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Brief Encounter (PG) .0. (David Lean. UK. 1945) (‘elia Johnson. Trevor Howard. Stanley Holloway. 86min. Stiff upper lips and emotionally charged brushes of the hands are all that Johnson and Howard will allow themselves as their extra-marital ‘affair' doesn’t develop much beyond unspoken longings at a railway station. For some. the tears will still flow; for others. the ungiving morality is exasperating. (liven the rigidity of this English romance. the Rachmaninov soundtrack is unlittingly sweet. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow.

British Animation Awards Frog 2 (15) (Various. l'K. 2003) 80min. Another chance to view and vote for your favourite British Animation Awards nominee. Round Two features a film that attempts to answer the questions of how mermaids breed. an exploration of 2|) and 31) space. and a racy film about sex. religion and the weather. Glasgow I’t'lnt Theatre. Glasgow; Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

British Animation Awards Prog 3 (l5) (Various. lTK. 2003) 80min. The third and final programme of the British Animation Awards nominees includes a story of an abandoned robot longing for freedom. a spoof documentary about a notorious female criminal. strange tales of man and beast. and a city controlled and infested by a breed of rowdy gangster mouse people. See Rough (‘uts. page 2-1. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow: Film/rouse. Ifdinlmrgh.

Broken Wings ( I5) 00 (Nir Bergman. Israel. 2001) ()rly Silbersatz Banai. Maya Maron. Nitai (iaviratz. 87min. Teenager Maya is caught between making a go of becoming the singer-songwriter of a rock band and helping her mother raise her young brother and sister. Mother l)afna spends her titne working nights or sleeping. Brother Yair is out of school suffering an existential crisis. Of course. the family members are all. in their own ways.

avoiding dealing with their grief. And while they're doing that. they keep themselves busy making each another unhappy. Maya resents her mother for not getting over her father. l)afna is not at all supportive of her daughter's inusical talent and Yair writes everyone off as a speck of dtist. So. the family moon about. unable to do anything

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Memories of the Decline of the American Empire in Barbarian Invasions

with their lives. (‘heery Israeli kitchen sink drama. I’llmhouse. Ifdlllblll'g’ll.

Brother Bear if) 00 (Aaron Blaise/Robert Walker. l'S. 2003i Voices of Joaquin Phoenix. Jeremy Suarez. Jason Raize. Rick Moranis. Dave Thomas. DB Sweeney. 85min. Soppy. uninspired take on an Inuktitut legend about a bear who wants to do more than _just shit in the woods. .S‘e/eelerl release.

Bugs! 30 (l'i (.Mike Slee. l'K. 2003) 40min. l)ame Judi l)ench narrates this giant screen 3i) film which focuses on the life cycles of a praying mantis and a butterfly from their birth to their inevitable demise in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. [WAX Theatre. Glasgow;

Casablanca (P( i) 000.. (Michael (‘urti/. l'S. 1042i lltnnphrey Bogart. lngrid Bergman. Dooley Wilson. I02min. You nuist remember this . . . Bogart being impossibly noble. Bergman torn between two lovers. ('laude Rains playing both ends against the middle. devious Nazis. a fogbound airport. a piano-player tinkling that tune. A wonderful hill of beans. (i/asgow l-i/m 'lheatre. Glasgow.

Chaos and Desire ( 15) (Manon Briand.

('anada. 2002) A seismologist who works in Tokyo is sent back to her home town in Quebec where she is reunited with old friends and makes some new acqaintences. (i/asgou' I'it'lm Theatre. (ilasgoii: Cheaper By the Dozen (PG) 00 (Shawn Levy. IS. 2003) Steve Martin. Bonnie Hunt. l’iper l’erabo. Tom Welling. Hilary l)uf. 97min. Tom Baker (Martin) is a football coach who finds himself moving to a big«name job in (‘hicago while trying to keep his huge family under control when his author wife Kale (Bonnie Hunti has to go on an unexpected book tour. Another dull. harassed dad comedy from Manin. remade from a 1950 (‘lifton Webb vehicle. (ieneral release.

Chicago ( IZAJ 0.. (Rob Marshall. l'S. 2002i Renne Zellweger. (‘atherine Zeta-Jones. Richard (iere. I 13min. Marshall's long-awaited screen adaptation of the celebrated musical explodes on to the silver screen. following the exploits of two murderous jazz babies Roxie Hart (Zellweger) and Velma Kelly (Zeta-Jones) and their defence lawyer. Billy l‘lynn ((lere). Moving between the reality of Prohibition-era (‘hicago and the interior fantasy world of Roxie Hart. where each character becomes an all-singing. all- dancing pow'erliouse. Marshall skilfully succeeds in a potentially problematic stage

to screen adaptation. Lacking enough sass and sexual innuendo. ('abaret this ain't. but ('ht'eago nonetheless does justice to the stage musical and the dazzling vitality of the business known as show. ()(leott. lit/inhtu'gh.

Cold Mountain ( 15) 0000 (Anthony Minghella. l'S/Roinania. 2003i Jude Law. Nicole Kidman. Renlie Zellweger. Natalie Portman. Philip Seymour Hoffman. (iiovanni Ribisi. Brendan (ileeson. 152mm. lnrnan (Law). is a (‘onfederate soldier who deserts after being gravely wounded in battle and sets off on a perilotis trek across the ravaged South to reach his home in the North ('arolina mountains. An American ()dysseus. he goes through one trail after another. sustained by a yeaming for Kidman's genteel ('harleston belle. Ada. the woman with whom he enjoyed a hesitant and chaste courtship before the war. But did Jude and Nicole get it on while filming Anthony Minghella's ()scar gazing adaptation of ('harles lirazier's popular novel'.’ Like who cares. (ienera/ release. Conspirators of Pleasure ( Hit 0... (Jan Svankmajer. (’zech Republic. 1996) 75min. ('zech surrealist Svankmajer‘s third feature is a live action black comedy that makes a wicked. slightly disturbing foray into the bizarre sexual fantasies that lurk in the human mind. Sparing in the Use of his trademark stop-motion anitnation. Svankmajer manipulates his actors instead and draws on the work of l)de Sade. lireud. Max lirnst and Buriuel to illuminate his characters' desires. lz‘tltIi/nug/i I-i'lm (int/t1. Edinburgh.

Cyberworld 30 (PG) (Various. l'S. 2000i Jenna lilfman. Matt l‘rew'er. Woody Allen. 44min. Jenna lilfman is the cyber- host who introduces its to various unrelated segments of cy ber animation. The .S‘imps-ons and .vlntz. tnake 3i) appearances in a spectacular display of today ‘s most impressive graphic teclmology. [MAX 'I‘heatre. (ilasgou’.

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (15) .0 HS. 2002il)avid Spade. S-lmin. See review. page 25. (ienera/ release.

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