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Disabled access key WA:“heelchair access: \\':\.'\:\\'hee|c|iair access \tith assistance; l’yzl’arking lacilities; \\'('::\dapted loileltxl.


255 :\rg_\|e Street. 5(i5 IUZS. |\\'(‘. WA] Beowulf \Vetl ll Sat 21 Feb iiioi Sun/Mon). 7.30pm. £7 (£4). The .'\l'L‘llL‘\ 'l'lieatre (‘onipain in collaboration \\ ith the RSAMI) pc‘l'lttl'lll this neu stage adaptation ol Seamus lleane) ‘s translation ol‘ the epic poem li’mii'ii/I. \thich tells the stor} iii a )oung \tarrior hattling \\ ith pouerl‘ul monsters. lain Dean Burns pla) s the part ol' Beou till \tith Hula} .\lcl.ean in the role ol' King llrothgar.


ll‘) (iorhals Street. 42‘) ()1123. ll’. ll. Tl. \\'('. \VAI

Nightingale and Chase t'iiiit Sat 28 l-‘eh (not Sun/Mont. 7.30pm (Sat mat 5ptti). [1311.1 £41. Stalls Sttidio. Xinnie llarris directs her o“ n pla} Nightingale . . .. l'olliming her \llCCC\\L'\ \sith l'iirI/ii-r 'I'lmn I/I(' I‘IirI/ii'xl Thine. (ii/I. /)('(l/(’I'I\ ('linii‘e and the liringe liirst :\\\ard winning (.I‘rli'ki’il. about a man auaiting his partners release l'rom prison. Pa}



\\l1;tl )ou can pre\ie\\ on Sat 31 lieh. Smoking with Lulu t'ntil Sat 28 l‘eh inot Sun/Mont. 7.30pm (Sat mat 5pm). L'II 1U Hi. ('ircle Studio. lame. l’antax‘ and obsession are the themes at pla} in Janet .\lunsil's piece based on an actual


Drama: Harry's Harbour Bizarre Saturday 14 February x’RObiii

Eb OD Wain/fr ticket [.78 UUi

Brunton Youth Theatre present three classic fairytales with a modern and sinister twist.

Drama: Romeo and Juliet Wednesday 18 - Saturday 21 February 7.30pm

Thursday 19 matinee wriaeiii £5 [JD {Fain/Ii" t."

Love & revenge in Shakespeare's classic: play.

(TNT: L i' (L; [R]!

Dance: The Bright Eyed Mariner Saturday 28 February i’Utltlaiii/Z (lilo/ii

f5 Ull i/‘a/mi’y' f/tTkP? Flt .00.!

Stunningly visual dance theatre performance based onThe Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

Drama: Dead Funny Friday 5 March /.3Upm £900 (£6.00)

Wariwinnghis play contains nudity, strong language and very funny jokes.

booking: 0131 665 2240

Selina Boyeck and John Macaley in 8,000M, Tramway, Glasgow

meeting hettseen theatre critic Kenneth '1‘) nan and silent ino\ie icon l.ouise Brooks. Direction and design are courtes} ol' Kenn} .\li||er. l’a_\ “hat you can prexieu on Sat 3| l-'eh.

Top Girls Thu 5 Sat 28 l-'eh tnot Sun/Mont. 7,3(lpni (Sat mat 3pm). {I} 1“ Hi. The ('it/ kicks oll its spring season in notahle \t} Ie \xith ('ar}l (‘hurchill‘s pla} set during 'l‘hatcher's Britain. :\ seminal pla_\ l‘or the 211th centtir}. it e\amines the highs and lows of Marlene. an ambitious e\ecuti\e. \Vith direction h} llettie Macdonlad and design h} Rohin l)on. l’a) xx hat )ou can pre\ iets on 'I‘hu 5 l‘eh and Sat 21 l"eh.


l'linnieston Qua}. (LS-fl) (l—ll) Jill)“. ll’. ll. \\'(‘. \\'..\|

Sing-a-Long-a-Abba tho I: l-‘eh. 7.30pm. £16.50 9; l 8.51). lake a chance on this pop musical e\tra\agan/a as the Swedish songmeisters' greatest hits are 1‘L‘\1\1lL‘tl.

West End and Broadway Sat 14 l-‘eh, 7.30pm. L‘l7.5() £33.50. The hits from the stages ol I.ondon and .\'e\\ York are performed h} a lull cast.


2‘)? Bath Street. 341) Ill]. [11. \\'('. \\'.’\| The Slab Boys l'ntil Sat 7 lieh tnot 'l‘hu l-‘rii. ll.3()am. £7 U0. .lolm B}t'tie's popular lt'ilog) originall} premiered at the 'l‘ra\erse in l‘)7.\' and makes a \xelcoine return 35 )ears on. Set in a l’aisle} te\ti|e lactor} in l‘)57’. Sl)’ marked the beginning ol a neu theatrical genre. Rmana Silhert's production tor the 'I‘ra\ ‘s 411th annixersar) is linel} attuned to the nostalgia the original production created. Neil Warinington's impressi\ e slah room set suggests a line hold on 1%}rne's htnnour. while John Ka/ek. l’aul lhotttax llicke) and Iain Robertson turn in line perl‘iirinances.

Cuttin’ a Rug Thu 5 Sat 7 t-‘eh (not l‘rit. 'l'hu 7.30pm; Sat 4pm. £7 L‘l‘). John By'ne's popular trilog} continues \\ ith director Philip Howard at the helm. 'l‘he stor} has niox ed on and the disillusionment and macho ri\alries are aloot at the lirni‘s dance. Allusions to the tconogt'aph} oi the 50s keep the nostalgia le\e| up and the perlormances are strong throughout. llighl} recommended.


A Doll’s House lbsen's century-old examination of female emanCipation and the repressions of bourgeois marriage is brought new relevance in this new text by Bryony Lavery for Birmingham Rep. Tara Fitzgerald leads as Nora. King Theatre. Edinburgh. Tue I7—Sat 27 Feb

Top Girls Daniella Nardini leads as Marlene in Caryl Churchill's modern classu: exploring the dilemmas of modern career women. As thought provoking a text any in the last quarter century looks set for a quality production.

Citizens theatre. Glasgow. Thu 5—8;)! 28 Fe!)

SwitchBack Adrian Osmond directs his own text in this fascinating two hander exploring a relationship under strain. With scenes occurring in different order each night. it looks an intriguuig narrational experiment.

Tron theatre. Glasgow. Tire IO—Sat I4 Feb

Still Life Hi (i ck Sat 7 l‘eh. l‘ri 7.30pm; Sat 8.30pm. £7 L'l‘). 'l‘raserse 'l‘heatt'e ('onipan) present the last piece of The S/uh Him tt'ilog}.

Cats 'l‘ue ll) Sat 28 l‘eh (not Suni. 7.3()pm (\Ved & Sat that 2.30pm). £9.50 £53.50. The “(it'lth longexl running musical leates its West lind home to grace us \\ ith its l’eline l'ool\lep\.


New Street. 887 11110. Ill. \\'(’. WA] Castradiva l’ri l5 l-‘eh. 7.50pm. £7 t£.i.5lli. lluddug Verona James [k‘l'lttt'nh si\ characters in this Aria studded drama of lo\ e and music around the theme of )iitiitg lSth c‘L‘ltltlt'} ho)\ castrated to keep their \oices pure.

Reasons to Be Cheerful 'I‘hu

l‘) Sat 2] lieh. 7.30pm. £7 193.5(1). 7:84‘s next production based on the memoir ()1 political comedian Mark Steel. centring on three people \\ ho. in their yard]. helie\ ed the} could change lllL' \tot'ld.