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Handsome gay male, (ilasgow. 5'10". 28 professional friendly. straight acting and fun. Seeking similar genuine guy for

friendship and ideally relationshi . Photo please. Box No: P/488/1)


V I saw you in Urban Outfitters. bossing your staff with your sexy Swedish accent! Love your style. maybe you can boss me sometime! L!/488/l

O I saw you in the Loft on the 7th Feb. you dark haired and beautiful. you commented on my jumper when l was leav- ing :- ). Wish we could have talked. Be in touch ? U/488/2 V I saw you rubbing your hands up + down your cue in Moskito. you had a sexy white short sleeved shirt on - you were really turning me on!! l.'/488/3

O I saw you working in Kelly Cooper Bar. I really like your style. Very Vivianne Westwood! Are you single? I'd love to give you a try. U/488/4 V I saw you mistress of the box. Lucious dark hair. lightly swept into pigtails. l4/l/04. Arches cafe bar. You may be lit- tlc red riding hood...l'm the BIG BAI) WOLF! U/488/5

V I saw you Canadian in Blackfriars drinking crappy vodka - come back and try the Polish stuff. it's much nicer! U/488/(i

V I saw you at ()ptimo again and again and wanted to ask 'have the drugs killed your day job?”. As your T-shirt says. I think I think I love you xxx. [7488/7

V I saw you hump on the right shoulder. farting like a trooper down the curryhouse. My true love. Harold. Xx. [3/488/8

V I saw you Splooby. look- ing hot! ln Mosquito. Love (‘hazminator U/488/9

V I saw you Jeannie. Sorry for making a mess. [1/488/1

V I saw you Aidy boy look- ing like my number one. love always Frostysarous. U/488/10 V I saw you not (icorge (‘looncy David T says a big hello to his Johnny-S. Deceived although not forgotten. See you tonite and the beat goes on. [3/488/1 I

V I saw you sexy barmaids (0‘ Moskito. Please call me - any of you! [fl-188M 2


V I saw you V. It was nice to have coffee with you so when you read this message. give me a ring and we can go for anoth- er one. U/488/l3

O I saw you in the 13th Note spike haired rock god! I love you in leather. You bang my drum. Will I ever Gein (sic) your affection? U/488/l4

V I saw you standing («7 bar in Moskito - Pink. grey striped top - 80's spiral perm - call for some eighties revival. U/488/l V I saw you CRAIGSS U/488/15

V I saw you and your 30 mates in Dublin weekend of 7/8/9 Feb. Didn't get to say goodbye. would like to say hello again....Jo From Barnstaple Devon U/488/16

V I saw you in the Variety Bar on 3. l .04. You. the Parisian/South African. wearing stripy tee shirt. Me. arty dude sitting next to you. We talked about travelling. Coffee some time? U/488/l7

V I saw you at the Halcyon. Art School + Traxx for my 30th. Cheers for the party weekend ya buftys. See y'all again soon. SmlerMw..Dirty 30 [)avie l). U/488/l8

V I saw you working in Borders on Thursdays. tall blond boy with sweet face. you make me blush every time Blondie! Au revoir Mars xx L7/488/19

V I saw you. you left your black jacket at the bar. I went back and got it for you. you asked me to marry you. I said yes. U/488/2t)

V I saw you Nomad. you sexy b*tch. you come back queen! Look here Misterman! Runaway with me! U/488/2l V I saw you dance. penguin. dance! Kill the dino-mo-fo! Screebing on the 13th March? Mmmmm. yes please - in the basement of Blackfriars. Pool- poot... [1/488/22

V I saw you (‘raigy baby with Little Jo. U looked so sweet together. If you're avail— able. see if you can spot me every Tuesday! U/488/23

V I saw you. Met you in Blanket on Friday. You were wearing a black dress. and I was the English man wearing the black shirt and trousers. "I am shy as well" [fl-1880.4

O I saw you Silveryin. Did you enjoy that blast of Baker Street? Lay off the cheese pieces. Golden (‘ow is the food of the devil !! U/488/25

O I saw you Keith Chegwin look-alike at the Carling Academy NMF. Tour. Wanna play pop with me? From girl in red and white top. U/488/26

V I saw you a snowy Sat Jan 31st around 12.30pm. ln Byres Rd newsagents you bought Attitude and a Daily Record and then rushed into Greggs. You are tall. lightish haired. glasses. duffel coat. jeans and a white T. Would you like a latte in Tinderbox? U/488/27

v I saw you at Andy Weatherall. U pretty brunette. me not. Our eyes kept lock- ing. you danced in circles. Fancy a dance sometime? U/488/28

V I saw you bending light. controlling air in Virgin. I with bacon roll and plaster on face. God. why did you buy Belle and Sebastian? U/488/29


V I saw you blue eyes in the snow. A happy aftemoon watch- ing 3 films with you. Love u U/488/30

V I saw you leaping for a hold at Alien Rock. You - look- ing gorgeous in combats and T- shirts; me - utterly and com- pletely in love with you. I will be your rock. U/488/3l

V I saw you de-Iicious. de- lovely. de-lightful at the Traverse Bar. Fri 6th Feb. Blonde bar maid. Oh yeah! U/488/32

V I saw you SA. Champagne bath. You. Me. Memories. Bring back? Why don't you knock on my door anymore? I want you x U/488/33

V I saw you Claire. you thought my soup was tea. That scared me!! Dav x U/488/34 V I saw you eating a Wagon Wheel whilst delivering the milk on Monday moming! I believe you are the key to my chocolate covered heart. U/488/35

V I saw you invisible woman with amazing eyes. Looked like you were having fun. Can I see you again? U/488/36

V I saw you Cami sittin' on a couch. rockin' a fine booody. workin' the crowd. playin' it cool and keepin' it real xxx U/488/37

V I saw you oh your hair is beautiful. ATOMIC. Asleep in the Pear Tree. you kinky slap- ster. U/488/38

V I saw you [)ebenhams menswear. BARNOLD was your name. You looked so hot with that 'fanny pack'!! U/488/39

V I saw you gorgeous girl with denim mini and beautiful green eyes in the BASEMENT - mesmerising! U/488/40

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