Ministry of silly jokes: Dwight Slade


Bill Hicks’ school buddy rocks. Frank MoAveety MSP, minister for tourism, culture & sport, explains why.

Dwight Slade was last in Scotland when he played at the Tron Bar. Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival last August. He had just performed an astonishing and physical set for a ridiculously small audience but still retained an incredible level of belief in the transformative power of comedy.

Like an awestruck teenager I had hung around after the gig to just say a few words to Dwight and probably annoy him about his friendship with Bill Hicks - one of my all-time heroes.

Rather than throw an ego‘driven tantrum, he gave his time generously and spoke fondly of Bill and his comedic legacy.

It was a testament to Dwight that he probably has to cope with such conversations whenever he performs over here yet his own talents tower over many more highly paid comics touring the circuit at the moment.

At the time I reviewed his gig for The Scotsman and ended with a plea that he be brought over to Scotland again. He is now performing in Glasgow for the Comedy Festival and I can guarantee that it would be hard to find a better performer among the many talents appearing.

His targets range from the small town guy obsessed with status to the big time marketing squads who sell corporate pap to the masses. With a stage presence that is as large as anything Hicks created. Dwight controls his audience on his journey through an America that appals but fascinates him at the same time. If you're lucky enough to catch him. enjoy the ride.

I Dwight Slade Is at the Cott/er Theatre, Glasgow. Tue 30 Mar.

24 THE LIST 4 18 Mar 9004


The Glasgow comic explains why he is unafraid of taking metaphors literally to prove a point however painful the results.

Spite: n. grudge. ast/ng l” will, a cause of vexat/‘on: to annoy spiteful/y, to thwart out of hatred.

Born on the cusp of Sagittarius and Scorpio, I‘m told this makes me a nice person who twice a month is a complete bastard. Well, if anger is an energy. spite is a fuel. Last year. it propelled me into an ugly huff so vivid and poisonous that I had to hurt my wife. She asked for it. She started the argument. I took it out on her by refusing her offer of a lift home and choosing instead to walk 13 sullen-facrxl kilometres through the night. The hike took about three heurs. During it. | spurned a second and final offer of rapprochement (and a lift) in a terse reply to her mobile phone call. I almost froze to death. l lost the use of my knees for two days afterwards. However. I think the woman got the message. In future. she'll think twice about putting my nose out of joint or would do had I not cut it off before beginning my journey.

This kind of attention to principle is. of course. one of the things that separate us from the beast. In that long, cold walk through the February night I was warmed not only by the fires of martyrdom, but by the knowledge that self destruction is what makes the human race distinct and that every footstep I took connected me fighter to my brothers and sisters on this beautiful. broken planet. For. through strife. misery and hatred. we just keep going. We just keep walking. The journey is more important than the destination.

Next time though. I‘ll make sure I've got enough money for a taxi.

I Bruce Morton is at the Colt/er Theatre. Glasgow. Sat 20 Mar.

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