of ‘Hotel Yorba' and of course the iuddering ‘Seven Nation Army'. Meg even takes a turn on vocals fOr

'In the Cold Cold Night' and while she can hardly hold a note. it's terrible in just the right way. Meg's lacksadaisical drum pattern. Jack's towering presence

and candid.

statement of integrity.

I Busted Sli('(‘. Glasgow. lo & l7 Mar. 801.!) ()l'T

I Stiff Little Fingers Barrowland. Glasgow. 17 Mar. I Maroon 5 Garage. Glasgow. 17 Mar.

I Billy Bragg l'sher llall. lidinhurgh. 18 Mar.

I Seal ('lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. l‘) Mar.

I Zero 7 (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 2() Mar.

I Bobby Conn and the Glass Gypsies Sub (‘luh Glasgow. 21 Mar; Venue. lidinhurgh. 22 Mar;

I Dick Dale Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 23 Mar.

I Isis King Tut's. Glasgow. 23 Mar.

I John Squire (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 25 Mar. I Lambchop Queen‘s llall. lidinhurgh. 26 Mar.

I Lulu ('lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 26 Mar.

I Sugababes (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 28 Mar. I Super Furry Animals (‘orn lixchange. lidinhurgh. 30 Mar.

scratched delivery make this a true

Even after being hit in the face by a shoe thrown from the crowd the previous night. Jack proclaims Scottish audiences 'the best in the world'. Cheers Jack. (Henry Northmorel

I Dead Kennedys Liquid Room. lidinhui'gh. 30 Mar; King Tut's. Glasgow. 3| Mar. I Pink Sli('(‘. Glasgow. 3| .\lar.

Cat Power Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. l Apr.

I David Byrne t'shci' llall.

lidinhurgh. If) Apr. Marky Ramone Liquid Room. lidinburgh. l() Apr.

- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Barrowland. Glasgow. l l Apr. ' Franz Ferdinand Qxft'. Glasgow. 12 Apr. S()l.l) ()l"l‘ I Duran Duran Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. l5 Apr. S()l.l) ()I'T

I David Byrne l'sher llall.

lidinhurgh. l5 Apr.

I Norah Jones ('lyde

Auditorium. Glasgow. l8 Apr. Calexico ('arling

Academy. Glasgow. l8 Apr.

I David Cassidy (‘lyde

Auditorium. Glasgow. 24 Apr.

I The Wildhearts Garage.

Glasgow. 24 Apr; Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 25 Apr.

I Eric Clapton Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 26 Apr.

* Franz Ferdinand Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 2‘) Apr.

Shoes, fights, flat notes. . . and still great

I Britney Spears Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 30 Apr. S()l.l) ()L'T I Less Than Jake Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 25 May.

I Hothouse Flowers Liquid Room. lidinburgh. 28 May.

Download l'cat Metallica and Linkin Park Glasgow Green. Glasgow. 2 & 3 Jun.

I Peter Gabriel Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 5 Jun.

I Red Hot Chili Peppers Murrayficld. lidinhurgh. l3 Jun.

S()l.I) ()l'T

I Yes (‘lydc Auditorium. Glasgow. 2() Jun.

I Blondie (‘lydc Auditorium. Glasgow. 22 Jun; Playhouse. lidinhurgh. 26 Jun. I T in the Park feat David Bowie, The Darkness and Muse Balado. Kinross. lll-ll Jul.

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Barrowland. Glasgow. l2 ()ct.

Motorhead Barrowland. Glasgow. 9 .\'o\'.


f) H) l oh 200-: THE LIST 49