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Bras, wit and yor top flck

ver since we launched our guide to the St) Best Swirls/t l-i/ms' ol'xl/l lime in association with ()range last year. the texts and emails were flowing in from people voting for their favourite. Despite earl)“ surges by l-iiur lives" and slllll’l'lt‘Ull (’nusiiis and the occasional spurt ol‘ enthusiasm for classics 'Ilu' ll’u'kr'r .l’lU/I and I Know ll’lu'n' I'm (in/rig. two lilms quickly

emerged as the lavout‘ites: (ii‘r’go/jv's‘ (ilr/ and 'Ii'ui'iis‘potti'ng. At the end of

liebruary we announced the winner. and l’ew were surprised to hear that Andrew Macdonald's brilliant production ol‘ a gripping lrvine Welsh novel had taken the crown. liven today. eight years alter 'l‘muis/miliug‘s launch. it remains a funny. sharp and deeply unsettling movie that‘s carried along by the classy performances of liwan Mc(iregor. Kelly Macdonald. liwen Bremner. Robert (‘arlyle and the gang. Without doubt. it put Scottiin film and Scottish actors on the world map. and it‘s possible that the likes of .‘WUI'H’I'II ('u/lur and Ynqu xl(/(ll)l wouldn‘t have happened without it. Now younger lilmmakers and producers. line talents such as David Macken/ie (who was number one in The lists recent llot l00) and .-\lison l’eebles. must carry the torch. and it’s clearer than ever that culture minister l-‘rank McAvecty mttst make money available to support their excellent work.

.\1c:\\'eet'\”s passion lor music and football are well documented. biit perhaps less well known is his love ol‘coined)‘. Writing exclusively in this issue of The list (page 25) as part ol our preview of the (ilasgow (‘omedy l‘estis'al. .\’lc.l\veet_\' makes a powerful del'ence ol the contrm'ersial American stand tip comic. Dwight Slade. let‘s hope he argues for increased limiting of lilm and the artsjiist as passionater in meetings with the lirst minister.

We are delighted to make space in this issue l‘or another minister. perhaps less well kent than our lirank. .lohn l-‘ardell‘s brand new cartoon strip introduces a hitherto unknown Scottish lixec giiango. the Bureau lulu/(lilies. In the lirst tour—part episode. the bureau sets otit to resolve some curious issues laced by the hapless llector (iiiddle. minister for tourism and business development. Read about llector‘s~ embarrassing underwear problem on page IZS.



Do you oriioy watching looriago golhs laiitasisirig about morbid satanic rituals? What about standing aboyo over 50.000 skololal roiriaiiis on lot) of a bill that lots you soo lho wholo of swool. swool Glasgow oily isoirioliirios a lilllo distanco is all you iioodi. broworios. hospitals. high risos. uriivorsitios. snowy hills and all? Tho Nooropolis (oily of tho rloarl‘i (loosri't look vory Scottish. Built to tho oarly 10th (toiilury. its spiralling hills sooiii to go up foroyor arid aro orairiiriod with irioiriorials to tho city‘s groat and good from oiriiiioiil scholars to snooty sounding Vl(Il()il£lll hoadiriaslors. Arialyso thoir opilaphs lo gloaii whothor thoso pooplo woro Iovod or lust rospootod. Noso around tho crumbling fairiin vaults wrlhoul boirig (:aughl.

And try work out why that i)an girl is (:ryirig.

‘0 -: Tl{bJ1,,v-;’y\_,1

1 Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Comedy Year two of Glasgow’s comedy beanfeast. Dylan Moran, Jimmy Carr, Nina Conti and Jenny Eclair are just a batch of the folk gracing our stages. See feature, page 22. Various venues, Glasgow

2 21 Grams

Film It left the Oscar ceremony empty- handed, but make no mistake: this is an amazing film about revenge and redemption. The structure may be strange, but Sean Penn, Naomi Watts and Benicio del Toro are in stunning form. See Film, page 31 General release.

3 Louise Bourgeois

Art Bourgeois‘ unique and unforgettable vision is shown in Scotland’s first survey of her work. The focus is on recent pieces, including sewn fabric busts. See feature, page 14. Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.

4 Kraftwerk

Music Still ahead of the pack in the world of electronic music with their probably strange and definitely entertaining robotic show. ‘Tour de France, Tour de France’ etcetera. See Music, page 50. Carling Academy, Glasgow.

5 Northfork

Film The Polish brothers’ weird slice of American gothic set in the Montana prairie basin in the 19505, a few days before the town is to be deliberately flooded by business concerns. See feature, page 12 GFT, Glasgow; Filmhouse, Edinburgh.

6 Juan Atkins

Clubs One of the true innovators, if not one of the inventors, of Detroit techno and a very rare visitor to the north. Catch a true legend. See Clubs, page 80. Arches, Glasgow; Honeycomb, Edinburgh.

7 George Piper Dances

Dance Among the pieces performed here is Broken Fall, which won the 2004 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Dance Production. See Theatre, page 71 Theatre Royal, Glasgow.

8 BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards

Music World is not a four-letter word, as these globe-spanning awards make their inaugural visit to Edinburgh. Nations from Spain to Senegal, Brazil and Belgium are represented. See feature, page 18 Usher Hall, Edinburgh.

9 Peanuts

Comics This book signals the first publication of the complete works of Charles M Schulz’ most famous creations. Who can resist wee Charlie Brown, Linus and Snoopy? See Buy it this Fortnight, page 105 Fantagraphics.

1 O Draughtsman’s Contract DVD/Video Peter Greenaway's debut feature gets its first DVD release including an interview with the director himself. See \fideo/DVD, page 111 BFI.