' He’s huge in Asia and

an award-winning art house actor in the West. So, what’s TONY LEUNG’s cross-cultural appeal? Words: Miles Fielder

hroughout Asia Tony

Leung is a film star. and

something of a pop idol. too. Between playing the leading man in crime thrillers. historical epics and romantic dramas. at the prolific rate of three lilms a year. he sings in concert tours.

Outside Asia. however. the 42-year-old Canton-born actor is best known for his appearances in art house and cult films. That‘s partly because of the stigma of subtitling and partly because those films that travel are received and applauded as art rather than commerce. Take. for example. Hong Kong auteur Wong Kar-wai‘s super stylish tale of unrequited passion. In the Mom/for Love. Leung won the Best Actor Award in Cannes in 2000 for the film. which subsequently became an art house hit in the UK. It brought him wider recognition outside his home territory. but because he hasn‘t gone to Hollywood. he‘s still perceived on this side of the world as an art house player. Not that he is bothered by such distinctions. ‘I never differentiate between movies and art.’ he says: ‘I know the difference. but I don't care.‘

Fame and fortune in acting catne easily to Leung. although he never sought them out. After graduating from an acting class at a l-long Kong TV station. he secured a role in a children‘s comedy show and then made his first film. l’eng kuang ha sun (Mad Mar! 83). Over the 20 years since. Leung‘s done over ()0 films. working with Asia‘s fittest filmmakers: Kar-wai (six times). John Woo (on the cult classics Bullet in the Head [I and Hard Boiler!) and Zhang Yimou (on the forthcoming martial arts adventure. Hero).

‘I love acting.’ he says. ‘lt‘s

the only way I can express my emotions. because I‘m very shy.’ That‘s an odd thing to say. considering his lovelorn office worker from In the Moodfm' Love (and. for that matter. his lovelorn cop in Kar—wai‘s earlier film. Chung/ting lair/Mess) comes across as emotionally repressed. Maybe that‘s down to cultural differences between liast and West. but then Leung says of the next lilm in which he'll be seen in the L'K. the superbly-titled undercover cop thriller Infernal Affairs. ‘I wanted to play the role as flat as I could.‘

Leung says that Kar-wai is ‘good at misleading actors. He works without a script. just hints at characters and story.‘ During the filming of In the

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Mood/Ur Love. Leung says Kar—wai told hitn: ‘You are not in love with [co-star] Maggie (‘heung. you are a man seeking revenge.’ lluh'.’ And Leung. who‘s currently filming 2046. Kar-wai's follow-up to that film. says he’s playing the same character again. except he‘s now a mean and dark fellow who writes pornos. lluh'.’ lluh'.’ Leung says he‘s not sure if his character will turn out to be who he thinks he is. In fact. he's been working on and off on 20-16 for four years and he's ‘not even sttre what it‘s about‘. Working with Kar-wai is challenging. he murmurs.

Whatever the challenges. Leung is a very charismatic performer. With him. less is more. and this is a quality Kar- wai has exploited in the lilms they've made together. Would In the Mom/for Lore have been so achingly romantic if Leung and (‘heung had not kept their passion simmering beneath the surface'.’ Of course not. It‘s Leung's apparent lack of emotion. combined with his good looks. which translates. I think. to Western audiences as deeply enigmatic and thus is highly appealing. And it‘s what makes Tony Leung an Asian superstar.

Infernal Affairs is on selected release from Fri 27 Feb. See review, page 27.



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