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Cutting edge (from left): Franz Ferdinand, Trans

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Bigger and longer is the key for cutting edge music festival. Words: Mark Robertson

announced. with the roster headed by old school and new wave legends mixing with the cream of the underground.

Now into its fourth year, the festival showcases live music. clubs and film screenings from around 80 international artists from 28 April to 2 May in Glasgow. Edinburgh and Aberdeen. New wave veterans Wire, Radio is original champion of new music John Peel and electronics pioneer Dr Robert Moog are set to appear.

Moog is to do a series of ‘in—conversation’ talks while Craig Armstrong, the celebrated contemporary composer who has collaborated with Massive Attack. Madonna and Bjdrk, is to perform with German laptop diva AGF. Folk rock legends Fairport Convention will make a rare appearance and Triptych will host the Scottish DJing debut from lrmin Schmidt of Can.

Curators and supporters welcomed the expansion of this year's festival to encompass five days. George Kyle. sponsorship

T he line-up for the 2004 Triptych festival has been

manager with Tennent's Lager, said: ‘Triptych is recognised as one of the most diverse music festivals in Europe, and is going from strength to strength each year. The only way we could top 2003 was to expand Triptych into a five-day event to truly do the programme iustice.’

Tennent's suppOrt of Triptych is part of its continued involvement in championing Scottish music events. This follows the continued successes of T in the Park, T on the Fringe. T Break and. more recently, the taste of Icelandic music CD. Bar Frikki: The Sessions. free with the last issue of The List.

Other Triptych highlights include the ‘gueen of rare groove' Gwen McRae, blues magic from Andre Williams and T-Model Ford, hip hop from Prince Paul. the man behind De La Soul. as well as Gilles Peterson, Trans Am, Franz Ferdinand. Matthew Herbert and a raft of emerging local talent. For full details of the line-up and preview coverage of the whole event keep an eye on future editions of The List.

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Demand for decent homes will outweigh supply over the next decade. Words: Tim Abrahams

cotland is lagging behind the rest

of Britain when it comes to

designing people-friendly housing developments. Campaigners are urging the Executive to revise its projections for housing demand over the next decade.

Allan Lundmark, director of planning at Homes for Scotland. lobby group for housing developers. said: ‘The Scottish Executive's maths is wrong. To meet demand you have to increase supply.’

Concerns are rising about the increasing demand for land. particularly in the east of Scotland. and fears over lack of space have added to pressure on developers to create better quality housing.

At the Better Places to Live conference in Edinburgh last week, Wayne Hemingway. founder of the Red or Dead fashion label described the standard of

4 THE LIS? 19 Feb—1‘. Mar 2001‘.

developments in the UK as ‘piss poor'. Hemingway is design consultant on the groundbreaking Staiths South Bank housing project. which is part of a new user-friendly housebuilding iniative known as ‘Homezones'. The resultant development, near the award-winning Baltic Centre, sold out in one day. Although the Executive announced plans for four pilot Homezones in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and Thurso

in 2001, only the Dundee scheme has progressed because the other three have not been given Sufficient funding. Meanwhile. Edinburgh City Council has appointed Sir Terry Farrell as its architecture czar. His opening gambit earlier this month was an attack on the quality and quantity of street furniture on Princes Street. I To read more about Homezones visit www. homezonenews. org. uk

I Having felt up some of the most famous women in musicbiz over the last year. Justin Timberlake is opting for a slight change in career by signing up for new movie Edison. The saucy lad is hOping to dance his way round the acting expertise of Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey as an investigative journo trying to bring down some corrupt cops . . . For those mourning the imminent climax of Sex and the City. word comes through that the filthy four may reunite at some point soon for a big screen version of the show. And maybe it’s the season for it, as a similar screen enlargement is being touted for The Simpsons. But don‘t expect to see Homer strutting his quivery stuff in cinemas until 2006 . . . The all-star gathering that will be Ocean’s “twelve gathers pace with news that Catherine Zeta- Jones-Douglas or whatever, will be reuniting with Steven Soderbergh four years after their Traffic adventure. Ocean ’3 Eleven stars Clooney. Pitt. Roberts and Gould are already well in the bag. Casting-wise . . . The ace bassists from Manchester's finest are collaborating for a fairly unique project.

New Order's Peter Hook, The Smiths' Andy Rourke and Stone Roses’ Mani are teaming up to become Freebase or maybe Stalingrad. Who mentioned the Travelling Wilburys?