Mirrorball: RadioheadTV (PG) ((‘hris Bran. CK. 2003)The results of director Chris Bran's webcasts from the band‘s studio in Oxford. ('(i'i. Glasgow.

0 The Missing (15) (Ron trim-ma. is. 2003) Cate Blanchett. Tommy l.ee Jones. Iiric Schweig. l30min. See review. page 28. Mystic River ( IS) .0. (Clint Iiastwood. ITS. 2003) Sean Penn. Tim Robbins. Kevin Bacon. Laurence l-‘ishburne. 137mm. Three boys from a small suburb in Boston sea things in their childhood they maybe shouldn't. Years later the past comes back to bite them in the arse. Seamless. slightly worthy version of Denis l.ehane's bestseller. but as usual Iiastwood delivers something that is both timeless and issue led. Grosi‘enoi; Glasgow. Nowhere Man (P( i) (Naoto Takenaka. Japan. l‘)‘)l ) Naoto 'l‘akenaka. Jun l‘ubuki. Kotaro Santo. Miyako Yamaguchi. l07min. Suke/o. a down and out manga comic artist. takes tip selling rocks for a living (and we are not talking about crack cocaine here) by setting tip a shop in a hut by the river. Based on a collectable cult Japanese graphic art image by Yoshiharu 'I‘suge. this is a film as sad as it is bizarre. (iilmorehillG/2. Glasgow.

Osama ( l2.»\) 0... (Siddik Barrnak. Afghanistan/lreland/Japan. 2003) Marina (iolbahari. Arif llerati. Zubaida Sahar. 83min. Writer/director and editor Siddiq Barmak'.’s debut feattrre tilm exposes the plight of()sama ((iolbahari) a l2-year-old girl whose life under the Taliban is blighted by poverty and suppression. When her mother loses her job alter the Taliban close down the local hospital. she becomes her mother and her grandmother's only chance of survival. Her mother chops off her hair and dresses her as a boy. At first the child finds some work in the shop owned by a friend of her father. But things start going wrong when the Taliban start training tip the local boys in response to Bin Laden's call to arms against the infidel. ()nly street urchin Spandi (Arif Ilerati) stands between the girl and discovery. Stunning and frightening award-winning drama from .-\fghanistan. Glasgoii' I'itlm Theatre. Glasgow; Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

The Other Final (PUD... (Johan Kramer. Netherlands. 2002)I"ootball fanatic and agency director Johan Kramer brought together the world‘s lowest ranking national football teams Bhutan and Montserrat together to let them battle it out. Hilarious. life confirming documentary. Glasgow I’ilm Theatre. Glasgow.

Party Monster ( IX) 0.. (t-‘enion Bailey/Randy Barbatio. CS. 2003) Macaulay Culkin. Seth Green. Chloe Sevigny. 99min. (iiddy. messy. terribly camp take on the high times and murderous lows of Michael Alig. the club kid who liked to club. Seth (ireen. as James St James. and Macaulay Culkin chew the scenery with mincy delight. (TCI. ( 'lvdelmnk.

People I Know ( IS) .0 (Daniel Algrant. I'S/(iermany‘. 2002) Al Pacino. Kim Basinger. Ryan ()'Neal. Tea l.eoni. Richard Schiff. Bill Nunn. 100mm. Iili Wurman (Pacino) is an ageing celebrity publicist. His career is on the down turn but in his autumn years he seems more than happy to concentrate on his charity work. When one of his last remaining clients of note. a slea/y actor called Cary l.auner (()’Neal) calls on him to discreetly bail Jilli Hopper (l.eoni) out of jail he finds himself entangled in a web of deceit. Mind nutnbing civic thriller. l,'G(' Ren/rew Street. Glasgow. Glasgow: (,'G(' Cinemas Ifdinlno'gh. Edinburgh.

Peter Pan (PG) 0.. (PJ Hogan. 2003) Jason Isaacs. Jeremy Sumpter. Rachel Hurd-Wood. I.udivine Sagnier. ()livia Williams. Richard Briers. l05min. Clap your hands if you believe in fairies? ()ne hundred years on from the original play. J M Barrie's enduring classic is brought to life by Alistralian director P J Hogan (Muriel's Bedding. .llv lies! Friend's wedding). Sumptuous in its production. the effects dreamed up by Moulin Rouge‘s director of photography are magical. but the real hook (if you'll pardon the pun) is in the

characterisation. where Hogan goes right to the heart of Barrie's psychological issues. Wendy and Peter on the cusp of childhood and adulthood struggle with their conflicting instincts for innocence. adventure. freedom. love and maturity. Strong performances from the kids and grownups. and a particularly nice cameo role for Richard Briers as Srnee. ensure you’ll be cheering for Tinkerbell as her fairy-lights fade. General release.

0 Pieces of April ( 12A) mo (Peter Hedges. IS. 2003) Katie Holmes. Patricia Clarkson. ()liver Platt. Derek Luke. Sean Hayes. Alison Pill. 79min. See review. page 27.( 'ameo. Edinburgh.

Piglet’s Big Movie it)... (l‘rancis (ilehas. IS. 2003) 75min. Cartoon. The gang frotn Hundred Acre Wood are back with another enchanting tale of adventure. When Piglet vanishes into the woods after not being allowed to participate in one of Winnie the Pooh‘s adventures. the gang become worried and set off on a mission to find him using his scrapbook of memories. lividently to adults the underlying message is appreciate your friends and ensure they know you love them. For children. perhaps Megan l.ehmann's (New York Post) quote is particularly apt: ‘When the world gets too big and scary. the Hundred Acre Wood remains a clearly delineated comfort Ione‘. (Y 'A. Glasgow:

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ( IZA) 00.. (Gore Verbinski. CS. 2003) Johnny l)epp. Geoffrey Rush. ()rlando Bloom. Keira Knightley. Jack Davenport. l33min. Rattling good pirate yarn from the director of .llouseliunt. Jack Sparrow (l)epp) and Will Turner (Bloom) brave the Caribbean Sea to stop a ship of pirates led by Captain Barbossa (RUsh). .‘v'ortlr lidinlnajgh xirts ( ‘entre. Iz'rlinlna'gh. Rashomon ( ll) COCO. (Akira Kurosawa. Japan. 1951 ) Toshit) Mifune. Machiko Kyo. Masay'uki Mori. 88min. Responsible for introducing Japanese cinema to the world market. this extraordinary tilm recounts four people's versions of a violent incident involving a nobleman and a bandit. lz‘dinlmrgli I-‘ilm Guild. Edinburgh.

Romeo and Juliet ( 12) 00000 ( Ba]. I.uhrmann. Airstralia/I'S. 1996) Leonardo DiCaprio. Clare Danes. I20min. The Strictly Ballroom director‘s treatment of the Shakespeare tragedy is a magnificent riot of colour. action and sexy teen romance. without any need to sacrifice the text. To call it ‘MTV Iilmmaking‘ misses the point that the camera tricks and iii-jokes don't in any way distract front the fact that I.uhrmann has completely grasped the issues at the centre of the play. An intoxicating. breathtaking mix of Catholic iconography. high camp and street violence that's both deliciously feverish and stttdiedly‘ cool. ('(Z'l. Glasgow.

$21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine ( l8) . Glasgoii' Film Theatre. Glasgow.

Sacrifices (the) (()ussama Mohammad. Syria/Iirance. 2002) Raliq Sbeil. Maha al- Saleh. Nihal al-Khatib. I 12min. A dramatic saga about conflicts that erupt between the generations of four lamilies living together in the isolated hills of northern Syria. The head of the family dies before passing on a name for his three new -born grandsons and the cousins grow tip nameless. struggling against their own demons to find pleasure and salvation in the primitive world that surrounds them. When the second cousin’s father returns from war. he presents the third with keys to a stronger power that brings the dismal fate of the world to a head. l-‘ilrnhouse. l-fdinlna'gh.

Scary Movie 3 ( 15) 00 (David lucken IS. 2003) Pamela Anderson. Jenny McCarthy. Marny ling. Charlie Sheen. 84min. Third outing for this increasingly anaemic horror film spoof series. This time Ring. M Night Shyamalan's Signs. Matrix Reloaded and 8 Mile all get a juvenile rifting. The pleasure that you will derive from this lilrn depends entirely on your knowledge of previous ‘Scaries' as the film’s brief moments of interest rely on this

Knoxville hits the road in the forthcoming Grad Theft Parsons

to till in the gaping holes. L'nbelievably. Searv Movie 3 took over Sl00m at the US box office. There is no accounting for taste. General release.

The School of Rock (PG) COO. (Richard Linklater. L'S/(iermany. 2003) Jack Black. Mike White. Joan CUsack. Sarah Silverman. Joey (iay'dos Jr. Miranda Cosgrove. 109mm. Dewey I’inn (Black) gets thrown out of his rock band. the other members of which are tired of his ten minute guitar solos and his propensity for inappropriate stage-divery. In need of some quick cash. he takes a job. assuming the identity of his flatmate Ned (White) and ends up as a supply teacher at a posh kids' prep school. Knowing next to nothing about history or maths. Dewey puts his class on permanent recess until. that is. he overhears them playing classical mUsic. Well. if they can play Rodrigo. they can play Zeppelin -— and there‘s the Battle of the Bands competition coming up. Ingenious. smart. sassy comedy that plays to star Black's and director Linklater‘s strengths. General release.

0 Screaming Men ()5) COO. Ronkainen. Finland. 2003) 73min. See review. page 28. Film/rouse. Edinburgh. Seabiscuit (PG) “0 (Gary Ross. CS. 2003) Tobey MacGuire. Nick Nolte. Chris Cooper. Jeff Bridges. 150mm. Making films about horses and horse- racing should clearly be made an executable offence but here is one that slipped under the wire. and is actually


index Film

pretty good. When a half-blind ex-prize lighter (Maguire) teams up with a millionaire (Bridges). a mustang breaker (Cooper) and an undersizc horse. things begin to happen at the finishing line. Based on a true story. ()deon at the Quay. Glasgow; UGC. Renfrew Street. Glasgow: Sex Lives of the Potato Men

( l8)British sex comedy starring Johnny Vegas and Mackenzie Crook. Unable to review at time of going to press. UGC Park/read. Glasgow:

Singin’ in the Rain (L') 00”. (Gene Kelly & Stanley Donen. I950) Gene Kelly. Donald O'Connor. Debbie Reynolds. Cyd Charisse. 102min. Hollywood undergoes the transition from the silent era to the talkies and reputations rise and fall. Absolutely wonderful musical entertainment. with the slickest of snappy dialogue. enduringly catchy numbers. a cast of genuine charisma. and an engaging picture of the industry in transition into the bargain. Quite splendid. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow:

Something’s Gotta Give (12A)

.0 (Nancy Meyers. US. 2003) Jack Nicholson. Diane Keaton. Frances McDomiand. Keanu Reeves. Amanda Peet. l28min. ()Id playboy Harry Sanbom likes young woman until he has a heart attack and realises he actually likes woman closer to his age as exemplified by the award- winning playwright and mother of a previous girlfriend. Iirica Barry (Diane


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