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V I saw you in the Traverse Bar on Friday 6th February at 8.23pm. You were wearing glasses and have very short hair and a cheeky smile and lots of bottles of Becks! U/488/4l

V I saw you at the opening of the Purple Haze cafe. You were smoking a spliff outside. dressed in black. looking dreamy. U/488/43

V I saw you working the bar at the Basement. You're Australian. I'm Canadian. And yes. I'm hung like a horse. You know me. get in touch. U/488/43

V I saw you passed out on the sofa. on the toilet and blow- ing your nose on your socks. There's nothing I enjoyed more than jumping on that puddle underneath your kilt! L7/488/44 V I saw you stoned a few times and absolutely hammered trying to speak to me. Sorry my English wasn't good enough to understand you. Love your Freddy Kruger top. by the way. U/488/45

V I saw you in every pub in Edinburgh. in our flat. in the old flat. and will see you in my dreams. Jen. I love you: you are my sister and my love for Scotland. U/488/46

V I saw you in tight check- ered trousers at the Borough for a mad party - is your name Carlos? Get in touch please. U/488/47

VI saw you Pauly Paul sucking toilet water out of the toilet bowl. U/488/48

V I saw you Mitch. You wore a tight white trash/bling bling thing. You're my type. Please don't go! Warchildren ok. (Come to London big boy). U/488/49

V I saw you at Broughton St Globe. Paul. I thought you bat for the other team but apparent- ly you bat for both. Give me a call. luv Big Jim xxx U/488/50 V I saw you fun boy! We've had good times. times of our lives. I feel we will look back at these times and say. 'they were good'! U/488/51

V I saw you... At Rocky Horror in Edinburgh. You wore your handwritten shirt. I wore tailcoat and fishnets onstage next to you. Why the change of shirt'.’ I thought yours was sexy... just too shy to say. Can we do the timewatp again? U/488/52

V I saw you DEATH of a crush? Hardly - saw you at the Lyceum for Arthur Miller on Wednesday Feb I I. you in sexy black shirt and leather trews. and nearly lost the plot. Fancy rehearsing taking them off with a chap? U/488/53

V I saw you saucy badger boy. and your big bananas last Christmas. and I gave you my heart. have you given it away'? A forgotten flying Dutchgirl. U/488/54

V I saw you bending over my loo. You are KEVIN the loveliest plumber in Edinburgh and I was your cutest customer on Saturday 7th Feb. x U/488/55

V I saw you yes. you..... saw

you at Greggs bus stop in Stockbridge last male. messy hair. dressed quite retro. Me looked quite hun- gover but not too had consider- ing. U/488/56

V I saw you Nikki Nips...

I know that perhaps now isn't the right time to ask you out. But if and when you are ready. I'll still be interested... U/488/57

V I saw you Naomi. you blcther! If you're going to keep me up half the night. at least do it properly! U/488/58 V I saw you at IdealPartner. Persephone - fellow Iidinburgh writer guy wants to talk over a glass of good red wine. Like your profile & style. Like my easy smile‘.’ U/488/5‘)

V I saw you in the Basement. Sat 7th Feb. Black T—shirt. baldie. with the blue eyes. [Edinburgh's linest. No one tells them like you! Ilope you enjoyed your visit. LJ/488/60

V I saw you at the Bongo Club. I spoke to you and your blonde haired friend. Ride 'em cowboy. Why wouldn't y'all let me walk you home‘.’ I'll let you D] at the ligg if you go on a date with me! [7488/61

V I saw you Burmese delight (07 the Regent one Friday night. U were there in a group tho missing one fruit. U/488/62

V I saw you V()()I)()(). in Real Foods. stunning. radiant and ginger. You made my heart leap and my face smile...X U/488/63

V I saw you NINA. U/488/64

V I saw you sitting next to me in the Kings Theatre on Tuesday night. and in the pub after. I'd like to see you there a lot more. X . [1488/65

V I saw you in All Bar One. Friday 23rd. You: rucksack. blue down jacket. beat us to the table. Me: dark hair. grey scarf. Think ()6

V I saw you Pete at the Iigg. Can I run my lingers through that curly mane'.’ You are lush! U/488/o7

V I saw you Jim B the studly communications lecturer at QMIIC. Tutorials wouldn't be the same without you! U/488/68

V I saw you Mickey Pearce look-alike at the Iigg. You looked sharp. U/488/(i9

V I saw you Roger from Birmingham in Waikiki Beach. from blonde busty girl in gold dress. Wanna meet for a drink‘.’ U/488/70

V I saw you Pete from the [fig t. I've got a 'major major' crush on you xx U/488/7l

V I saw you last year and realised I wanted to be yours. You can throw me off the bed anytime! Your ‘mini girlfricnd' will ALWAYS love you I)! xx U/488/72

V I saw you at The Social on I.eith Walk. You blonde. great smile. engrossed in Hm! mag. I got my own Nuts mag. Room on that sofa for two'.’ U/488/73

V I saw you Anna chan. you with the sheep slippers. me with the shower hat. Here's to hold- ing out becaUse we're no-one's cellmates! Love you lots xxx L'/488/74

V I saw you at Taste/Luver (ll/()l/(l-l. You'd lost your ROAR! But think you might have found it again. You're the boy for me...always. I xx IZ/488/75

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