Gummi Bako allows Stewart the War Camus-style computer boffin of the trio an outlet for his musical skills and keen sense of the absurd. making music which is deliberately both funny ha ha and funny peculiar.

()n meeting with more and more of the group it becomes apparent that this is no Sony in waiting their motives are purely fun ones. Anderson‘s younger brother lien makes a flitting appearance. Better known in the Fence family as Pip Dylan. he stays just long enough to have his photo taken in various glamour poses prostrate on the Ship Tavern pool table before heading off back to work. This contrasts his deft and numerous musical turns which border on the bluegrassy. flamenco or bluesy. depending on how the wind is blowing.

Not present today but still a significant presence is HMS Ginafore. the nom de guerre for Jenny Casino. Currently in the employ of the Fisheries Museum. she is a rare female in the throng and her winsome country-ish teasers bring some airy respite.

Then there‘s James Yorkston. arguably the most recognisable name here. His album for Domino was quite magical in places and while seeming the most sombre of the crew. his output has a consistently perverse streak through it.

Lest we forget the emotive wails of UNPOC and one-time Beta Band battler and the third Anderson brother in the fold Lone Pigeon. And we haven't got to the extended family yet.

of which there are over a dozen: the skewed rockism of

. 'V r. , Msgfiher‘

Edinburgh‘s the Stipergun. unhinged Japanese karaoke pop of

Shinya Mizuno or Chicago‘s pseudo rap loon MC Quake.

Given their modes of production: CDRs burnt and sent as opposed to the commercial mass production of Cl)s. they operate on an on-demand basis and sell through a small network of sympathetic record shops like Avalanche. Monorail and Missing. By that token they are a rarity for a label: they're in credit. Kenny Anderson also prides himself in being a ‘one-take Charlie'. recording straight to his basic home studio in a first take a process which undoubtedly captures the energy. if not always the clarity. of a performance while keeping costs at a minimum. Therein lies the attraction of the Fence Collective: passion over polish.

Rarely will you find such a comfortable sense of

collaboration between young musicians. Everyone plays on each other’s records. they are constantly covering each other‘s songs and live is where it all comes together. For years now the Collective have been getting together for ‘Sunday socials‘ in the Ship Tavern. a downright social wee boo/er with fine food to boot. They get together for an all-day musical session and recover from the ravages of the weekend by forcing it to continue for as long as possible.

If this all sounds terribly insular. well that‘s because it is. It‘s no exclusive club. however it's just a bunch of people bound up with the desire to share a few pints. a few good ideas and hopefully good music. Obviously not all of it is genius:

Clockwise from top left: King Creosote and Pip Dylan ; the marketing budget is blown in one fell swoop; the Shhip Tavern: where it all happens; the Fence Collecctive let rip at Halloween; Pip Dylan does it live; King Creosote, Gummi Bako and the Pictish Trail. Over the pag, clockwise from top left: Assmebling the Plcket Fence series; life’s a beach crafty bastards and tthe Plctish Trail livee.

1E) Fob—J Mar 200-2 THE LIST 15