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' ,urgh, Sat 28‘Feb Funk D’Void (aka Lars Sandberg). 'as a champion of deep, melodic techno on . He has deftly avoided the mainstream

“of sec and’sost

saturation that he could only shorten his career. ‘I guess I’m scared of being put on a pedestal as I want to keep on recording for as long as possible,’ he explains. ‘I’m much happier just bubbling under the radar.’ Born and raised in Glasgow, Sandberg now lives in Barcelona where he recorded his latest album Volume Freak, a collection of sun-kissed techno- soul that furthers his exploration of the Detroit sound and boldly revisits one or two of his mightier floor-tillers. ‘lt’s a mad scene. I’ve been travelling a lot lately and hearing all kinds of different scenes, but the Latin spirit is one to be envied the world over. We’ve got the butt end of the stick in Britain with our restricted licensing hours; people get fucked up too quickly.’ Here’s hoping the Honeycomb’s balmy dance floor can go some way to make the

Funk feel at home. (Mark Edmundson)

improvisation group 'I'rianglellead and cross-cut with local cabaret sensation Sil.liN(‘i(). this evening combines digital glitch. performance poetry attd liye music. Part of Dialogues. lidinburgh's lestiyal of new‘ music and digital media.

I Bio-Rhythm at the Honeycomb. Next date 12 Mar.

I Blaze at ligo. l lpm 3am. £3 £4. 20 Feb. Monthly. Jatnes Longworth ignites the gay weekend. with plenty of £l drinks promos to fuel the l‘riyolities.

I Bubble Breaks at Nichol titlwartls. 10.30pm» 3am. £2. Weekly. Body Moyin' Productions presents Bubble Breaks. droppin' bombs ol‘ R&B. breaks and hip hop with lidinburgh’s newest l)J sensations Partners'n'(‘rime and their trademark boilersuits.

I Cab Fridays at (‘abaret Voltaire. 10.30pm 3am. £4 before midnight: £7 (£5) alter. Weekly. New weekly club runimages about in the worlds of funk. soul. ska. reggae. classic hip hop. R&B and disco.

I cc Blooms at (‘(' Blooms.

10.30pm 3am. Free. Weekly. l)J Ally does the decks duty at this gay night with her inimitable selection of high camp and disco classics. (timing on to pumped-up house and dance as the evening progresses.

I Club Hed at ('ommplex. 9pm 3am. £7 (£5). 27 Feb. Monthly. Progressiye house and breaks from Dave Begg (Hook Records) with support from Blair & Ryan Harrower and DJ Beel'y. Next month is the biggie with a [K exclusiye l'roin l)J Moshic.

I Colours at (‘ityx 10.30pm 3am. £13.50. 27 Feb only. A late booking l'or ('olours as they draft in the kings ol cut up madness 2 Many l)J‘s with lirol Alkan as support.

I Dogma at Studio 24. ll).3()pm 3am. £lt) (£8). 5 Mar. Monthly. Hard as nails and as underground as moles. techno ol' the highest order as Dogma welcome the intense sounds of British Murder Boys as two of the l'K's most uncompromising techno jocks. Surgeon and Regis. join

forces with a three hour liye/l’inal Scratch/DJ \Cl UT stilllc‘ tlssttllll.

I Dr No’s at Studio 34. llptn 3am. £5 (£4). 20 lieb. Monthly. The original Jamaican ska and classic rocksteady night migrates to Studio 24's intimate upstairs space. now l'eaturing the Dr No‘s house band.

I El Barrio at lil Barrio. lllpm 3am. Free. Weekly. See Thu.

I Evol at the Liquid Roont.

l()..‘~(lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Iidinburgh's longest running indie night. haying turned II this Aug. With the Usual mix ol the best current and classic alternative. crossoyer tunes. it's an institution already and with the recent addition ol‘ the back room. playing host to Mr & Mrs Mogwai. the luture looks like a happy place for all tlllllgs l':\t)l.

I Finsternis at the Pleasance ('abaret Bar. Next date I: Mar.

I Flippin’ at the Bongo ('lub.

l()..i(ll)m 3am. £(i (£5). 20 lieb. Another huge B-Boy night with liye action. l)Js. plenty ol' hip hop. skate lilms. ramps. competitions and miles. For this l/(lll’ only 'xi-IJsI'curt/ [Ill/(It’l'.\ cc! hull/trite entry. I Globalista at the Bongo ('lub.

ltlpm 3am. £6 (£4 £5). 5 Mar. l)Js Jal'lar (Senegal). linrique (Sonderumba) and Zappa lnglesc (Bogota) the l'olk behind Arakataca? are back with tnore Alt'ican. Latin. ('aribbean. Salsa and .»\rabesque beats plus belly dancing lt'otn [aliralr ‘The past present and luture sound ol' tropical dance'.

I The 00-60 at (’octeau Lounge (downstairs at ligo). l lpm 3am. £5 (£4). 20 l‘eb. Monthly. Swinging (ills garage. soul. mod. soul. Rth and slea/y listening. The righteous Tall Paul Robinson and Angus A (io-(io remain resident alongside regular guest Prol‘essor Plastic.

I Manga at lloneycotnb. l lptn .iani. £l() (£8 members). 2t) l’eb. Monthly. Scotland‘s premier druttt & bass session haying just celebrated their eighth birthday. They keep tip the quality with special guest

Peshay ((‘ubikl and M(‘ Moose. Manga’s pre-club session the Bass'l'rap is at Bambu eyery liri from 8pm with 1)] (i-Mac and guests. lior tnore info check 0788-767- (i(l(il or

I Mixed Emotions at (‘ommplex. 0pm 2am. £5. 20 Feb. Monthly. The Rul‘l‘ness head this night new ideas. with projections. liye sax. l)J I)a\'id (ieorge and Harvey (liye).

I Mocha Rocka! at Berlin Bierhaus.

l lpm 3am. £5. 27 l’eb. Monthly. Two ol lidinburgh's best collectives join forces. Space liace residents Spider and the Blonde l’lash bring the R&B. hip hop. lunk. disco and tnore while Tokyo Blu take care (it the house.

I Modern Lovers at ligo. llpm 3am. £5 before midnight: £(i alter. 5 Mar. Monthly. l'p-beat mix ol~ Northern Soul. deep lunk. Hammond jal/ and retro soundtraxs sery'ed tip by your hosts ('raig Jamieson and Andrew l)iyine (l)i\'ine. l-‘unk Room). Joined by a wry special gttest in the Turn] of Bob Stanley (St litienne).

I Nuklear Puppy at ligo. Next date I: Mar with Lisa Lashes.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge.

ltlpni 3am. £5. Weekly. l‘unked up vocal house and dance classics from Stevie (i arid (‘allum Murray.

I Planet Earth at (‘itrus ('lub. ltl.3()pm 3am. £5. Weekly. Music lrom l‘)7(t through to 1%") or. it] other words. a healthy dose of punk. new wave. new romantic and electro pop.

I Pogo Vogue at the Bongo (‘lub Next date l3 Mar with Plaid (Me).

I Pop Fiction at Massa. lllpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Trendy Wendy and Betty Ford lay down a ltlshititts selection till tunes from the (ills. 7()s and Slls (and lor the hardcore ()yertime. l‘ree entry. runs from 5pm).

I Radio Babylon at ligo.

l().3()pm 3am. £5. 27 l‘eb. Monthly. Radio Babylon strikes back. The Merry Pranksters. Brainstorm and your hostess the divine Miss Penny Pornstar guide you through an eclectic mix ol~ gl‘ooy'y dance music. electroiddisco-breaks and post— skool l‘tlltls'.

I Raw Kus at the Venue. l().3(lpni 3am. £10. 37 l‘eb. l)eal Real present this three lloor hip hop and drum ck bass spectacular. I)J Randall. (‘riniinal Jttstice. Speed and M(' l)i//ie I). Maximus and liN() man the mainroont with hip hop from Black Twang and Big Ted in the second room. While Richie Rul'ltone luses ragga. hip hop and R&B in the cooler.

0 React at ligo. lllpm 3am. £5 before midnight: £7 alter. 27 l‘eb. Monthly. The raw techno night is back for a third instalment with a liye set lrom one of lidinburgh's layourite techno stilts Tobias Schmidt. St't’ [)I't'l'li’lt‘.

I Shakedown at the Venue. (i ltlpm. £5 (£4 members). Weekly. l'nder lSs night as Nick (i and J spin otit the hardest hip hop and R&B with lashings ol' ragga and commercial cuts. plus limcee (‘ha/el pl‘oy'itles the shout outs on the mic.

I Sweat at Honeycomb. l().3()pm 3am. £l() £l2. 5 Mar. ()ne ol‘ the true innoyators ol' the Detroit techno scene Juan Atkins makes a rare Visit to the capital. Stephen Brown (liye). Yogi Haughton atid Brainstorm proy idc support.

I 30 at the Venue. l().3t)pm 3am. £5. Weekly (not 27 l-‘ebl. A new concept at the Venue as each w eck three big name clubs are gathered together under one tool for one tiny entrance lee. l'ltragrooye. Scratch and Motherlunk join forces (It) l’eb).

I Trouble at the (‘ellar Bar. 9pm 3am. £3 before I lpm; £3 before midnight: £4 alter. Weekly. The Beat Jan Basement is reborn in a slightly dillerent format as the Trouble guy‘s bring their ja/l inllected dance selection back home. ('ontinuing with inl-‘light & Mothergrooye with (iareth Somery ille mixing tip deep. delicious liotise and tank (20 Feb); while it's soul-

_ia// l't'om Bob cairns and Scott Rapson

and Jack Your Boots l p (37 Feb). [hr 31) (Q .37 [Th (ill/t 'xl-Ilyl't‘rll‘t/ llu/r/r’l'y gel [I (tilt/UHF pl'lt‘t' (Ill lite/ll.

listings Clubs

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i :V Ii : n


Doin’ it After Dark A semi- live set from Groove Armada as the boys spin the records with live bongos and vocals laid over the top to produce a fresh and distinctive groove to mark their new mix album's release. The Honeycomb, Sat 27 Feb.

Optimo No. your eyes aren‘t deceiving you. Optimo is in the capital at long last and on a Saturday so you won't even have to bunk off on Monday as is traditional. Trying to explain the musical policy is almost fruitless so let's just classify it as ‘shit hot'. The Venue, Sat 27 Feb.

Access There's something about French techno. be it Laurent Garnier. Daft Punk or the Youngsters. that just sounds so right. Agoria is here to add his name to that illustrious list. The Honeycomb, Fri 27 Feb.

React More killer techno from the mighty Tobias Schmidt. one time Edinburgh resident and king of the freaked out live set. Bow down in worship of those glitch beats and acid squelches. Ego. Fri 27 Feb.

breakitdown You wait all month for a killer techno night then three come along at once. Rounding off a formidable weekend of techno treats Soma stalwart and king of sool inflected techno grooves Funk D'Void guests. The Honeycomb. Sat 28 Feb.

Headspin Hot on the heals of their sixth birthday Headspin invite the impeccable Herbaliser DJs, Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba. to mix up a solid selection of funk. hip hop and beats. The Bongo Club, Sat 28 Feb.

Ultragroove There are few nights more legendary than the infamous ROOty. hosted by the notorious Basement Jaxx. And another of the residents at said night is Frank Tope (pictured) whose sets are ‘the definition of underground. body-jacking. sweatbox dementia‘. Or in other words. a fucking good party y‘all. Cabaret Voltaire. Sat 28 Feb.

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