I Free accommodation and bills in large house in

l’ottobello by sea in exchange for

.3 hours a day childcare/ house- work + 2 nights babysitting. ('ontact Juliet (17007 305 071. I Room to let in shared t2 othersi tnodern. fully furnished Hat. Young professional tnale wanted. 1’ountainbridge area. £207 pcm + ("II l’riyate park- ing. ('all: (17714 332 335.

I Sunny, spacious dou- ble bedrootn in large Bruntslield llat. l.oye1y' western \‘lL‘\\'.\ with balcony. (ireat access public transport & free parking. l.iy‘ing with 4 others. n/s. £200 pctn + ("1' + bills. .\l0\L‘ in date llCXllilL‘. (‘ttll Johnny 07745 00 80 47.

I Double room in large 3 bedroom flat in l)alry. to share with 1 professional male. all mod cons. suit n/s professional £280 pcm including bills. Tel: 0131 340 7220.

I Bruntsfield flat, recently renovated 8 new ly furnished. double room from

available from 1 March. suit n/s.

sltitlettl/pt‘olcssiottal. lo sliill'L‘ with 2 others. 0 months let. £300 pcm + bills. Tel: 07834 100 I84 or (1131 337 2740.

I Double room, new build. central. fully furnished. sharing with l fetnale. sttit friendly. sociable person. ay'ail- able immediately. £205 pcm + tleposll. excludes bills. Tel: (17008 177 307.

I Friendly sociable flat- mate needed for Roscbttt'tt llat. nice area. 10 minutes from city centre. good buses. sorry

no students. £200 pcm + bills + ("1. Tel: 0131 337 8130.

I Double room available in modern city centre flat. £200 pcm includes ("1. Tel: 07740 (184 400.

I 2 large rooms in com- fortable flat. in l-‘et'ry Road

.-\\ enue. close to \Veslet‘lt (ienet‘al llospital & shops ck Sports centre. £250 pctn includ- ing all bills escept phl.'l'e1: (1778‘) 5501150.

I Small room available in loyer l’olwarth flat. includes large cupboard for extra storage. must like cats. only 5 minutes bus ride to city centre. £140 petn + ("1’ + bills + deposit. 'l’elz 0| 3| 228 4211 or (17774 141 820.

I Small room in modern

house. near New Royal

Infirmary. sharing with _ others.

all mod cons. (i('ll. cable I\. No l)cs. slutleltls ot' slttols'L‘l‘s. £100 pcm bills included.

Tel: (1131 02(1 3880.

I Short let room ayailable in 2 bedroom flat just off London road. sharing with 1 female. anything from 2 weeks to 3 months. £75 pw no bills no ("13. Tel: (H 31 400 107‘).

I Single bedroom avail- able in Royal Mile area. lo share with 2 others. fetnale stu- dents preferred. ay'ailable 2(1 \litl‘L‘ll. £2ll1+ tlL‘posll. 'l‘L'li 0131 5504244.

I Bright double room, l’ortabello. looking ottt to sea. 15 minutes by bus to city cen- tre. suit mature. fun. clean per- son to share with professional fetnale. £280 pent no bills. Tel: 0131057 0135.

I Sunny twin room in spa- ciolts l.eith town house. suit 2 people or couple. mitnimum 4 months let. £300 pcm including ("1‘ & £300 deposit. Tel: 07748 044 818.

I Musselburgh house has spare room for profession- al/stttdent/trayeller. recently decorated. fully furnished. big comfortable room & garden. 30 minutes on bus from city cen- tre. £225 pcm no bills. Tel: 07734 031 700.

I Double room in ground floor flat. suit young profes- sional. priy‘ate parking. close to main bus routes. all mod cons. £250 pctn + bills + ("1‘ + deposit. Tel: (17748 852 120.

I Stockbridge, large sunny room in quiet garden flat. sharing with 1 other. 2 bed- rooms. 2 bathrooms. liy'ing room. kitchen/dining room. suit mature professional. £300 pcm + bills + deposit. Tel: 0131 550 0581.

I Short term let, room iti lidinburgh. Bruntslieltl. ayail- able immediately until end April. share with 4 others. Tel: (17707 800 I08.

I Friendly flatmate wanted to share great West lind flat. 2 minutes from llaymarket. suit professional. £215 pcm + billsfl'el: 07052 307224.

I Double room in bright 3- bedroom .‘yleadowbank flat. .-\\ailab1e for non smoking pro- fessional person from 1st March. £350 pcm. including liills. 'lcl 1(1131 001 0220

I Double room in unique flat. to share with 2 others & a dog. ay'ailable mid March. no students. £233 pcm + ("1‘ + share of bills. 'l‘el : 07730 053 530

I Flatshare available. Edina l’laee. lidinburgh. Jtist off liaster Road. \Vould suit professional. Double bedroom in all mod cons flat with 2 oth- ers. £300 including bills. 'l‘el : (17007 720 008

I Double or twin-bed- ded room. fully furnished. cen- tral lidinburgh. with washing tttztcltitte. colour 1\. \ itlco. etc. £40 to£45 pw, per person. 'lel : 0131 057 5555

I Sunny double room in flat. oyerltmking meadows. to share with friendly. n/s graduate. Would suit professional or gradu- ate/student. all mod cons. (1(‘11. ayailable immeditaly. £240 pctn + ("1‘ + bills. Tel: 07050 422 151. I Friendly flatmate wanted for single room in Marchmont flat. (i(’ll. lounge/kitchen. ay'ailable 20th l-‘ebruary. £105 pctn + bills + tlcpsil. lch (1131 477 43110.

I Room for n/s in Marchmont. £100 pctn + ("1‘ + bills. Tel: 0131 220 4104.

I Single room in centrally located flat iit llaytnarket. shared liy'ing/dining room. kitchen & shower room. must be hlst. tidy & n/s. £210 pcm excluding bills. Tel: 0131 340 7870 or 07773 207 128.

I Single room available in Royal Mile area to share with 2 others from 24 March. female student preferrt d. £210 pctn. Tel: 0131 550 4244.


I Large double room in attractiy‘e Broughton area flat. to share with 3 others. would suit n/s professional. £300 pcm + deposit. Tel: 07720 130 223. I Double room to u/s pro- fessional in the .\'oth lield area. sharing with 1 other. £300 pcm. no bills. Tel: (1131 258 2252. After 0pm.

I West End, small double room in beautiful flat. sharing with 2 others £235 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 023 1200,

I Bright double room offered in contemporary flat. oy'et' looking water or l.eith on .\'ewhayen road . gay friendly. sharing with 1 other. £320 pctn includes bills.

Tel: (17700 227 700.

I Large double room in bright l.eith llat. sharing with 1 Ms. ay'ailable beginning of March. £220 pcm + deposit + ("1‘ + bills. Tel: 0131 444 0300. I Newly furnished, bright double bedroom in l.eilh area. close to shore & L‘in centre. all mod cons. newly lit- tcd bathroom. suit professional. £230 pcm + ("1' + bills. Tel: 07717 204 443.

I Spacious double room in quiet. comfortable Bt‘ttttlslic‘ltl lltll. stlil consider- ate. tidy. n/s person. to share with2 others. £230 pcm + bills + ("1". 'I‘el: 0131 228 0301.

I Friendly flatmate want- ed for spacious single room in (‘rewe 'l‘oll llat. suit n/s profes- sional female. sharing with 1 female. £330 pcm includes all bills. except ph l. deposit required. Tel: 07752 800 (188.

The List Flatshare service is for people offering a room to rent in a shared flat and is a reliable and successful way of finding a new flatmate. It is simple to use and here’s what to do.

When you telephone the Hotline you will be asked for

1. Your name, address, postcode and daytime number, including dialling code 2. Up to 30 words of description about the room, rent and type of person sought 3. A contact number for would-be-flatmates to ring

The List magazine comes out fortnightly on a Thursday and weekly during the festival. Your Flatshare advert will appear in the next available magazine and will be included for one issue only. Subsequent insertions must be telephoned in again. The deadline for flatshare is 12pm on the Thursday before publication.

Each telephone call will be charged at 75p per minute and should last about 3 minutes.

Calls from non-BT and mobile phones may cost more.

If you need help or are concerned about anything, please call our Helpline on 0870 120 3034.

Please note that Flatshare is only for people seeking a flatmate. If you wish to place any other kind of accommodation advert, such as Rooms Wanted, Property to Let or Property Wanted, you should use the booking form in the back of this magazine.

If you are unable to get through please ensure that your phoneline is not barred from Premium Rate numbers. In the event of barring please contact your service provider or telecom company or use another phone.

Only those looking for a flatshare should be using this service and as an advertiser you are advised not to give out personal details when receiving enquiries about your flat. Always ensure you have someone with you when showing people your property.

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