I Edge at lidge. (’oathridge.

l lpttt 3am. Free. Weekly. Scott (iranger and James ('urrie ensure the party tunes are ptunpin and the diehards. yy ell. they’re jumpin.

I Free Sundays at the t'niyersal.

I lptti 3am. t-‘ree. Weekly. Hip hop. l‘unk. sotil. reggae. house and jaw all in this great. Virtually ttttkttoyy'tt yenue just hehind Sauchiehalt Street.

I The Good Vibrations Sound System at Liquid Lounge. I lpm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. A Sttnday night shindig from the people at ('arhon Records and liiy'e2lltiast Records. Taking the spirit of house music and house parties and eookin' it up real ttiee. \\ itlt added rock. hreaks. reggae and R&B.

I Hi-Tension at Mas. ltlpm 3am. £4 (£3). 8 t-‘eh. .Monthly. lisperience the twisted might ol drtun ty hass with [)1 tithereal. M(' RS't~ and special guest Simon l) (l.i\~e\'ti\il).

I I Candy at Trash. 1 lptn 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. 1)] Roh B plays tttttes tltat will keep yott dancittg all night. hig itltthettts and ttoot‘ litters to hl‘ittg ottt (ilasgoyy's heatitil'ul people.

I Liquid Cool at the Beto. 9pm 3am. £5. Weekly. .'\J. Kris Keegan and tan 'l‘hompson play top-notch \ocal garage and house to a cluh packed \y itlt hy per- hedonistie tyyentysomething rey’ellers. all of yyhom seem to haye l'orgotten that they hate ytork iii the morning. ll~ qttality tunes arid glamorous antics are your hag. Sttti at Belo is unmissahle.

I One Sunday at the tunnel.

l lpm 3am. £4 (£1 ). Weekly. the Rth continues u ith the tunnel creyy on this sinl'ul Sahhath celehration. Wear nice clothes for attritission. please.

I Optimo (Espacio) at the Sith (’luh. l lpm 3am. £0 (£5). Weekly. 'l’he Stth (’luh iny'ites all-comers tor a dress- up/come-as-you-are saturnalia that has to he one of the most musically diyerse cltih nights arotmd. tlosted hy Jl) lunch and J(i Wilkes.

I Opus at ()ptis. 8pm 2am. l-‘ree. Weekly". (iiles plays the piatto all ttighl and ittto the morning. too. A line mid toyytt Venue tor those it ho like the iyot'ies tinkled “hell they s\\ ally.

I The Priory at Blattket. l lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. this cluh‘s something ol~ a misnomer. t‘nless ol course dancing all night to l‘unky' house and Rth is hoyy you detox. ('ut/. t.isa l.ittle\\ood. l.ee Watson and Richard l.e\'inson are the hosts.

I Salsero at Batnhoo. Next date the.

DE'tHIOl lLCllNO JIMMY EDGAR Club 69, Paisley, Sat 7 Feb

Detroit is a city of mean streets and urban decay. It also has a rich musical heritage. Paisley has its urban decay too. And, of course, it has David Sneddon. But it also has Club 69, the venue that will play host to Detroit-

I Streaker at Shack.

lt).3()ptn 3.30am. £5 (£3). Weekly. l)J James ‘the Boy' (iardner spins the tracks for those enjoying immature antics attd naked l‘un. this sounds like a good llltlgh. eh'.’

I Sunday Shoutin’ at Mas.

l lpm 3am. £thc. Weekly. A club natned alter Johnny ('oporate‘s l'loor- titling Detected classic yyas alyyays going to he pretty darn line. Big y’oeal house numhers attd a very syy'eaty dancettoor.

I Sunday Surgery at (‘tthe

l lpnt 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. ('anteron (’raig dispenses some salye tor your soul itt this di\et'tittg \y inder-doytner

\y ith a medical theme.

I Sunday Best at the Shed. lt).3()pm 2am. £3 (£2). Weekly. tiuan .\'eilson aitd Andy Rohertson are in cltarge ol' the tunes at this massiyely popular southside cltih. .lttst he quiet yyhen leay ing the premises. please.

I Temptation Sundays at 't'iger 'l'iger. l2.3(lam 3am. l’ree. Weekly. l).l Wills lront 9pm playing funky house and cluh classics to art alyyay s tsell- heeled croys d near the Merchant ('ity. I Transistor at the Polo Lounge.

1 lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Real pop tor reat people \yith l).ls .\'iall .\tc.\turray attd Way tie l)i\ott.

I Urban Vinyl at Blanket.

llpttt 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Raymond Woods. l’aul .\".lie. \aeem and Stuart Me('at|unt hrittg this wild Suttday night to Sauehiehall Street l'or dedicated l'olloyyers ol' tn'han music. the yery hest in hip hop. Rth. soul and ex ery kind (it ttrhatt heat.

I Vinylicious at l.()\\tttt\\ n. Midnigltt 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. 'l'he \ei‘y se\y people lt‘om Soulsa hring us another line night (it house tint and games.

Glasgow Mondays


I Burn at MAS. l lhltl .3llttt. t‘ree tor stall ol‘ any puh or cluh; £3 to eyeryone else. “eelsly. 'l‘he higgest trade party oi the year. \\ ith Bttrn residents .\'ormski attd Zeus playing the tunes that you need in your lil'e. .'\l| drinks are one pound. all night lottg.

I Breakaway at the Sltack.

l lpm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. .-\lec attd Andy drop their unique hlend ot' chart layourites. Delinitely one tor the party set.

bred wunderkid Jimmy Edgar on his fortchcoming

European tour.

The booking has all the makings of a classic 69 coup. The club has easily earned its reputation as one of the best venues for dance music in Scotland, and has suffered only due to its peripheral location. Edgar, meanwhile, just happens to be one of the most exciting artists to have broken onto the scene in years. At 20 years old, he’s Warp Records’ new signing, counts Derrick May among his friends, and has spoken of how he wants his music to

sound ‘literally like Detroit itself’. Trained as a classical jazz

percussionist, he is indeed steeped in

the music of Detroit, from gritty techno to soul and electronic hip hop. His is a glitchy, modern sound. Oh, and if your head hasn’t yet been turned by his Access Rhythm EP, it’s time you had the neck brace off. (Kenny Hodgart)

I In Bed with Jim Da Best at Blanket (formerly Bed). llpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Jitti inyites you to his houtloir tor an evening of poptastic trash. l'unky shit and a W hole lot else hesides. I Budda at Budda. l lptii 3am. £thc. Weekly. Relaunched yenue hack on track yy itlt details still the.

I The Jump Off at Liquid Lounge. Next date the.

I Passionality at ('uhe.

l l.3()pm 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly". 1)] Shaun Roherts ensures that the yyeekend is stay ittg ttliy e With this post-W eekend night ol pleasing chartistry tor this gay/tni\ed croyt d.

I Undercover at Blanket. l lpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Secret agent Jint l)a Best plays tittttky house. quality R&B and perfect pop tunes l'or your ears only. Plenty ol drinks promos leay e you shaken and stirred. too. Secret agent themed parties are on their way.

Glasgow Tuesdays


I Bin Bag ill the (illtsgoyy Seltool ol‘ .'\rt. ltpm 3am. £l (tree). Bargaitt hasement indie tunes. harreloads (it cheap drink and a hunch ol' kids that used to the in good homes.

I Budda at Budda. l lptti 3am. £thc. Weekly. Relatutehed \enue hack on track \\ itlt details still the.

I FUN at (‘uhe ll.3()pm 3am. £3. Weekly. l‘tuiky. unique and yery naughty. packed \\ itlt pleasing pop music. lt‘oltt Shaysn Roherts attd Shana-Halli“ ell at this gay night.

I Laid at the Shack. l().3tlpm 3am. £5 (£5). Weekly. The hest llttd latest indie- pop-rock-guitar-hip liop-lth-chart- daticc the ultimate student the.

I Later Lounge at the liquid Lounge. “Pm 3am. l‘ree. Weekt}. Aaron l’etrie (('linical) cooks tip a storm \y ith some classic tracks old and Hen. House. hroken heats atid hip hop l'layours.

I Juicy Tuesdays at Blanket (tormerly Bed). llpiti 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Stay tresh. stay young: get iitto hed on tile yy ith Billy Milligan in the hig hack hedroottt Willi mouth-\tatering student layourites yyhile Scott ‘l'iitgers' McMillan proyides some lull l'layour tun ill the trout hedroom.

I Fool’s Gold at MAS. llpitt 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. :\s the name might suggest. this is a tiiglit ol~ indie and rock'n'roll lor all ot those \yho kttoW that cluhhittg isn't all ahottt heals and hreaks.

listings Clubs

I Snoopy Tuesdays at Blanket. llptit 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. .loiti Peanuts and (‘harlie Bt‘oyy n eyery 'l‘uesday under a warm. cosy security hlanket ol' student classics. pop and Rth l'rom Scott ‘l-‘ingers' McMillan and Billy Milligatt. Jiltt l)a Best is also the tttati here.

I TIT at 'l’rash. ltl.3()pm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. t’aul .\"Jie plays ottt Rth aitd hip hop. (iraeme l‘erguson hits you \\ ith the stttdettt classics it) Room 2 and Roh B is iii the third room play ittg party anthems and har tunes.

I Tuesdays at Bamboo at Batithoo. llptti 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. |)J Miguel is ill the Red Roottt playing the linest Rth and hip hop. arid ill the lounge \\ e hay e Rohm B playing laid hack soull'ul grooyes.

Glasgow Wednesdays


I Allure at the tunnel. ll.3(lpm 3am. £3. Weekly. (ilasgoyy‘s nets est gay night with the yottttg and yery talented l).l Darren Young playing some superh tuneage to a line (iay el'thl.

I Bennet’s at Bennet's.

ll.3()pm 3am. £2.5(l t£l.5()). Weekly. Sara takes cotttrol once tnore ill the cltth latnotts tor madness attd. aheut. liheral chat~up policy.

I Budda at Btidda. l lpitt 3am. £thc. Weekly. Relaunched yentte hack on track \s ith details still the.

I The ltt llte l'.dj_’L‘ ((‘oathridget llpttt 3am. £3 (tree). Weekly. 1)] James (‘tu'rie play ittg all the hest party tunes to an tip lot-ll ottt ol' toyy tt el'oyyd.

I FAB at the Belo. llpitt 3am. l‘rce hel‘ore l lpm; £4 (£3) alter. Weekly. l’aul Rea. (iordon Miller and ('raig ls'elmatt hlend garage. Rth and ltmky house. playing to a dressed-up croyy d \y ho help to make this one ol' the husiest niidyteek nights in (ilasgoyy.

I Freestyle at trash. 1 lpm 3am. tethe. Weekly. l"i\ up. look sltltt'l) l’ol‘ (ilasgoyy 's only l'ully cottuttitted night ol' t'rhan music. (‘ome ilt lrottt the l'ields. yokels.

I Fourplay at linyy. l lpm 3am. £4 ([2). Weekly. New ltigltl ()t‘ titllleetel'ia l‘or tlte (illtsgoyy set. (‘lttllhl’idge Street \in| rock.

I Jungo at .r\rchaos. llptn 3am. £2 (l'ree). Weekly. Student classics. indie and cheese are the order (it tlte day at this \\ eekly Wed.

I Joints and Jams at ('uhe.

llpttt 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. the ayyard-ys inning cluh hrings you the hest R&B. hip hop and soul l).ls in the city. Residents Martin llesketh. John l.yotts. t’uppa Shattgo arid l).\t(i olt rotatiott eyery Wed. Willi regular guest t).ls and l’.v\s. it's no \yottdet' that .loints arid .lams is the longest running Rth night in (ilasgoyy.

I New Flesh at l-tiry Murry ‘s.

ltlpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. .\ itigltt ol' punk. metal atid nu metal. rellecting the diyersity otcltthhittg at the moment.

I Retox at Batnhoo. llptti 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Miguel (’ampos plays you itito 'I‘ltursday “ith a misture ol' hip hop atid Rth.

I Shackass at Shack.

l().3()pm 3.30am. £5 (£3). Weekly the itiitnitahle l).l toast spins the linest lll chart classics. \\ ith a healthy smattering ot. cheese also.

I Stud’essential at .longletn-s.

0pm 3am. l'i‘ee. Weekly. t‘resh student night at the comedy eltth ill the hig httilding. t‘ree entry and a shitload ol drinks promos mean that the cum d \\ ill he ill title tettle.

I Traffic Light at Blanket (l'oritterly Bed). ltpm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Stop at the lights and get itito hed eyery Wed. 'l'here’ll he intimate pilloyy talk in the trout hedroottt and se\y Rth and pop in the hack hedroom. Watch ottt lot" the tral'l'ic police \yho giye l'ree alcoltol to all those \\ ho dare to sit ill the car seat.

; .: THE LIST 83