ADULT FANTASY FABLES: ANIMAL I FARM l Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha

(Vertigo) ooo

The warring Snow White and Rose Red are thrown together to save their storybook friends who live incognito alongside normal humans better known as ‘mundanes'. Those too noticeable are held on a ‘farm' and are planning a violent breakout. Written as an action- packed crime caper. this second Fab/es outing is a witty mixture of grisly violence. tough talkin‘. curvaceous dames and literary references; all inked in glorious Technicolor by a team of three artists. Buy it, if only for the 15 pages of early cover sketches at the end. (Charly Murray)


(Kineg Books) 000

Ed Pinsent's worried hero, Windy, blusters through bizarre stories. talking to cosmologists. alchemists. frogs and fishmongers trying to get a handle on life. He's the frock-coated voice of sense in a world in which anarchy

; “ml Wilberforce ('3 ' ‘1 ’7 r”... / ,



'2’ .’,-,/P~E‘“5


seems to rule. Subtitled A Book of Signs this is visually reminiscent of Dr Seuss in its accumulation of heavy. restless ink. Pinsent takes the reader on a journey through acres of disjointed. dreamlike imagery. The stories deal with philosophical thought. alchemical Symbols and mystical imagery. Almost like a puzzle. each frame is memorable and independent to interpretation. (Charly Murray)


5 YOUNG cons a.


Barry Windsor-Smith (Fantagraphics)


cit?)- ,‘le--l»:=t:eft-rm.i‘rri

Depending on whether you believe Barry Windsor-Smith or the original publisher of the short-lived BSW: Storyteller. the deluxe format comic was cancelled after just nine issues because Dark Horse failed to market

Young Gods & Friends - a gentle pa



the prestige publication properly, or because

there is no spark of originality as with current


1 Wealth


rody of Jack Kirb

the book didn't appeal to enough readers. Whatever, Fantagraphics is republishing Storyteller in three coffee table format hardbacks. the first of which, Young Gods & Friends. is Windsor-Smith‘s homage by way of gentle parody to the late. great Jack Kirby's

divine 1960s superhero

title. The Mighty Thor. The illustrations. a mix of bold pop art. pre— Raffellite and Art Nouveau styles. are glorious. The storytelling, however. amounts to little more than a one joke skit. Just look at the pictures. (Miles Fielder)


Strip Search (Dark Horse) 0000

Nothing whatsoever to do with perfect strangers rummaging around in your body cavities but more a

startlingly fine collection

of new comic talent as found via Dark Horse's online competition. Everything possible is covered here: from post-modern mediaeval knights to angsty primary school tyrants via alcoholic space heroes and hobo bears. Mad? Often. Bad? Rarely. Dangerous? Well. perhaps if some here are given the space to breathe and develop on the page they could well be the star names of tomorrow. (Mark Robertson)



‘3 w I "Half; E

y’s The Mighty Thor


CHICK LYALL Broken Poems (Caber) mo

Pianist Chick Lyall and Swedish saxophonist Joakim Milder have been working together

periodically over the past

year or two, and they find plenty of common ground on the pianist‘s new album. The

‘European' side of Lyall's

musical sensibility is often on show in the course of his seven compositions and the five group improvisations. Bassist Mike Dunning and drummer Tom Bancroft complete the quartet. and everyone chips in

with strong contributions

in a project which again underlines the way in which Henry's Jazz

Cellar has become a fertile and interactive catalyst for collaborations between British and European (not to forget American) musicians. (Kenny Mathieson)



When it Falls (Ultimate Dilemma) 0”

Zero 7 are back with more chilled beats. jazzy noodles and sumptuous. dreamy vocals. All well and good but the marketplace is flooded with these chill-out type albums from Moby to Groove Armada way back to Portishead. Yeah, it does its job and does it well but nothing sets it from the pack:


not 0 job

the new single out 23/2/04

scene leaders Royksbpp. It's an album that never goes anywhere. never offends but is always pleasant. And that really is as excited as you can get a pleasant album. And if that 's as far as your horizons reach. enjoy. (Henry Nonhmore)


(Wise Witch) mo

The second release from a band formed from the

remnants of nearly-weres

Peeps into Fairyland has

little of the guttural blusey

sound of their previous incarnation. Instead. this is a subdued. almost sleepy wander through a dreamlike place. where warm tones envelop the listener in a bed of sounds. This is no

2 track CD (featuring "Teardrop? enhanced Mini CD {features a video and new tracks} DVD singie (2‘ videos, new b side and photo goiteryj


90 to to Order the dvd singie for 99p oniy' and you could be sent a signed copy

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19 Feb-4 Mar 2004 THE LIST 105

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