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ver since Christmas. there‘s been an extra buzz of activity at The List’s

offices. Late at night. staff can regularly be spotted in meeting rooms.

drinking strong coffee and deep in debate. The List. you see. is expanding. For many years now. we've published the definitive guide to eating out in Glasgow and Edinburgh. a phenomenally successful book that is distributed with this magazine every April. As we write this. over 80 journalists are expanding their knowledge and their waistlines in the name of the fully updated 2004 edition. due for publication on 2‘) April. Aware of the popularity of the Eating & Drinking Guide. last year we embarked on a new venture. the Deli & Good Food Directory: a comprehensive guide to Scotland's high quality food shops presented in a beautiful pocket book format. Again we gave our loyal readers a copy of this book which normally retails at £4.95. So what next‘.’ This year. regular readers can look forward to much more added value. on top of your fortnightly fix of the most comprehensive guide to arts and entertainment in central Scotland.

As well as this year's updated versions of these successful books. in March we‘ll be producing a unique new Edinburgh (‘in Guide: not just for tourists. but a directory which should be essential reading even if you‘re already familiar with the capital. In May. you can look forward to a pocket guide to Adventure Sports in Scotland. showing how even the laziest city dweller can have a go at activities like mountain biking. surfing or rock climbing. often without having to travel for more than an hour from their front door. On top of this. later in the year we’ll throw in our latest updated Bar Guide. Then. of course. there are The [.ist’s acclaimed free Cl)s. such as the excellent taster of Icelandic music that we published thanks to Tennent's and lcelandair.

If that‘s not enough. behind the scenes we've been working on another. even more ambitious publishing project which remains veiled in secrecy. We reveal any more just yet. but watch this space for news in forthcoming weeks.

All in all. if you add up the great value of these extras. The List continues to offer better value for money than ever. Hell. if we were you. we‘d even be tempted to take out a subscription.



Admiration is growing for a section of the alcoholic retail community. It's not so much the product that‘s peddled though that's not too shabby more the way it's done. We're talking about the folks who work in Oddbins. and it has to be said that most of them are men. They’re slightly geeky and often handsome. but yOu know that if you ever had a drink with them they'd make you laugh. They'd ask you questions abOut yourself like they were really interested and they'd know all kinds of clever stuff but wouldn't be macho ab0ut it. Applied to work. these traits manifest themselves as subtle twinkles that whisper ‘Good choice. gorgeous.’ no matter how cheap the plonk y0u've just chosen. And when you ask for advice. they're just so decent about it. They'd probably be a good starting point if one needed a blind date too. Or a nice job. Just a thought. (Ashley Davies)

10 THE LIST if) Feb-u". Mar 200/.

1 New Territories

Festival Glasgow’s festival of live arts sharpens the boundaries of cutting edge performance, bringing with it Michael Clark. Marie Chouinard, Laurie Booth and more. See feature, p12 for Michael Clark. The Tron, Tramway, the Arches, Theatre Royal, Glasgow.

2 The Fence Collective

Music Fife’s shambling musical marauders make a welcome visit to the capital with their ingenious, folksy sonic melange. See feature, p14. Subway, Edinburgh.

3 Screaming Men

Film Mika Ronkainen’s bonkers feature documentary about a Finnish shouting men's choir. See review, page 28 Filmhouse, Edinburgh, from Fri 27 Feb.

4 Pugilist Specialist

Theatre The Riot Group blew away flimsy Fringe opposition with Adriano Shaplin’s military drama. In a post-war climate, the live performance remains devastating. See feature, page 22 The Arches, Glasgow.

5 Ninja Tune

Clubs Seminal UK electronica label celebrates ten years by taking a smattering of acts on the road moving through glitch beats to hip hop cuts. See Clubs, page 77 QMU, Glasgow.

6 Nectarine No 9 - I Love Total Destruction

Records Veteran indie mavericks come good again with a collection of multi-textured punk jazz rock soul sonic explorations. See Records, page 108 Released on Beggars Banquet.

7 David Peace

Books Having disturbed his readers with a quartet of books based on Peter Sutcliffe. the Yorkshire writer gives us 6884, a vibrant, visceral and violent rendition of the miners’ strike. See Books, page 102 Faber.

8 Pieces of April

Film Dawson ’5 Creek’s Katie Holmes stars as the harassed April. She’s got a black boyfriend, her parents don't like it and they are coming round for a Thanksgiving meal. One of the finest lnDigEnt movement films so far. Selected release from Fri 20 Feb.

9 Tapa Coffee and Bakehouse

Food The East End of Glasgow’s growing artistic quarter gives rise to a new organic bakehouse which is reviving culinary demand for fresh bakery. Whitehil/ Street, Dennistoun.

1 O Hustle

TV From the people who brought you Spooks, here’s something actually worth watching. Robert Vaughn, Adrian Lester and Marc Warren are among a team of con artists plaguing the greedy rich of London. See Answer machine. page 128 BBC1.