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CHEAP JOURNALISM Re: We V Glasgow / We V Edinburgh (487)

Having read the article on the great debate about the East/West divide. I think there are better things for the The List to talk about - like the death of the recording industry. It's much better to talk about good things about these two great cities than pit them against each other for the sake of a few column inches.

I was born in Glasgow but moved through to Edinburgh ten years ago: then. upon returning to my old city I fell in love with it again as well as always loving Leith.

Let's just all move on and appreciate the good things we have here in our own little bonny Scotland.

Joseph Malik Edinburgh


Re: We V Glasgow / We V Edinburgh (487)

. . . so how are the sales comparing. . .?

The place to be. . . versus the second choice . . . Embra Jane McLeod Glasgow

CHEAP TRICK Re: We V Glasgow / We V Edinburgh (487) According to your article. a person has the choice of 148 music venues in Edinburgh alone. Considering the loss to Edinburgh of the Cas Rock. La Belle Angelle. the Gilded Saloon. the Tap and Potterrow (as it was). it would be inconceivable to think of Edinburgh as having as many gigs as you maintain. Likewise Glasgow. despite the phoenix- like rebirth of the Sub Club et al, has fewer music venues than y0u mention unless my granny's front room is one of them. and it's not. And that rubbish about the length of someone‘s motorway was irrelevant crap designed to bring in a wider audience. albeit admirable crap.

You concentrate on the

2 THE LIST 19 Feb 4 Mar 2004


The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

or email

emergence of deservedly newsworthy Scottish bands such as Franz Ferdinand and Idlewild. While this is entirely valid and upholds the effort that many Scottish bands have made in their quest to be recognised. you dismiss the full impact which Scottish music as a whole makes between the two cities. This is not some fantastical battle between Glasgow and Edinburgh. as much as you would like it to be! Far more. this assists two too-Iong-removed cousins in their JOURNEY TO ROCK!!! ‘Kankliness’


Don 't worry, your granny '8 front room was/i 't counted in our tally. The List has the best database in Scotland when it comes to live music venues. and we only counted the ones that charge for entry As for motorways, nobody c0u/d seriously claim that they haven 't had a major impact. both good and bad. on Glasgow's urban character. On balance. we love 'em.


Re: Letters, 487

You are absolutely right. Thomas Alexander. Get yourself round the corner to the CCA for the wider range of independent cinema. Last month we caught Matthew Barney's Cremaster films along with a bit of Woody Allen. And we were allowed to take Our drinks into the cinema. I can highly recommend it.

David Day


Ironically the GET advises the CCA on its film programming, so it can claim credit for the CCA's excellent selection.


Re: Letters, 487

Yes. if GET wants to play an ‘important and critically Successful film‘. as Thomas Alexander describes Lost in Translation (one of the ‘bread

and butter' movies that enables Gl-T to earn 75% of its own income). we do need to offer extended runs. However we still offer a balanced programme. Around 450 different lilms (6300 European, 20% 'world cinema‘) play in the two screens every year a figure that hasn't changed in ten years. This includes a range of seasons and festivals homegrown like French. Italian. Cuban. Chinese. and on tour from around the UK: Vival. Sheffield Docs. London Lesbian & Gay. Edinburgh. Jewish. etc which bring in ar0und 200 unique films each year that will possibly never play in Glasgow again.

We are committed to cultural diversity which means that a proportion of available screen time is given over to mainstreaming SOuth Asian film. and audio described/

Re: Letters, 487

would not take place at all. With the recent proliferation

of multiplex cinemas in

Scotland. small and

independent cinemas need

public support more than

ever if we are to offer wide-

ranging independent film


Ruth Alexander

General Manager




digitally captioned screenings for visually impaired and deaf customers. Until recently we were the only cinema in Scotland to offer this service.

There's also the work with the UGC and CCA. With pressure on our two screens we have sought to involve them several festivals. thereby assisting in fulfilling our aims of championing new filmmakers and increasing the diversity of film available in Glasgow.

Our grants also cover the costs of a programme of 200 education events every year including, amongst other things. work with schools. training for teachers. and screenings for older peOple.

What is independent cinema's job? Maybe Thomas doesn't see the whole picture. Jaki McDougall GET Director Glasgow



I would like to respond to Thomas Alexander's letter regarding the lack of independent films being screened by the GET. Screening non-mainstream films is an expensive business. given the small audiences that they attract. I am sure that the GET finds it needs to screen films such as Lost in Translation for a given period in order to subsidise its less well-known films. Here at GilmorehillG12 (University of Glasgow). we cannot afford to run a continuous cinema programme. but we do screen shert seasons of non-mainstream films that people cannot see elsewhere. We are currently showing a series of contemporary Japanese offbeat comedies. with a short Hungarian film season taking place early in March. Both seasons are hosted by university departments and sponsored by relevant cultural organisations. Without this support they



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