I Double room in gay friendly llat. sharing with 2 oth- ers. share kitchen bathroom & living area. near ()cean termi- nal. £265 pcm. £265 deposit. no ("11 Tel: 0131 553 2986.

I Small room in modern hotrse. close to New Royal Infirmary. sharing with 2 others. £190 pcm bills incltrded. Tel: 0131 620 3889.

I Very large, sunny dott- ble roorn in Meadows flat. suit- able for 2 people. n/s. WM. large kitchen/dining roorri & bathroom. £305 pctn + bills. Tel: 0131 229 7201.

I Single room available in bright. comfortable flat. liaster Road area. sharing with

1 male. suit gay/gay friendly professional. n/s. £225 pcrn + deposit + bills + (‘1'. Tel: 07958 079 607.

I Massive double room in Newington area. sharing with 4 others. no students. £274 pcm + ("1' + bills. Tel: 0131 662 8667. After 6pm.

I 1 single & 1 double room available now in bright modern llat. Suits young pro- fessional. non smoking female. Share with friendly female flat owner. £200 8; £300 pcm. including bills + 1 months deposit. Tel : 07974 679 349.

I Short term let. Room in spacious Bruntsfield flat. avail- able irnrnediately until end of April. £200 pcm. 'l'el : 0770 879 0168 ((‘lairel

I Large double room avail- able in Marchmont flat. all mod cons. preferably a student. £267.50 pcm. Tel: 07967 374 083. I Lovely room in beautiful. Broughton town house. ('alm. peaceful environment. suits non-smoking professional female.power shower. washing machine. sitting room with gor- geous view. £310 pcrn + bills. 'l‘el : 0131 248 4218.

I Double room available in stunning. dottble upper Roseburn flat. to share with 1 other. suit n/s. professional female. £280 pcm + bills + deposit. Tel: 07855 852 806.

I Large double, Bond Street. spacious flat to share with 1 male. (‘ollege llouse. l’ortabello. suit n/s professional. available immediately. £280 pctn + bills. Tel: 07906 806328. I Room in central llat with balcony to share with 2 others. suit young professional. n/s pre- ferred. £250 pcm + ("l'. Tel: 07951 585 395 or 0131 558 9226. Iivenings 8; weekends.

I Short or long term let. n/s female wanted. for large room in l.eith llat. suit professional or student. £275 pcm. all inclusive. Tel: 0131 555 5954.

I 2 rooms in Marchmont flat. 1 single room available now. £195 pctn. plus 1 single room available 20 March. shar- ing with 2 others. £205 pcm both + ("I' + bills + deposit. Tel: 0131 477 4306.

I 2 rooms in beautiful l.eith Walk flat to share with 1 other. n/s professitmal/mature stu- dent preferred. available early to mid March. £250 pcrn includes CT. Tel: 0131 553 6572.

124 1115 LIST 4—18 Mar 2004

I Haymarket double room in ('omely flat. tradition- al features & all mod cons. suit female professional. £300 pctii + £60 bills. Tel: 07969 139 781. I Lovely double room in l.eith llat. £250 pcm + ("l' + bills. Tel: 0131 553 7464.

I Room available in spa- cious farm cottage. with garden. near lleriott Watt [.‘riiver'sity. good public transport to city. 15 rnintrtes. piece 62 qttiet. £190 pcm includes (‘1'. Tel: 0131 449 6021.

I Leith flat to share with 1 other. single room available. shared living room. has garden 6’: bike shed. tidy. considerate person wanted. £240 pcm + bills + ("1' + deposit. reference required. Tel: 07944 488 I50. I Peaceful room facing garden. very spacious. comfy Bruntsfreld llat. dining kitchen. 2 sitting room. 2 shower rooms. cable tv. cleaner. suit lively considerate person. £350 pcm. includes bills. Tel: 07951 043 975.

I Large double room available in stttiny. 3 bedroom flat. overlooking. ('ar'lton Hill. London road. fully furnished. all mod cons. (i('ll. suit gradu- ate/young professional. avail- able 1 April. £250 + ("l' + bills. Tel: 0131 557 9086.

I Double room in bright. relaxed central flat. excellent location. next to Royal Mile. sharing with 2 others. 1 working. 1 final year student. £270pcm + bills. Tel: 07960 151 716.

I Double room in spacious Marchmont llat. large kitchen/living room. share with 2 others. suit professional. £300

pcm + ("I' + bills + deposit. Tel:

0131 447 5320.

I Room with double bed in spacious. comfortable, 5 bed- room. (ieorgian flat. I.eith. all mod cons. broadband interttet. cable tv. ph 1. £230 pcm. Tel: 07712 668 68.7..

I Edinburgh New Town, excellent. bright. spacious flat in central location. dotrblc roorn available for immediate entry. sharing with 1 professional. fully furnished. suit n/s profes- sional. £350 pcrn + bills. Tel: 07714 339750.

I Central room available for single. professional person in sunny flat. quiet residential area. entry frotn 1 March. £350 pcm includes all bills. Tel: 0131 337 6167.

I Double room in bright Morningside llat. near Safeway supermarket. sharing with 2 Ms professionals. suit easy going professional. £233 pcm. Tel: 07919 2576115.

I Large room in central llat. Belgravc ('rescent. to share with 1 other. suitable for n/s profes- sional. no couples please. £340 pcm + bills. Tel: 07802 795 020. I Double bedroom in beautiful city centre llat. £300 pcrn including ("l'. Tel: 07833

1 10 215.

I Very large room to let in friendly flat sharing with 4 oth- ers. l’olwarth area. Suit young professional. Rent £290 pctn. Tel: 07730 505 136.




Silver Speed Dating @ Harvey Nichols, exclusive trse fortnightly on Sundays. 25-35. 35+ and gay evenings. To book or for more information phone 0131 553 1371 or e-mail: info@


Handsome gay male, (ilasgow. 5'10". 28 professional friendly. straight acting and ftrn.

Seeking similar genuine guy for

friendship and ideally relationship. Photo please. (Box No: P/488/ 1)


0 I saw you bending light. controlling air in Yirgin. l with bacon roll and plaster on face. (iod. why did you buy Belle & Sebastian'.’ [7489/1

V I saw you cute 'l'ommy Jeans guy in Boots St linoch Sq. Sat 7th Feb. We talked about London & ('omedy Store. If you're into guys. I'd love to chat sortie more. [.7489/2

V I saw you In Bamboo. but missed you in the (iarage. with love heart deely hoppers and brown boots on. I helped you find the toilets. Remember anything else'.’ [7489/3

V I saw you Revolver Bar. You 2 freelance journalist. dark hair. good looking. from ('ovcntry. Me = Blond. Irish couldn't make the Polo. \Vottld like to meet for a pint. [7489/4

I saw you (iav t'roni .\l()Rl. at the l’enny Black. I dare you to get in totlch. [7489/5

V I saw you in Brel. Me - brown jacket. beard & specs. You - beautiful eyes. dark coat. ()ur eyes locked as I left & you smiled when I looked thru the window.\\'anna dance'.’ [7489/6

0 I saw you the (‘hris Martin look alike at Miras Death Disco. Me the guy with the small blond girl who was not my girlfriend. I see you next month'.’ [7489/7

V I saw you to Safeway. Byres Rd on Sunday 22. Yotr were lovely in trousers down to your calves and warm grey socks. You're a pretty girl? ('an I eat your 'l'hai Bites‘.’ [7489/8 V I saw you on the 36 bits otrt of Paisley on a sunny Sunday afternoon (22/2/04 1. You had groovy red hair in a band and a blue jacket on. (‘ooll I was grumpy in Docs and sat behind you - please. who are you?” [.'/-l89/9

V I saw you buying books frorn me again! tl’reistlcy and Lil (‘ritl on Yalentiries day. [' R beautiful and I should have said it then. [7489/10

V I saw you ('icely 1.: l‘ootloose & fancy-free? [7489/1 l

I saw you’i- sexy 'J-l.o' ass sitting (smothering) the 'l'inderbox seat. I know a good lipo surgeon if you want. Your lttscious dark curls and cow- boy belt will not be forgotten. Write back if you're interested. [7489/12

V I saw you loan with the red l’rada bag. I think you don't need any good advice. Shame there was no ('ristal poppin'. ('haI/ie x. [7489/13 0 I saw you cute dark haired gtty. folding your shirts

in l‘rasers. .\'ext titne I drop off a suit how about I pick up your

number"? [7489/14

V I saw you you over-sized publicity monkey. Shaw-lands is prepared for your arrival. Keep tip good work. From Craig. [7489/15

0 I saw you checking Mails in 'l'inderbox. 'l'all dark sexy boy. Me small and all a quiver. llappy late valentine. [7489/16 V I saw you at King Tut's (Sponge) Wed 18th Feb. Andl'oo R. [7489/17

V I saw you my mtrrn \‘icky being carried otrt by security at the Radiohead concert. .\'ov '03 [la Ila Yassi. [7489/18

V I saw you Seb. Awake BIS man. It's time to embrace fish & chips and reject the l‘oie gras. l.ove. Dr Death. [7489/19 V I saw you I‘ergus l’.'l'. in your thong & afro in Violate & thought you were the best (ireat Dane in the world. liat you later. ('at‘la. [7489/20

9 I saw you (‘at-l. you sexy boy dancin in your ever so ctrte black hat (a Death Disco [7489/21

V I saw you with your badger in a pink-and-white dressing gown in the Arches on 22/01. Baw Jaws is so in? [7489/22

9 I saw you Stuart you big potato. turn up the heating - its 1”*“"king free/ing in here??? [7489/23

0 I saw you to l’ in the Note. rocking the day shift like you were 'l’eaches' - well the hair any way I l’pr‘rawl mater [7489/24

V I saw you 'l‘ony. Haven't saw you about since you got chucked out the Polo at .\'ew Year. Fancy a Srnint wee man'.’ ('entral Station Srninty Boy? [7489/25

0 I saw you lookin all cut- sie buy in me fings wantin the wang kissed. I love you baby ur‘ my hing xx. [7489/26

V I saw you working irt Brel. It was Monday night and you were playing with your new phone. I wish I had the number so I could call your sexy ass. Mmmm. [7489/27

V I saw you (iot'dolt cutting grass in Paisley. Do you fancy trimming my bush sometime‘.’ I love you. Happy Birthday love Lynsey x. [7489/28

V I saw you Ilayley (i. shakin' that ass! SMlili! l'rn so pretty. oh so pretty... [7489/29 0 I saw you Mi/ Ilume. looking litre down Brel. per- haps we cart r‘eridevous for some vino etc. [7489/30

V I saw you working in Brel. We chatted. ur the cheeri- est barman in the place. 'Rock n Roll saves lives".’ Save me sexy. [7489/31

0 I saw you my daughter Yassi being laughed at by Thom Yorke at the Radiohead gig on November '03 [la Ila from Mtrrnrny Vicky? [7489/32

V I saw you Alan fae (‘oatbridge - Summer 2000. Was briefly your bit on the side.'s try again without getting caught on a Hamilton Railway bridge after the Palace. 1) x [7489/33

V I saw you sexy barmaid in Brel. You were wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt. (iivc me a Donald Duck. l'rn in tttost weekends. you'll know me! [7489/34

0 I saw you Morag. in the Vale. You are a tops friend. Love l’orbes x. [7489/35

V I saw you your approach is 'belo' par. are you ever going to get round to asking tne out'.’ [7489/36

0 I saw you in (ieorge Square 21/02/04 6.15pm. You wore green coat. You said hi. Me redhead said hi back. Wish I said more. You took my breath away. (let in touch. [7489/37


V I saw you at Murraylield. trackside. Disabled girl. dark hair. glasses. nice smile. wear- ing Scotland strip. Your mate took picture for me tin w heel- chair) and my mate. (iet iii tottch. [7489/38

9 I saw you at the Laughing Duck that

Saturday ...Mc. the 1)]. too shy to speak to you. You. Nurse Anne. brown crop ctrt and black pashmina. Shake it you little hotly! 'l'ake char'ge'.’ X [7489/39

9 I saw you (‘Iarisse at still moving. in need of help. will you let me be your big man again'.’ [7489/40

V I saw you 14 years ago and have fell in love at first sight every day since. Love you always Steve. Annie x [7489/41

V I saw you singing in the tenor section. You struck a chord with me? Me. the bikinied soprano in the Iil'MS [7489/42

V I saw you barmaid in the Pear Tree. Luke thinks you're worth 50p. 1 think it's more 2) [7489/43

0 I saw you Paul. Robbie. ('aroline. Frankie. Keira. Lindsay. l’aul. Dave. l’ete. limma. Abby. Joanna. Aaron. Sill. ('atherinc. Rosie. llar'r'y et al - I am ashamed of you all.x [7489/44