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234‘). 8pm. £(i (£51. I-‘ine l'S liddler. tnttlti-instrumentalist and singer.

I Absolute Beginners Ceilidh Dance Class Bruntslield Primary Sehool. Montpelier. Bruntslield. 3-17 996-1. 7 9pm. £3 (£2)


I Bruce Molsky Live at the Star. St Andrews in the Square. St .-\ndre\\\ Square. off Saltmarket. 5-18 (3020. 8pm. £6 (£4). See lidinhurgh. Wed 25.

I The Zulu Open Mic ()‘Neill‘s. Sauehiehall Street. 353 3015.

()pm ntidnight. Free. See Thu 1‘).


I ALP Squeeze Box Workshops Boroughmuir High Sehool. Viewt'orth. Bruntslield.

7 9pm. £20 l£lol l‘or tour-u eek eourse. Norman ('halmers takex linglixh (’oneertina. and Leo .\le(‘ann leads a Workshop for B/(‘ Button Bo\. For improving hegintterx.

Glasgow The Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers perform at the Cottier Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 27 and Sat 28 Feb I Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers . . . .

(‘ottier 'l‘heatre. Hyndland Street. 330 Ltthgston (’ellarx. Sauehiehall Street. 331 1820. LlegSton

3838. 7.30pm. L‘IZ (£101. l’tmerl‘ul GThe Singers’ Gathering llU\\(lL‘ll 4 7pm. Free. See ’l‘hu It). GThe Singers’ Gathering drutmning in the Japanexe ritual Park ('entre. Weekend tieket £18 l£l2t. I Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers Honden Park ('entre. Weekend tieket tradition. h)’ liurt‘lk‘\ first Taiko drutn Weekend ol' indix idual eoneertx. (’ottier 'l‘heatre. “Midland Street. 330 £18 l£12l. See Fri 27.

group. \xorkxhopx. talkx \ingarounds. \Cxxlonx. 3838. 7.30pm. £12 (£101. See Fri 27. I Ceilidh Dance Rixerxide ('1uh. (illL‘\l\ inelude .'\rehie and Ra} 15ixher. I Ceilidh Dance Riverside (‘luh. m Fox Street. 2-18 31-1-1. 8pm. £6. .\1u\ie Stairheid (ioxxip. Adam .\le.\'aughton. 1-'o\ Street. 2-18 3144. 8pm. £6. See Hi from ('arseloeh (Sandy Leggett 1. John Moran. Karine 1’o1\\ art. (iill 27. Glasgow

_ Bouman. Shona l)0n;tltl\011. 1i“ an , I Power of the Accordion (‘ale EdlnbUrgh .\1e\‘tear and the SttllgflCI'S. Ed'nbUrgh ('oxsaehok. Rll\.\1iln ('ultural ('entre. I Guid Crack Club \\'a\erle_V Bar I A Ceilidh for Palestine St King Street. 553 (1733. 9pm. Free. l'pstairs. St Mary's Street. 7.30pm. Saturday 28 Andre“ Square. 8pm. £10 (£51. Seottish (ieorge (iajie presents an eeleetie £2.50. .\lonth|_\‘ storytelling eluh I‘riends ol'1’;tle\titte and the (‘ampaign repertoire of classical and Iiastern presents guext talespinnet' (ierry Glasgow lior Palestinian Rights invite _\ou tor a Iiuropean ttlllsic on that most underrated [)urkin. I The Zulu Open Mic Brunsniek l'undraising danee. of instruments.

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Tai o drummers -' ' .

" is unashamedly drumming as theatre, but also drumming as an almost religious


Fri 27th & 501‘ 281% Feb


Collier Theatre

Hyndland Street, Glasgow

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