Honeycomb, Edinburgh, Fri 13 Feb

Anyone still in thrall to the era-defining sound of ‘Chime’ - released almost 15 years ago, bookending Orbital’s now six-album career may be forgiven for wondering just where brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll are and what they’re up to at the moment.

The answer’s not entirely unexpected: in the studio and working on Orbital’s next album, their first pressing since 2001’s The Altogether. It’s due for release later this year but, in the meantime, oldest brother Phil has hit the road with his own DJ tour to keep one hand on the pulse of

clubland. It’s a far cry from the main stage at Glastonbury in 1995, but the small scale of this launch night for monthly Edinburgh night Bio-rhythm is surely good news for the fans. Promised is a top-notch house selection, including

of the best current and classic alternative. crossover tunes. it‘s an institution already and with the recent addition of the back room. playing host to Mr & Mrs Mogwai. the future looks like a happy place for all things livol.

I Finsternis at the Pleasance (‘abaret Bar. ()pni— lam. £3. 6 Feb. Monthly. The lighter side of goth (if such a thing truly exists) with a mix of dark ambient. neo- classical and ethereal tracks. (‘heck www.linsternis.org.uk for more info.

I Flippin’ at the Bongo ('lub. l().3()pm~-3am. £6 (£5). 20 Feb. Another huge B-Boy night with live action. DJs. plenty of hip hop. skate films. ramps. competitions and prizes.

I The 60-60 at (‘octcau Lounge (downstairs at ligo). l lpm-- 3am. £5 (£4). 20 Feb. Monthly. Swinging ()(lS garage (of the rock variety ~ sorry to disappoint any So Solid wannabes). soul. mod. R&B and sleazy listening. The righteous Tall Paul Robinson and Angus A (io-(io remain resident.

O lmbolc at the Bongo (‘lub.

l()pm- 3am. £6 (£5). 6 Feb only. The Beltane Fire Society invite you to come and rejoice the birth of the new still. dance away the winter and welcome the sprouts of spring. Featuring live act the Ruffness. Psyketrix. global psychedelic tunes and more. lmbolc ritual at midnight. (‘ome and help in this effort to bring Beltane festival back to (‘arlton Hill.

I Impact at Wee Red Bar.

l().3()pm -3am. £3. 13 Feb. liclectic night playing dance to drum & bass. funk. hip hop and dub with a live electro showcase and dub M(' Dangerman.

O Jungle Magik at the Honeycomb. llpm» 3am. £|2 £l5. 6 Feb only. Jungle Magik promise four memorable events

some of Orbital’s finest moments, and maybe even one or two of their new songs. (David Pollock)

l' “7‘ "‘ “*fu'r u.

I v”.

TWP» o_ 'v

through 2004. kicking off with this monster featuring the legendary Ray Keith and Kenny Ken with special guest M(‘ Navigator. Support comes from DJ Tu and Queen B pltis in the back room for an old skool session of jungle sounds DJ Kid. (i-Mac and KM(‘.

I Manga at Honeycomb. Next date 2() Feb. With special guest Peshay.

I Modern Lovers at ligo.

l lpm 3am. £4 before midnight: £5 alter. 6 Feb. Monthly. l'p-beat mix of Northern Soul. deep funk. Hammond ja/l and retro soundtrax served up by your hosts ('raig Jamieson and Andrew Divine (Divine. Funk Room).

I Nuklear Puppy at ligo.

l()pm 3am. £10. 13 Feb. Residents Jason (‘orte/ and Phil York keep the hard dance flag flying in the capital and have picked tip nominations for Best Scottish ('lub 2003 from .llitmug and Best Small (‘lub from the Hard-Dance Awards. Joined by (iatecrasher co-founder and resident Scott Bond. alongside Scottish hero Simon Foy (Inside Out).

I Obscene at the Venue. l lpm 3am. £5. 13 Feb. The underground drum 6; bass night returns for their second birthday party. Part I features a residents’ showcase with Jonny Faith. Futur Proof. DJ (’alvin and Sola Perplexus utilising three dex. live PAs and guest M(‘s (as part of 3D). Part 3

( l2 Mar) sees special guests 1. Double and Morphy dropping the beats. Sm' lll‘l'l'H'll'.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. l()pm 3am. £5. Weekly. Ftinked tip vocal house and dance classics from Stevie (i and ('allum Murray.

I Planet Earth at ('itrus (‘lub. l().3()pm 3am. £5. Weekly. Music from l()7b through to I980 or. in other words.

a healthy dose of punk. new wave. new romantic and electro pop.

Pogo Vogue at the Bongo (‘luh l()pm 3am. £7 before 1 lpm; £9 after. l3 Feb. Monthly. lixperimental electronica skirting all the various forms of music machines make. Live showcase from electro duo 'I‘ransparent Sound and their dark. cinematic electronica. Also Pulsewith Records present Barcelona's SWAT Squad playing their minimal house. funk. electro fusion live alongside guest DJ Jaumetic.

I Radio Babylon at ligo. Next date 27 Feb.

I React at ligo. Next date 27 Feb with Tobias Schmidt.

I Shakedown at the Venue. ()-—l()pm. £5 (£4 members). Weekly. l'nder 18s night as Nick (i and J spin out the hardest hip hop and R&B with Iashings of ragga and commercial ctits. pltis limcee (‘ha/el provides the shout otits on the mic.

I 30 at the Venue. I().3()pm 3am. £5. Weekly. A new concept at the Venue as each week three big name clubs are gathered together under one roof for one tiny entrance fee. Soul Biscuits. Tokyo Blti and Headspin join forces (6 Feb) while it's Dogma. ()bscene (with their second birthday. see above and pn'i'it'ii‘) and Access ( l3 Feb).

I The Time Tunnel at Massa. l()pm 3am. £5 (£4 with llyer). Weekly. Trendy Wendy. Showbi/ Jase and Betty Ford disrupt the space—time continuum with tunes from the (30s. 7()s and 80s. ()r maybe it's just the alcohol.

I Tokyoblu at ligo. l lpm 3am. £3. 13 Feb. Monthly. [p and coming double act plying their trademark blend of funky house and classic grooves.

0 Trouble at the (‘ellar Bar.

9pm 3am. £2 before I lpm; £3 before midnight; £4 alter. Weekly. The Beat Jill] Basement is reborn in a slightly different format as the Trouble guys bring their jazz inflected dance selection back home. Launching with special guest Rainer Truby ((‘ompostl on b Feb followed by a Mocha Rocka/I'okyo Blti double header ( l3 Feb). Sm' preview.

I UTI presents: LED at Studio 24. l().3()pm 3am. £8 (£5 members). 13 Feb. Monthly. l'nderground techno night featuring resident DJs Semaj. Johnny

()h! and Tormod Mor playing the best of

electro through to hard techno joined by the Wee DJs for a live PA.

Chart & Party

I The BIG One! at Mood.

9pm 3am. Free before I lpm; £3 after (free to members). Weekly. A fantastic start to the weekend as you cavort to all those pop classics from the last five decades.

I Boogie Juice at L'Attache. l().3()pm 3am. £3 before 1 lpm: £5 after. Weekly. Playing out the best in R&B. chart and funky favourites.

I The Dog’s Balearics at Revolution. l().3()pin 3am. £5 before midnight: £6 after (£3 £4). Weekly. The best Ibiza and chart dance numbers from throughout the summer.

I Fridays @ City at City: lidinburgh. I lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. DJ Tony entertains the masses with the best in current house. R&B and chart.

I Office Party at (‘avendish/Diva. 4pm 3am. Free. Weekly. Night of after work silliness and cheesy fun. Bucking broncos. games and more to keep the suited masses entertained. Buffet for pre-booked parties (as well as a btts pick up service).

I Relight my Fire at Abbar.

9pm 3am. Free. Weekly. More 70s and 80s favourites with a smattering of Karaoke numbers from the inebriated punters.

I The Subway at Subway. 7pmv 3am. £l. Weekly. Nigh on a (‘owgate institution of commercial dance and chart hits with the odd indie classic.

listings Clubs

5-"? lmbolc Pagan rituals ahoy as the Beltane Fire Society celebrate the festival of spring. Also a night trying to get the Beltane Festival back on Carlton Hill, so well worth supporting. The Bongo Club, Fri 6 Feb.

Jungle Magik More drum & bass class from Ray Keith and Kenny Ken launching a series of one-off specials throughout 2004. The Honeycomb, Fri 6


Trouble Good to see Trouble (now sans the Blue Note. offering even more freedom) back on track and this venue reclaimed for quality music. Opening night sees a Compost special with German programmer/musician Rainer Truby. The Cellar Bar, Fri 6


Audio Deluxe Just a quickie to say Kenny ‘Dope' Gonzales is back to make up for his no show on New Year's Day. The Honeycomb, Sat 7 Feb.

Luver A night never to be missed. Up-front and in-your- face. this is all about having a laugh and party-up attitudes. Should be even more wonderful this month as they reach their eighth birthday. The Liquid Room.

Sat 7 Feb.

Bio-Rhythm Now monthly, with its February guest being none other than Phil Hartnoll of Orbital fame. A true hero of the dance world. The Honeycomb,

Fri 73 Feb. Pogo Vogue More

immaculate. freaked out electronica of all denominations from the mighty Pogo Vogue. Live electro duo Transparent sound take the top spot with a little help from SWAT Squad. Jaumetic and the peerless residents. The Bongo Club, Fri 73


' Ultragroove Jon Cutler (pictured) returns for his fourth trip to Ultragroove. What better than the New Yorker's mix of deep vocals. jazzy grooves and disco beats to soundtrack the most romantic night of the year? Cabaret Voltaire, Sat 7 4 Feb.

‘2 1:? .‘ 0t) 9170'.