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c3 SCOTTISH E '3 Administrator C as i: R E E N Savalas Ltd - - ' THF BBC W ANTS. YOU IF Rapidlyexpandmg Wand Film Marketing & Information Assrstant J L " sound postproduction company pa) Arc “m .‘ FOOD "‘\'K\") seeks administrator/coordinator I ' _ for a (“Henglng 'O'e W'm'“ ‘3 Scottish Screen is a public sector organisation dedicated to developing. Maybe you re it Choc‘oholtc".’ Do you c‘t‘ayc a curry day and young dynamic company. encouraging. and promoting all aspects of film. television night‘.’ ()r are you hooked on some other grub‘.’ A multl Skllled talent IS and new media in Scotland ' _ . y . u ' required. Along with general Do you loye l.l\ l.\(. DANGEROLSIA .’ Are you a IIIRIIJ. admin tasks you Win take on If you have at least one year‘s experience in a marketing. customer SEEKING nut‘.’ Is your life all about liying on tiie edge'.’ key responsibilities to help pro- service. information or arts administration role. we have an excellent _ , , , , 0 , , H , H mote the company creatively. opportunity for you to j0ln our busy Marketing and Information Team. D0 'mu [DORE \ ()l R ( 00'" 5mm. p“.""“ "u?! “ml “LP Send CV to: As a Marketing and Information Assistant. your key duties will be to "WI" WWW" “I‘d” “imml- l‘ ""5 .‘I’U- Savalas Ltd, 333 woodlands Rd, deal with enquiries from a wide range of clientsamaintain information Are you a gym jtinkie'.’ Do you WORK (“'1‘ all the lime'.’ Glasgow G3 6N6 resources 'nCIUd'”9 our web s'te- and pro'aCt'Ve'Y reseamh new

sources of information to improve our service. You'll also undertake general administration duties and provide

Has your life been affected by SEX .-\l)l)l("l‘l().\'. sexual dil‘ti- assistance with a range of marketing projects and events. Are you a ME sufferer,

If you are pumped up. psyched up and I‘uelled tip. get in totich.

cultles or romantic misadyenture'.’ Do you go otit of your way hm n affected “n” “W The successful candidate Wm be of graduate calibre with excellent I” “1”” WU" WWI” "WWW? [l’ m “amid mu iw’ “mugged in organisation and interpersonal skills. You must be proficient in the use What about PAR'I‘YING‘.’ Do you craye a good time? Are you I’iu’lik‘ll’illmgl I” 1‘ I’hUIUI—‘I'i‘I’hIC of Microsofl Office software paCKages and have {experience Of "Sing . 1- ._1 . .1' . 1, . ') ' base project that antic iii alumni and maintaining databases. While it is not essential to have previous ‘1 'L “m p‘ln)?mr' the public by dcmictii‘ymg mp experience of the screen industries. an interest and If so then the B BC wants to hear from you NOW. taboo that surrounds the illness. enthusiasm for moving image would be advantageous- ' Contact Zoe: _ _ Call us on 07973 237 1 78, For an application pack: tel: 0141 3021732 . or email: or email us at or visit our web site at www.scottishscreen.comlrecruitment

Actors - Closrng date: Fri 5 March 2004

(Female: aged 20-27 ck Male: aged 32-33) & Production / Set

t’ ‘2 . . . _ oat. 2 \‘ Designer. “allied Ior short film mmwmm, tame? l Ibinnil. szperience prelerrcd. ( Traygrse 3‘5 a fLil time apeyyenfed Shooting dillL‘SI :IIKI-‘Nh.


LITERARY DEVELOPMENT 3""“"‘@'“"°°-°°"‘ Web Designer/Dynamic Content with 2 years + experience of:

Places are available for residential yolunteei‘s aged eighteen to thirty in out" Iidinburgh and Kirkneyyton

- team work with codewriters. 0 design for dynamic database driven pages. skins and templates.

To name-3 3e: moraine and exciting

eager-sin S annexe programme

mmmummw. YOU M” 1m. 0 design for php/mySQL integration in html, dhtml. xhtml. t2:- ~..~.~. * Mm . ~ ~ . .' . . . . Iv1=?€i'fle}‘vrl.;;k“ & 3yy‘lk3\’31 can b: tllUni_\ldL. )(llllig pLUplL \\ h” ,.‘ '1‘“ _'._a‘ o ,. , .... .. a fix if.“ as: 'I I" I ' I n l I. I ésanieaoea a. aaa.tiatgs_._,,i, at, balflym Ii t\L c\pciicnccd honiclc \xlic \\ wnh good deSIQn aesthencs. 3y, SW1 3 55m SAE .3 pm?“ Raga!“ {ravage full board and lodging. . _ _ _ “cam 337‘” We Q {Dimuqmlm ,Efi Personal allowance training we are a GIBSQOW based company DTOdUC'ng eXC't'ng We“ :vgtity -:_¢_ ‘A H t L ' " '“5 all proyidetl. active protects for clients in e learning. TV. mu5ic. creative H ' ' Tel: 0131 475 2354 industries and new media CUISII DATE 1;- ncezi. radar 3 March 2004 or admln@

CVs with URLs to

Registered Chanty' “3—58 for more information.

What did you do last night? Played 5-a5lde? The Tron Theatre requires a full time Stayed in and watch the game on the telly? ' °“ _

I , . . . Big In Falkirk Scotland's National box Offlce

snt it time you made a difference? If you can spare a couple sm‘ms Fést. al t k I re on _ y y y y y y of hours a week. during the evening or at the weekend. then the 18”; 2nd Oma’ iafigaar A hlghly orgamSCd 'nleIdua' '5 reqwfed you can transform a young person's life. k d h h "F Ik to support the 80X Office Manager W'th

- . . par an t mug 0L“ a W _ all aspects of running one of Glasgow's Big Brothers and Sisters prowdes adult volunteer mentors to Opportunities ems! to get Involved. busiest ticket sales 0 erations children aged 6 to 16 from lone parent families. Being a °Sta|| Holdefsforthe Festwa' Market . . . . _ .p ' mentor is about being a mate, having a |augh and doing Wolunteers for professional ResponSIbilities wrll include management everyday things like playing fomban' visiting theatre companies of the Box Office team and liaison With ganeries or just having a chat. oArtists interested in showcasing the Tron s senior management, other the" work companies and venues. our webSite I Temporary Event Staff or contact: For more information please contact Applications by CV and covering letter to: Kathryn Bradley, G'aSQOVW RhOda Mcvey 0141 248 4349 0‘9 "WmWeVQIIIS-Com 014‘ 552 6027 Box Office Manager, Tron Theatre, 63 Trongate, Glasgow, 61 5H8 @urgh: Pegs Bailey 0131 556 2636 “$53.93 iwa‘i-b'g'nfa'k'rk-Com "a ' j MVVJ-UzeVems-Com Closing date Monday 1st March 2004

118 THE LIST llifirt: -1M:it 700/.