Rap stars playing gangstas in movies yawn. Miles Fielder explains why ICE CUBE’s move from the Hood to Hollywood is, however, another story

appers becoming movie

stars is nothing new. In

fact. it‘s so commonplace that it's almost a hip hop industry given. Ice T. 1.1. (‘ool J. Tupac Shakur. Snoop Dog. Iiminem. to name a few —- they‘ve all made the move to the big screen. That said. few rappers stretch themselves with film roles. Ice T retained his tough gangsta persona (as a narcotics cop in New .Iaek ('itv). ditto Snoop Dog (as cop snitch IIuggy Bear in the forthcoming Starsky anr/ [lute/I). while Iiminem opted for autobiography with 8 Mile. With chubby old Ice Cube. however. it‘s a different story.

Sure. (‘ube (aka ()‘Shea Jackson) has strolled down easy street playing a street gang member alongside Ice T in 'I'respass and appearing in Hollywood dross such as Anaconda and Ghosts of Mars btit there‘s more to this rap star‘s screen career than playing tough guys in crap movies. Take. for example. his debut. John Singleton‘s excellent and hugely influential I.os Angeles street gangs drama. Bay: N the [loud (released in 19‘”. the year after ('ube left his seminal hip hop troupe NWA). Here's a film that has something to say about the African—American urban youth experience. rather than merely promoting the posturing of its stars. Iirom there Ice (‘ube went on to work with Singleton again. in the less successful but more interesting Higher Learning. and got drafted to join (ieorge (‘looney and Mark Wahlberg

in David () Russell‘s brilliant anti- (first (iulf) war

black comedy. Three Kings.

It's unsurprising that Ice (‘ube should choose to make films that have something to say. Ilis musical output. after all. has always been charged with the social and political awareness of an over-educated suburban drop- out. I‘roni his compositions for NWA ('I"uck tha I’olice’. ‘(iangsta (iangsta‘) through to his solo work (most notably Death (‘erti/ieate. his ambitious concept album that attempted to define the black man‘s place in modern America). (‘ube had plenty to say. facetious or otherwise.

Just as he has steered his music career with the smartness of an artist who knows where he‘s going band founder. solo performer. talent finder. production company owner ((‘ubevisiom. music promo director (for the Artist I-‘ormerly Known as Prince. among others) so too has Ice (‘ube applied himself to film. In l‘)‘)5. four years and four lilms after Buy: N the [lam]. he got behind the camera to

28 THE LIST 7. its Ma' 7602


Torquing 'bout my generation

write and produce (and star in) the likeable stoner

homey comedy. Friday. a film that proved so popular it spawned two sequels. Next Friday and -- ho. ho —A lair/av After New. As if that wasn‘t enough. in 1998 (‘ube pushed his talents further to act. write. produce and direct The Players ('hil). a cautionary tale set in a Southern States black strip joint.

In his new lilm 'Iin‘r/ne. a high octane thriller. Ice (‘ube gets to play had again as the fearsome leader of a drug running motorcycle gang who is bent on avenging the death of his brother. An adequate. slick affair. 'Iiirr/iie is a strange choice when you consider that two years previously this hear of a man was mugging from the sidelines in the gently traditional comedy Barbers-hop (a film that was. ironically. slated by African-American leaders for taking the piss out of African-American leaders). (‘ube clearly has his own agenda.

(‘ube still has the ability to totally flunimox his fans look no further than the surprise announcement that he‘ll be replacing Vin I)eisel as the action hero in sequel to .t'Xt'. Ice ('ube‘s big chill may have only just begun.

Torque is on general release from Thu 4 Mar.


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