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. Acting Coach. E R o ' Lear" ‘0 dance i One to one tuition with protes-

I" 1 “'9'”! sional actor/director and former - Learn to partner dance to any music. Jive. Latin, Club... agent. Drama School lintry. - Come alone or with friends (no need to bring a partner). Audition 'l‘echnique. Sound . . I. t k - Complete beginners welcome every week at all nights. : realistic careers advice includ- We are IOQI‘mg for a freelance puma '31 to e 9 ing understanding the business responsibility for the Glasgow Side of The L/st's a today. sett‘ marketing acclaimed Clubs pages. T l 8‘ ( V dc“'£~'"~ . , | GLASGOW: Tuesdays: Jumpin' Jaks. . e ' 0131 447 9225 It s a tough jOb. You ll need to be able to work to 292 Sauchieha" Street _ New, tight deadlines, and prepare extremely accurate list- Wednesdays: Glasgow Uni- Union. I Singer wanted {or g - . . - - 32 University Avenue. West end. , ~ ings. You ll'identify clubs and DJs worth covering for EDNBURGH: Monday; & Thursdays: E pic“..(“usgwghu‘w hum, Wm] future prewews, have an excellent knowledge of the Marco-s, 55 Grove sneer . combined age of 200. Guitar- Glasgow scene. and you'll be able to write enter- Tuesdays: St Stephens hall. Q based rock. Ambition a delinate . . . . , St Stephens Street. Stockbridge. l disadxantage. (2-4 uigs per tammgly '“ The U“ 3 house Sty'e' STIRLING: Wednesdays: Allan Park South Hall, t mm. (“mm BUCMX 439/. . - Dumbarton Rd. (From 11th Feb.) ; I Alt, country hand But avae all be paSSIOnaIe Glasgow, Thursdays: Salutation Ho‘el' I require rhvlhn‘ guitar and “r and Will communicate that to the readers who rely 34 South Street. - (From 50‘ Feb.) ; Rama“! hm)”. mm} m n Th List's clubs information eve fortni ht. DUNDEE: "0'1- Invercase hotel. 371 Perth Rd : a -' ., a 0 e W 9 ABERDEEN: Tuesdays: The Cutter Mills Club. i}:'t'l"rl:}t‘]:5:m|'jhlffiim'hfiizhn. Send a CV and a sample 03"“ R°ad' Pe‘e'cu“°" 07770 577 m or Will: 07xs’7

. . Thursdays: The Loft @ O'Donaghues. . .

Henry Northmore V hren(a‘

For all classes doors open at 7 15 Beginners class at 7 30pm Admission is £6 00 ' ' C'ubs editor, The (£5 00) Membership is it 00 payable on first night I G'gg'ng G'aSQOW a't' 14 High Street

Edinburgh, EH1 1TEa

country hand require a bass player and a key hoard player.

MONTHLY pARTIEszu'OODm 3" Loom" Shows lined up. ('all 'l'im:

- GLASGOW: Second Saturday of the month

- EDINBURGH Last Saturday of the month 07870 760 (13‘) UI' Jack 0777‘) email: WEEK_END WORKS—Mops: ' 550 301. . ~REGULAR lt- nd rk h I lit v I ° Closmg date: Tue 16 Mar. 3.21.1319 $293,313.51sz as c E R o c

General Services

Tel‘ 01324-613 209 - E-mml: hiiuvcorcxzscotland com

I Actors Showreels!

' 3 Can't get avents and casting Private mition directors to riotice you‘.’ (let a

[voluntary position) Showreel! \Ve can “ork lirom I Learn to sing in a I Voice Training. One- 1”" “Ming “’“mi‘ic‘ "r “C” 3 days per WQEK relaxed. siipportixe cm'iron— to-one singing lessons by MIR “PC "0i 3”” “Vcirélngflly ment with an experienced professionals lot‘ singers and ]_U“l“[;\?l‘)ml. ‘) ' \oicc \sork practitioner. actors. All styles catered for. - ‘3 in“ ,il, “r "u u (‘nrrently running group class< plus coaching for auditions nnlmmmpnd' .' . . . . , . . iardnhere.lilins(a . y _ es and indmdtial tuition. All and role-learning. Beginners . v _ g 7/ (’8 We Dead‘m ‘0' BPPI'C3"°"S= “my 2‘ "3"“ lc\els welcome. 'l‘el: 0| 3| 057 welcome. 'l‘el: 0m 94: h“”“”“"“"" deuvgh Ho wr lnterwew date:Wednesday 3|. March 37”: 546”. " "’J' m ’2“ 5”” da'e‘wednes‘h’ 7 Apr" I Singing lessons given I Viola/violin tuition 9.0%. to apply tel' 0131 220 1260 hy classical singer graduated with friendly professional Artsacmril lroni RAM London. All styles intisician/teacher. Any level. .aslNBVKCH. taught. emphasis on breathing Stress-tree. fun learning . posture and \ocal range. guaranteed! 'l‘el: ()l-Il 882 Beginners welcome! Phone 0536/ 07855 9-18 3 l 2 Daniela on (ll-ll 423 (IX3I. ((‘ardonaldl. I Cello Lessons. By \ery I English as a foreign c\perienced 'l'eacher/l’erl'iirmer. language. Qualified. experi- Beginners to advanced. chil- enced teacher for indix idual dren and adults. It is a wonder- tuition. Lessons to suit your t'ul instrument to experience so needs. Pronunciation. grain- don't put it oll any longer? mar. writing. conversation. I .Wmopames Contact: CAI-L. (‘l’l{. llilfl‘S. Tel: ()l3l pubmigms . dining l'. parry (0 htinternetcom 555 0108. wwwalks , films , theatre l’hone: ()Hl 954 44-12. I . absmm I Piano tuition by experi- ' enced qualified teacher ol'l’ers m Glasgow 07050 248164 popular. classical. theory. All ; ._ ; _ . 2 standards welcome. (‘reative and fun learning. l’lutc tuition mm. 9.0:” BREAKS l' "1‘ ‘: also. l’hone (ll-ll 3330-18-1 or " ' ' 07960 563 897.

I Cello and piano tuition by experienced. I‘riendly. pro-

l‘essional teacher and per-

I‘oriner. (‘hildren and adult ' ,m beginners. re-Iearncrs and

advanced students all welcome. Enjoy chic living and (realise. fun and stipportiw essentiaI luxury at Book-keeping services. learning. 'l‘el: 0| 3| SSI 453i. . Charities and 5mg”

I superb Singing tuition a modern' Styllsh businesses. Payroll, VAT ollered hy prolessional singer. apartment, ideal for . returns management IX yrs \Vllll Scottish ()pera. . . . Friendly one-to-one lessons in long! Indu'qent I accounts' SAGE "9"?”‘8- central (ilasgon. Beginners weekends for two, Ans senor spec’al'St- welcome. £25 per hour. Contact Nada Hudson (‘ontact l’atil Aim yl (BA Hons) WWW-theapartment T: 0l3l 466 0'36 “"1 "'4' 55“ “W’- £:nl2!

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